Moving forward

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

It was the end of August, 2010.  I completed the forms in the waiting area, then was invited in to one of two therapy rooms.  The Acupuncturist, Mom, and I all sat down.  The Acupuncturist asked me many questions.  Some questions included, “Where is the pain?  When did the pain first start?  How long does the pain last?  What degree would your rate the pain?  Is the pain better, or worse, at certain times throughout the day?  Do you have headaches?  Are your hands and feet cold?  Do you crave certain foods?  Have you had lots of stress in your life lately?  Are your periods regular?  Do you get any pains with your periods?  How are your bowel movements; hard, soft, runny, etc?  What does your daily diet look like?  Do you have any known food allergies?”

I answered the questions as best I could, and Mom would add into the conversation when she had some insights to share, including sharing my health history growing up as a baby into a teenager.  “As a baby Kelly was very gassy.  Her diapers were often pretty nasty and always loose; not your “normal” smelly diapers.  My husband always said, ‘They were explosive!’.  As she grew, she was very often times gassy.  As parents, we figured that would change as she got older.  But, it didn’t.  Kelly had an ‘Allergy test’ when she was 11 years old because she was having headaches and sinus congestion.  Through that test we found out she has seasonal allergies, allergies to cats (we had 2 indoor cats at the time), dust, mold, and pollen.  She never tested for food allergies, though.”

The acupuncturist listened intently taking notes.

“As parents we were aware of how gassy Kelly was.  She never complained about any pain or really, complain about anything.  We honestly thought her gas was due to stress in her life, stress coming in many different forms.”  Mom shared.

I stated then, my hands unknowingly folded across my abdomen, “In addition to gas, I would have abdominal pain/cramps, and headaches.  I figured they were due to holding in the gas most of the time, waiting until I was alone to pass it.”

“At 16 years old Kelly was gassing daily.”  Mom stated.

I added, “The abdominal cramps and headaches were present quite often.  Again, I wasn’t one to complain about pain or say that I really didn’t feel good.  That said, no one knew my stomach hurt until it really hurt bad, and then I would tell Mom, ‘My stomach hurts’.  I learned that passing the gas brought relief, so that was helpful.”

The acupuncturist asked a few pointed questions and we moved forward with the appointment.  “I would like to do some muscle testing so I can listen to your body, Kelly.  Through this the body can tell me a lot about what’s going on inside by how it reacts to different bottles filled with specific ingredients I place in your hand.  The bottles contain foods, chemicals, vitamin and mineral supplements, toxins, etc.  I can also listen to the body by accessing the different Meridians and their points.  The Meridians are a form of Chinese Medicine,” she shared.

“Okay.” I said.  I got up onto her examination table and laid on my back.   I hadn’t told the Acupuncturist about my appointment with the Reflexologist yet.  It was time to see if the Acupuncturist would find what the Reflexologist found.

Through the course of the Acupuncturist’s questions, palpating, and listening to my body’s react during muscle testing, she came to several conclusions. 1) I had several food allergies and intolerances.  2) My Pancreas was VERY stressed and was having a hard time trying to do its function; making enzymes.  Therefore, 3) My stomach was having problems digesting foods.  4) My liver was not functioning as optimally as it should, and 5) My adrenal glands were stressed, which was causing them to continually work overtime.  No wonder I’m feeling so bad!

Upon hearing what the Acupuncturist had found, she wrote a list of foods for me to take out of my diet.  They included: ALL Nuts, Wheat, Dairy, white Rices, Gluten, Legumes, and all processed sugar.

As the appointment concluded Mom and I asked a few more questions and then I was sent home with supplements to help: 1) The Pancreas do its job.  2) My stomach to digest food properly. 3) Aid my stressed organs to function better.  I was then rescheduled to see the Acupuncturist again in two weeks.

I remember saying to Mom on the drive home, “So I can’t eat ANY of the foods that have any ingredients listed here,” while pointing to the sheet of paper with the list of “foods to avoid” written on it?

“Yep,” she said.

I had SO many thoughts… one of them being, WHAT am I going to eat?  

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