The Choice to Choose

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

As Mom and I drove home from the Reflexologist appointment that late summer afternoon, Mom shared with me about a doctor she’d gone to that did Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Holistic Medicine that was based out of the Twin Cities(in MN).  She’d gone to Dr. R for about 10months, back in 2003 when she wasn’t well(at ease) in health.  Mom said, “Dr. R helped change my health, and my life for the better!”

I learned more about Mom’s prior health journey that day on the drive home.  Dr. R had used a variety of holistic methods of natural healing to reverse, and therefore improve, Mom’s health.  Some choices Mom made were to change her diet(eating organic, eliminating dairy, grains, and other specific foods), taking all natural(clean) supplements, doing enemas and colonics, and practicing calming exercises like simply deep breathing.  (Yes, breathing IS important!)  Mom had her work cut out for her every day implementing these changes all the while raising us 2 kids, not feeling well, and running a household and all that goes with it.  In 10 months time, Mom said she could think clearer, had improvements in her digestion, her energy had returned, and she felt better in her overall health.  (Even from my 11year old perspective at that time, I knew something was different with my Mom.  And, since we were the kids and she was a parent, we had to eat some nasty tasting foods, which brought thoughts of What is Mom feeding us?  Who eats liver?  I hate that we can’t have our regular morning cereal.  Troy’s older! He should have to eat more than me!  Mom’s new meal planning had changed our family’s eating habits.  Since she did the grocery shopping and cooking, Troy and I, and sometimes Dad too, had to eat some of her “interesting” concoctions.  Unfortunately, we didn’t cheer her on in her efforts to benefit our health, but we DID eat what was put in front of us.)

“Kelly, I’m sharing this with you because the Acupuncturist that we were just told about probably does more than just Acupuncture.  Acupuncture is a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that most often uses ‘food as medicine’, all natural supplements, and other ‘helps’ to compliment each other to bettering the patient.  If you choose to go and have an appointment with her, I’m willing to guess that she will probably be using some of the same ‘helps’ that I did.”  I was 18 years old and one head-strong, self-willed girl.  I was like this as a kid too.  Mom and I had butted heads a LOT because I was so strong willed.  When we didn’t see eye to eye, well, it was often times disastrous.  I wasn’t a good listener and didn’t like being told what to do.  (But, more recently in the last 5+ years, with both her and my hard work to change, we’re on a better path that’s strengthened our relationship.  It’s hard to humble yourself, but we both had to, and let me just say… it was a process for both of us!)

As I sat, clenching my jaw in the passenger seat on that drive home from the Reflexologist, my head pounded.  Supplements don’t sound that hard, or BAD.  Cleaning up my diet though, uhhhh… I had to ask what this would entail.  “So what do you think she’d say to me about my diet if I went there?  Do you think that I’d have to ‘clean it up’?” I inquired, slightly irritated.  I didn’t really want to hear Mom’s answer, but I did want to know more of WHAT I might be getting myself into if I chose to see her.

“You’ll probably be told to eliminate grains, refined/processed sugar, dairy(which I’d already quit eating), and probably some other more specific foods like tomatoes and potatoes.

Inwardly I groaned.  Outwardly, I squirmed while making fascial expressions that boldly stated, “I’m not a fan!”  So what am I going to be able to eat if I DO go see her? 


Days of severe pain, more pain then the month before, led me to the day of my Acupuncture appointment.  At home, as I sat down to eat lunch, I thought about how my life could drastically be changing in just a couple of hours.  Am I really going to have to drastically change my diet?  Deep in my heart I knew the answer, but I didn’t want to believe my thoughts.  I finished up my lunch, looked at the few cupcakes left in a container on the counter and thought, probably won’t be able to eat these for a while, so I better enjoy it now.  Little did I know then, that those would be the last cupcakes that I would ever eat again.

Now, looking back, remembering events, holidays, family gatherings and celebrations… each one had included food.  Gatherings of most any kind really do revolve around food. I remember baking weekly or more often with mom and my brother(Troy), and making all kinds of Christmas cookies with my dad(Darren) as the festive season came each year.  I remember Halloween tricks-or-treating, coming home and dumping out our ice cream pails(multiple) filled with candy.  Troy and I would sort all the candy out on the living room floor.  We’d eat candy for months after.  When I think about all the food choices made back then, I realize that I was CHOOSING what I was being exposed to, and that exposure was often to junk food.  It was my life.  And it was also my choice, kind of, as a child.

But a CHOICE as an adult is what this young woman’s Blog, you are reading, is about.  Choice- My choice to be made well(at ease), again, or for the first time ever.


2 thoughts on “The Choice to Choose

  1. Hi Kelly. Very interesting. I saw the same reflexologist for my hip pain. She absolutely amazed me!! As well as helped me! Quite an amazing woman. I learned a lot from her I have so many of the same beliefs about food. It is quite frightening when you think about what we are putting in our bodies!! I believe that we are guinea pigs. Trying to feed the masses has changed our food. So many illnesses in our young!! We used to say; you are what you eat……now, we need to look at it as; you are what you eat eats!! So sad. I’m really enjoying your story Kelly and look forward to your posts!!


    1. kellyshelpinghands October 22, 2018 — 1:48 pm

      I LOVE that she helped you too, fantastic! It is frightening indeed and you are right that once we started feeding people in masses more disease and illness has skyrocketed. So sad. Well stated, you’re right, it eats-eats us from the inside out. *sigh* Thank you Denise, I appreciate it!


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