Fire Confirmed

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Fall of 2013.  Mom and I sat in the waiting room as Dr. R(Acupuncturist, Chiropractor & Homeopath Practitioner) walked in.

Dr. R is a woman, with olive colored skin that had a beautiful sheen to it.  She had an over-all look of vibrant health.  As the appointment started, Dr. R asked many questions that I would answer, one by one, such as, “Why are you here today?  Where is your pain?  Describe your pain.  What are your symptoms?  What does your daily diet consist of?  How are your bowel movements?  Are your periods regular?  Do you have headaches?  Do headaches get worse of better when you eat?  Are you currently taking any supplements?  How much water do you drink in a day?  Do you have a history of chronic illness?”

When she asked the questions, it was literally as if she already knew the answers I was going to be giving her.  Dr. R was intelligent, thorough, truly loved her work and helping her patients, and seemed pretty intuitive.

Then Dr. R asked one more question, “Kelly, have you been working with someone prior to me for this left side pain?”

I replied, “Yes, I have be to a Reflexologist and have been working with an Acupuncturist…”

Turns out, Dr. R and the Acupuncturist knew one another!  Small world, I thought.

Mom was sitting in a chair a few feet away from Dr. R and I.  Dr. R now gave Mom her full attention, eyeing her.  “You look familiar,” Dr. R stated.  They reconnected after a few shared memory boosts from Mom.  I enjoyed hearing their laughter from Mom’s memories shared from when she had been seeing Dr. R for her health issues years back.

Next, Dr. R did some muscle testing with me, using Chinese Medicine modalities.  She did acupuncture, tapping, and a few other natural healing methods to see what she would find going on within me.  She didn’t speak as she worked, other than telling me to put pressure against her arm or move my arm or leg.  After a long time of silence she spoke saying, “Your left side feels like it is ON FIRE!”

I was speechless.  I hadn’t told Dr. R what Laurie, my friend and Massage Therapist, had recently told me.  Did she REALLY just say “ON FIRE”?  I was silent while my mind reeled.  Mom spoke to Dr. R while I was lost in my thoughts.  Talk about confirmation!

It was obvious something serious was going on with my left side.  We needed to get to the bottom of it!  Then we three talked lengthy about what was going on, what Dr. R had found during her examination.  Multiple organs weren’t working how they should be and were stressed, my pancreas especially.  Also, my adrenal glands, liver, spleen, gallbladder, and digestive tract.

Mom next shared some insights as Dr. R listened.  “Kelly did 2 Triathlons this past summer and has still been exercising pretty hard core.  In my opinion, I think this depleted the little bit of energy that she had left in her body.  I believe that’s what’s aided in her health spiraling downhill so fast in the last months.  Is that possible?”

“Yes, it is possible!” Dr. R exclaimed. “Kelly’s body, her organs, were already compromised prior to her doing the training and the Triathlons.  The training in itself used energy, but the Triathlons used up the rest of her body’s reserved energy.  This depletion of her energy would have ultimately happened in a year or less had she not done the training and events.”

Turning to me, Dr. R continued, “Kelly, your body is malnourished, tired, and fatigued.  You show many signs of having a Leaky Gut.  Our focus now is to get your body functioning properly and back to health again!”  Dr. R smiled, genuinely.  Then, she sat in front of me as she grabbed a pad of paper and pen.  She began writing while making her suggestions of implementing changes.  “We need to talk about some lifestyle changes that would help you to become more ‘well’ in your health.”

“Okay,”  I replied unsure of what she was going to suggest to me.  “In addition to specific supplements and natural remedies that I will be going over with you here and sending home with you, there are certain foods that are going to be important for you to consume daily.”

I thought I was doing good already with not eating dairy, gluten, or processed sugar…

Dr. R made it very clear to me that eating hot and warm foods is what I needed to be putting into my body.  This meant eating a LOT of organic homemade soups, soup broths, bone broth(daily), warm smoothies, steamed vegetables(to the point of mushy in texture), and TONS of steamed dark leafy greens, eating 4-6 cups of steamed dark leafy greens per day.

IMG-4768I thought, No more delicious salads, as they are raw.  How am I going to consume 4-6 cups of dark leafy greens on a daily basis then?  Well, I was going to find out fast!

“An important note… you cannot be using a microwave to warm up ANY of your foods.”

WHAT!?!  My mind was beginning to reel.  I was becoming overwhelmed with so many big changes.

Dr. R explained that the electromagnet radiation waves put off from the magnetron(from inside the microwave oven) damages the food when warming it up, therefore changing the food, killing the nutrients IN the food.  “You’re going to have to cook and warm your food in a standard kitchen oven or on the stove top.”

Dr. R then started telling Mom and I about Bone Broth and the HUGE health benefits from drinking it daily, which for one big reason was how it heals the lining of the gut for someone like me who had Intestinal Permeability/Leaky Gut.  I’d love for you to start making your own bone broth, but for right now if you can’t or aren’t willing to, you can buy Organic Bone Broth at the grocery store.

Mom took notes while Dr. R talked.

Dr. R went onto the next subject of steamed vegetables and warm smoothies.  “Your vegetables need to be cooked to the point of mushy in texture.  The reason is because vegetables have different nutrients in them at different points of their cooked state.  Right now, fully cooked by steaming them is what your body needs since your digestive system is not processing food properly.  The least amount of stress on your digestive system right now, the better.  And for smoothies, they need to be eaten warm.”

GROSS!  I thought.

“By warm I mean room temperature, or lukewarm.”

My mouth didn’t like the sounds of that, but I would do what I was told.

“As far as the 4-6 cups of  dark leafy greens, those will also need to be steamed to the point of mushy.”

We then asked what kind of greens I should be consuming and Dr. R said, “Kale, Dandelion Greens, Swiss Chard, Mustard Greens, Collards, Red Lettuce, Beet Greens…”  I had no idea what most of these even were!

“Kelly, EVERY food that goes into your body should be organic.”  Dr. R said, looking up from the note she’d just wrote on. “Do you have a Food Coop where you live?”

Truthfully, I really didn’t even know what Organic was.  Mom did, since she’d eaten organic vegetables and meats when she’d been going to Dr. R years before.  I was once again overwhelmed with my new diet regimen.

Will I ever put this fire out? 

The fire growing deep inside of me had not been addressed until I started seeing Dr. R that fall of 2013.  With Dr. R’s and Mom’s help, I was on my way to improvements in eating an all organic diet, and supplementing with nutrients I lacked.

During those first months with Dr. R, my energy and overall health seemingly was improving as my ashen skin tone disappeared and I gained some needed weight back… but that was only for a season of time.  Time was something I didn’t feel I had much of that fall into winter.  

Overall, my health felt out of control.  But, with a lot of help from the right people, I would gain my health back, eventually.  For now, though, I was literally living one day at a time.



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