Words I will NEVER live down!

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

During course of the two and a half years I was going to the Acupuncturist I was washing windows with my Dad in Minneapolis.  Washing windows is a very physical job.  This job helped me gain more muscle and strength than I already had.  Since my diet was restricted it made going out to eat tricky, but we made it work.  I had the winter months off of work so there was more time to do activities such as downhill skiing.

My brother, Troy, and I love to ski.  We started skiing with the local public school ski program when Troy was 6 years old and I was 4.  Safe to say we’ve been at it for “a few” years now 😉 … Troy and I had never been out to the mountains skiing and this February 2012, we were going to get our first real taste of skiing in the mountains!  We booked a hotel for a week, bought our ski tickets, made our travel plans, had some food preparations to do, and before we knew it, we had packed up the vehicle and were starting out on our great adventure!  “Colorado here we come!” I shouted fist pumping the air happily in the passenger seat.

The drive was long (14hours), which was hard especially for me as sitting made my low back and abdomen hurt.  Troy and I took turns driving.  I squirmed constantly in my seat.  When we made it to our destination we were both happy to be out of the confining vehicle and ready for an incredible week of skiing, memories, laughs, adventures, and many “firsts”.  Skiing in fresh snow up to our knees was INCREDIBLE!  Minnesota has snow, but nothing in comparison to this.  Our twin tip skis floated above the snow and occasionally we dodged trees, ripping a few holes in our coats in the process, jumped a few small cliffs (sorry Mom), skied along creeks, and half attempted skiing moguls which wasn’t too lovely for other peoples eyes or our bodies.  It’s safe to say we lived on the “wild side” those days.

As our week of skiing concluded my low back was still really sore, but not the same as it constantly was with the abdominal pain tied to it.  It was a different kind of soreness.  I’d stretched each night after skiing but it just wasn’t getting any better, instead it was getting worse.  Towards the end of our last few days the pain started radiating into the right hip and buttocks region. Whatever.  It’ll go away, I kept telling myself.  Well, it didn’t.

By the time we arrived back home from our skiing adventure, the low back pain had moved down into both of my hips (but mostly right side), and now the pain going down the length of my right leg.  Classic symptoms of Sciatica.  I was having a hard time walking without limping, and again I wasn’t one to complain about pain, so I didn’t say much about it.

Upon arriving home our parents greeted us happy to see we arrived home in ONE piece.  We shared many stories and laughs.  As my parents saw that I was limping they asked what was going on, they asked, “Have you taken Ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation?”

I didn’t like taking over the counter drugs or medications so my answer was, “No.  I’ve been using Peppermint essential oil on my back and doing stretches.”

“Kelly, a massage would be very helpful for you,”  Mom suggested knowingly.

“Ah…  No.  No one is going to be touching my body!”  I replied crisply.  I didn’t even know what a massage really was about.  (Yes, I’ll never live that statement down!)

As if Mom had read my mind she said, “Do you even know what a massage is?”

How does she know what I’m thinking?  I shook my head no.  She then told me what a massage was and how it would help, explaining what the Massage Therapist would do to help alleviate the pain.

“I’ll see how I feel after the weekend is over,” I said.

It was Friday, but Mom knew better than to take my word for it. She called and made an appointment for me to get a massage the following Monday.  I agreed to go.

Little did I know, that the CHOICE to get a massage would


Keystone & Vail, CO 019

It was now March 2012 as I sat doing my paperwork in the waiting area.  The Massage Therapist came out of her office, greeting me warmly.  She led me back to her therapy room and asked me questions about my low back pain.  After our talk she left the room, I disrobed and crawled between the sheets, feeling a bit uncomfortable.  She came back and started working the tight muscles.  Sometimes it hurt, but it was a good hurt.  We talked throughout the duration of the appointment, me asking questions and her answering and asking some too.

Afterwards, when I walked out of her office I’d say I was 80% better.  I was impressed that a massage could bring so much relief!  Mom paid her and made one more appointment to finish the already healing work of getting the tightness out of my low back.  I thanked the Therapist for her help.  It sure was nice to feel so much better!

That following Friday I was back at the Therapist’s office.  The appointment went well.  Mom and I drove towards home while we made small talk.  After about 10 minutes I asked Mom, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course,”  she answered.

“With all you’ve learned in the area of Natural Health, if you had to go back into history and choose a life work to do, what would you do?”  I inquired.  She looked out the window as I continued to drive.  Within a minute, out of the corner of my eye I saw her break into a big grin.

“You want to be a Massage Therapist, don’t you?”  she smiled as she asked me.

Laughing, I grinned confessing, “Yes!  I know that is what I want to do Mom!”  She was as giddy in excitement as I was.  Massage Therapy is a perfect fit for me,  I thought breaking out in a grin.

I’ve been blessed with a deep knowing in my heart about certain things.  For example:  I never knew what I wanted to to for a life work.  However, I did know that one day I WOULD know exactly what it was I supposed to do.  Sometime after I started going to the Acupuncturist, I knew that I wanted to do something “natural” in my life’s work.  There wasn’t a doubt about that in my mind, about this KNOWING, but I still didn’t know exactly what it would be, or when it would come to fruition.  This deep knowing is a blessing from God.  This has happened many times throughout my life.

Mom and I giddily conversed on the drive home.  Then she asked, “Kelly, you know what’s next, right?”  I looked Mom deep in the eyes and nodded my head…

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