Grateful Each Day

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

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Life should never be taken for granted.  How many times have I hit the floor running upon awakening and kept going never being grateful for the moments in a day?  What would happen if I didn’t awaken, or one of my loved ones didn’t?  Hard questions, for sure.  But I’ve thought those questions.  Maybe you have too?

I take for granted a day, an hour, and minutes of time more often then not.   But sometimes, just some times, a thought preludes a memory of a day gone past, provoking vivid memories, and then my heart is sprinkled full with a whole lot of gratitude!

If you’re like me, you sometimes have to remind yourself to be grateful, even for the challenging happenings going on in your life.  That may be foreign to some of you reading this, being grateful for something that is upsetting, difficult, hard, tragic, energy zapping, or brings a painful loss in your life.  Why on earth would you or I be grateful for those kinds of things?  Well, because those are the kinds of challenges that give us opportunities to build our faith, trust and character,  to shedding old skin for new growth layered beneath!

Please restrain from commenting back to me about that last paragraph.  I know how it can sound, but with all my heart I tell you that I’ve been there on BOTH sides of being grateful for “the good things” and also “the hard things”.  I’ve learned to be grateful for the challenges I face that are not easy to embrace.  I like to think I’ve come a long ways.  Because, well, I really have come a long ways.  And, I’ve seen others close to me who, too, have come to this kind of grateful for “the worst” to bring about the best changes in themselves.  It’s a choice, and that’s what Kelly’s blog is about!  Choice.

How does one chose to be grateful for physical pain in their life, for daily physical pain?  THAT I cannot answer.  But, I’ve witnessed Kelly change to that kind of thinking and living during and through her worst of worst times.  I remember some of those really bad days; prayers said alone or with my husband, son, friend(s), and Kelly too, asking for God to help us see His hand working in Kelly’s circumstances, for Kelly to believe, trust, and see what He wanted to do in and through her painful days that led into years.

As a family of four, our lives were lived 24 hours a day, from our children’s births into their teens and beyond until now.  Darren, my husband, often away in the cities working, or at home on weekends playing with us or catching-up on house chores inside and out, doing office work, and living life.  Troy, our son, growing up in his sandbox, being on the lake, then in his late teens daily working for another man’s dreams and building his own business on the weekends, ultimately going out on his own.  And Kelly, who was often home with me helping in all ways, and during the summers in her late teens working part-time with her dad in the cities until she knew her life work to do, and then pursuing that dream.  Seems there were not, and are not, enough hours in a day to get done the tasks during the gift of a 24 hour day.  We all needed some rest, and often times we did take the time for getting rest.

Our bodies need rest, but they also need so much more than rest.  Clean water, nutrients, minerals, sunshine, warmth, positivity, other people; we need all these and more.  Whether we have or lack any of these, we wear our health on our sleeve.  Being human is a lot of work!

I, too, like you, am a work in progress to getting needed rest and becoming the best me in the challenges I have daily.  I’m thankful for having good relationships with our adult children(which didn’t come easily with the challenges of parenting.  I learned to humble myself when in error, and asked for forgiveness).  I’m thankful for the work my husband does to provide for us, now and when the kids were growing up.  Our seasons changed.  We experienced health changes that challenged us individually.  And for Kelly, she overcame her illness and gained many beautiful characteristics that even a seasoned elder person may not attain to; patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and the like. All of these qualities stemmed out from her challenges as she grew IN her painful illness, then bloomed during her newest season of good health these last years.  How awesome is THAT, I ask you?

I hope to not take for granted a day of good health, feeling well and doing the tasks that each day brings.  I hope not to take for granted Darren’s, Kelly’s, Troy’s, or anyone’s beautiful characteristics and gifts that randomly enhance daily life.  Keep reminding yourself to be grateful, each day, for ALL things good or otherwise, I tell myself.  God WILL make good out of everything.  I believe that when I, or someone else, says it.  Do you?

Be thankful.  Be grateful.  Life really does mean so much.





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