You Have to Start Somewhere

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

I don’t know Mama, I don’t know…

My mind still didn’t know what to think or what I should do next, until something just sort of happened… A few days later Mom was talking with a friend, and somewhere in the conversation she’d shared about the pain in my left side.

Later that week, our friend was informed about a Reflexologist (semi)locally who had helped someone whom our friend knew, someone who’d also had digestive issues.  Remembering what Mom had told her about me, the friend passed along the information to us, suggesting, “Maybe this will help Kelly?”

It was a place to start, right?  Mom and I discussed it and agreed that the Reflexologist was a good place to start.

At this time in my life I really didn’t know what the statement “Food as Medicine” meant. I was naive, truly still in the dark, about the importance of GOOD FOOD.  That being said, I HAD already completely given up all dairy products.  Yes, that was hard to give up, especially right away.  So what did I eat at this time in my life?  I consumed a typical American diet consisting of vegetables, breads/grains, fruits, meats, cookies, lots of bakery and sugary items, chips, pizzas, and other prepackaged snack foods.  I mostly drank store boughten flavored water, well water and pop.

Sadly, we’d been fooled(by the Food and Drug Administration’s stamp of approval on processed food products), that if a food product is packaged and sold in a retail location then it is okay for us to eat.  We’ve learned that that is just not true.  Ingredient labels are required by law.  We now read labels on all products before buying anything.

Growing up I thought our family ate well.  Mom made the majority of our meals; mostly home cooking with store boughten groceries and seasonal produce fresh or stored from our garden.  And the other meals that she didn’t cook?  Well, there were daily hot school lunches, meals out including Fast Food Restaurants, and family gatherings that always included snacks and/or meals.  In the soon coming months ahead I was in for an eye opener on the subject of  food “AS Medicine'” that would change my life, forever.

A few days later I sat in the recliner at the Reflexologist’s office with my feet outstretch and exposed.  The Reflexologist asked me, “Have you had reflexology done on you before?”

“No,” I replied.

“I’m going to give you a nice foot massage.  The feet are a map of your whole body.  All your organs, your spine, sinuses… everything in your whole body is displayed on your feet!  I’m also going to push on some points that might make you uncomfortable or even hurt a bit,” she told me.

Can’t hurt that bad, I thought.  “Okay,” I said.

Thus far, I hadn’t told the Reflexologist about the pain in my left side.  Because we’d researched what Reflexology was before going to the appointment, I had a good idea of what was going to happen.  Honestly, I figured she would be able to find my painful areas based upon my feet being a diagram of the body.  I was putting her to the test.

As she worked on my feet, she told me my Pancreas and Stomach were having problems.  My eyebrows shot up in amazement.  Are you for real? I thought, while giving Mom one of those looks. Did she really just say that?  Since the Reflexologist was blind she couldn’t see my reaction, nor could she SEE if I looked ill or well!

“Have you been having any abdominal pain of digestive problems lately?”  the Reflexologist asked.

Surprised by how she knew something I didn’t tell her, I spoke up, “I’ve been having a lot of left side pain in the last month or so.  The pain is dull and achy, but sometimes it gets so severe it takes my breath away.   The symptoms I have are headaches, nausea(at times), cold hands and feet, gas, bloating, and diarrhea multiple times every day followed by a couple days of regular bowel movements.” My voice trailed off before I finished, quietly saying, “I went to the medical doctor.  That wasn’t very helpful.”

The Reflexologist said she knew of an Acupuncturist about 40 minutes away, that “maybe she might be able to help with your left side pain and digestive issues.”

She gave us the contact information, and each a hug before leaving her home-based office, saying, “I hope you find out what’s going on, Kelly, and that you get some answers.”

Tears threatened to surface… a log formed in my throat.  I swallowed it and said, “Thank you.”

I shook my head as Mom and I walked out into the crisp afternoon air, while thinking, a person that I’ve only known for an hour, but yet she knows that something IS going on inside of me that’s problematic.

I wonder if this Acupuncturist might be able to give me some insights and answers…










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