Stories Brewing

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

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When I see arms flailing and legs moving fast from out our kitchen window, there’s a story brewing!

This morning, as Kelly joined her cat, Goofy, for their daily morning adventure outside, I thought while watching, What the heck? 

Then, explosive shouts of “NO! NO! NO!” penetrated the exterior wall, shattering through the overhead ovenhood vent from out where the action was taking place!  My heart went faint with thoughts of another stray cat, or maybe a visiting dog from the lake’s area boat launch.  Kelly’s vocal reaction drove my thoughts towards the worst.  I dropped everything and ran to the garage, opening the service door.  I saw, half ways across the road, my grown up brown-eyed girl running FULL speed.  I know full well she is in last place in the race ahead of her.  I go the bedroom to wake my husband, telling him of the immediate happening.

When I look out the window minutes later, half ways back across the street, Goofy is leading her owner home.  There’s a story alright, but it will have to wait to be told until the two pals come in from their morning adventures!


And THIS morning’s adventure sparked memories of times past raising our kids, Troy and Kelly, bringing to my mind choices leading to the good, the bad, and the uncertainties of life, love, and parenting.  How many times did I REACT immediately to the adventures at hand in these areas, with possible outcomes being un-thought about?  Too many to count.  And really, who cares?  There’s much to be said about choices; ours, others, and our children’s.  We each have daily opportunities to impact our own and other’s lives positively, negatively, or otherwise because of our choices.

So this morning, as I watched two scenes of a brewing story in “Adventures With Goofy and Friends” up close and personal, I saw my girl REACT immediately to help her pal who was in a bad situation.  She didn’t hesitate!  She reacted with virtually no pause and entered into the fight.  Hmm, this is feeling familiar, I thought from my parental view.

It turned out that when Goofy was moved off of the stray by Kelly when they were out of my kitchen window view, the stray ran, and Goofy was at its tail!  And so followed Kelly beating foot to keep up through the neighborhood and rescue her furry friend.  What a sight!  The best and funniest part left unseen by myself, but maybe not unseen to unknown others, was when Kelly’s arms and torso were moving faster then her legs.  The top-weight won out, spilling herself onto a neighboring yard!  She was unharmed by the fall, physically, so the image in mind of it made be laugh out loud as she retold the story!

Eventually, the stray cat got away and Goofy was captured.  THAT’S LOVE.  Real, genuine, unspoken love.  Love does.  And this morning, love DID.  Love was in action without a moments hesitation.

As parents, the relationships we have with our kids are ever changing with the seasons of age, and with situations.  When Kelly came to me telling of her symptoms, I immediately reacted inside, wanting to help in anyway possible.  She was 18 years old.  She was an adult who could and would make her choices for the life she would choose to live.  I knew that this would have to be her choice on how she was going to adapt to a Western world medical system that is GREAT at so many aspects of healthcare, but lacks treating the whole person dealing with a chronic illness.  I knew my girl.  I knew her well enough to know that prescription drugs would not be a part of her daily life.

My girl was going to have to make a choice on how she was going to get answers of what was going on inside her body, and I was going to be there to walk alongside of her no matter what.  Because honestly, like Kelly with her pal Goofy, I would run after and support my brown-eyed girl where ever her health journey led her. And I did.

Kelly has a telling story to share of that difficult season of her life.  I watched her live this one out, up close and personal, for 7 years.  Every day WAS a journal page while she chose to let the healing begin in an alternative way of caring for herself.  I watched her grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and change physically often.  It was painful and sometimes overwhelming to adapt to her choices.  It was also joyous, rewarding, and often times extremely peaceful in our home while on this journey with her.  We became closer through this than we two had ever been, and that is a gift that I wouldn’t exchange for the world.

Since Kelly allowed me to walk next to her, help her in any and every way possible on that journey, it only seems natural for her to ask me to sporadically add my thoughts, memories, etc. on her newly launched blog.  So, that said, you’ll be hearing from “Mom” now and then on future posts.  I’m looking forward to it!


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