A Golden Year

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

The next step was to find a school for Massage Therapy.  The first school that popped up in our search was CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic.  The school said it was located in Aberdeen, SD, being only about 1.5 hours away from our home.

The next day, Mom called the school inquiring about information while I was working in Golden Valley, MN with Dad.  Right after she’d called the school Mom called me saying, “You’ll never guess who I just got off the phone with!”

Clueless I replied, “Okay, tell me.”

“The Massage School! CenterPoint!  I talked with the Admissions Counselor whom was very helpful.  Long story short, the school isn’t located in Aberdeen, SD.  It’s right in St. Louis Park!  It’s only a mile from the hotel you and Dad are staying at!  One other important part of our conversation was that their Spring Term for enrollment ends in 2 weeks.  If you want to start ASAP, you’ll have to make a decision rather quickly.”

We talked for a while and she filled me in on their conversation.  We ended our talk with Mom saying, “I’m going to give you the woman’s phone number so that you can talk to her to set up a time to meet, see the school, and talk.”

“Okay!  THANK YOU, Mom!”  Lots of emotions coursed through me.  I talked to Dad, filling him in about Mom’s and my conversation.  Then, I dialed the phone number she’d given me.  The phone rang and the woman answered…

Later that afternoon Dad and I got a tour of the school.  It was a small school with class sizes ranging from 8-20 people.  The range of ages of students was 18-65 years old.  This is perfect, I thought!

The next afternoon I was back, sitting in on a few classes to get a feel for what massage therapy school was like.  While sitting in the classes my mind went everywhere in thoughts.  The one thought that I had the most of my concern was that  I know virtually NOTHING about the human body and anatomy.  It’s like these students and instructors are talking a foreign language.  I love to learn but this is all so new to me…  

After I was done sitting in on 3 hours worth of classes, the Admissions Counselor I’d met with came to get me, taking me into her office again.  We talked and I told her my concerns, fears, likes, dislikes, etc.  She calmed my biggest concern/fear saying, “We teach everyone as if they know nothing about the human body.  So don’t worry.  Don’t let that be an overwhelming concern for you.”

Dad sat next to me listening to her answer my questions and provide information as well.  “Let me talk with my parents and I’ll get back to you with my decision,”  I’d told her before leaving.  When we left her office that day, I had all the paperwork to fill out to enroll in the school, if I choose to.


The final decision was made with my parents giving me their blessing (which was important to me) saying, “Go for it!”

I let the Counselor know and she said, “Great!  There should still be room for you to start in the Spring Term group if you are accepted and then we will get you enrolled quickly.  I will have to get back to you within the week to let you know for sure, if you can start with the Spring group.”

I was excited, nervous, a little fearful, and anxious all at the same time, and the waiting game had only begun.

Short of a week later, it was Tuesday, March 20th, my Golden Birthday.  I got a phone call from the Admissions Counselor from CenterPoint saying, “Happy Birthday… and CONGRATS!  You’re going to be starting school in a month!”  A big smile broke out on my face.  We talked briefly and I hung up the phone, ecstatic about this new life adventure that was REALLY happening!

Later that morning I went to the Massage Therapist for a gifted appointment from my parents, and on my return I came home to, “HAPPY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!” being shouted from a dozen women that are near and dear to my heart!  Mom had thrown a surprise party!  The women had made a road trip to come out and help celebrate this special day.  Little did I know that I was also going to be blessed with yet another wonderful surprise by one of the women.  This woman and her husband used to live a couple houses down from us where our family spent the first 16 years of my life.  Mom, Troy and I played a lot of card games with them.  The couple was like family to us.

We shared a beautiful and tasty meal together, talked and caught up with one another, and then when opening gifts the one woman said, “Kelly, I and my husband have talked about the idea that was brought to us by your Mom and you, of you staying with us while you are going to school.  We’ve made our decision… we would love for you to come and stay with us!”

Wow, what a day!  First the phone call of acceptance.  Next a surprise party!  And now this,  I thought to myself.  Staying with the couple was going to be a good fit.

“Kelly,” Mom said, my attention now directed towards her, “I have a song that I want sing for you.  It’s called ‘Find Your Wings’.  You are doing exactly this and it’s beautiful to see that you are about to FLY.”  And so Mom sang, sharing her gift of singing and blessing all of us.

“Find Your Wings”, Amy Lang copyright 2013

With school only month away, I faced the reality of a LOT of new changes in my life.  Good changes.  Exciting changes, and some a little scary.  Lots of uncertainties, but another new chapter in life was about to begin!

The year of schooling was more than what I would have hoped for.  For the first time in my life (besides when I was homeschooled) I liked school.  I enjoyed the challenge, loved the hands on learning, made new friends, and enjoyed lots of “firsts”.

And my health?  Well, I continued to go to the Acupuncturist semi-regularly, but the left side pain continued and the symptoms got worse.  Over the next year I was getting paler in color and more inflamed.  I made it through that school year “getting by” before the pain took on a harsher degree of dis-ease…




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