Doors Open, Implementing Change

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During the Fall of 2013 there were more challenging changes implemented into Kelly’s life after seeing Dr. R.  For me, the changes were considered beautiful additions for her to embrace.  But, I was not Kelly, and I did not have physical pain to deal with as she had.  Nor did I have the issues she was going to have to allow to surface in her heart to deal with and experience peace in her life.  She was on a path towards healing in all aspects.  This was going to be something beautiful to witness.

Seeing Dr. R had a deja vu effect.  I had learned so much from her 10 years prior to 2013, while experiencing poor health myself and in need of practical, healthful guidance.  Dr. R had helped turn my health around with healing teas, herbs and roots, chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional supplements to deal with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and lots of guidance in nutrition, organics and non-GMO foods.  These helps, all working together, strengthened my body to ultimately forgo a whole body detoxification process which cleansed my digestive system of toxic garbage, improving my health tenfold.

I remember one specific late morning being with her in the summer of 2003.  She had been less intense in the sense of time schedule.  I’d started my normal inquisition, firing questions stored in my mind since my last appointment.  She sat on her stool next to me, taking more time and care than the usual appointments I’d had with her.

“How did you get into this line of work?” I’d asked.

“Well,” she said, “when I was 16 I was sick, like so many women I see coming through the doors of my clinic, like you.  My parents had taken me to medical doctors who were unable to help me change my health with medications.  Then, one day they brought me to a Holistic Practitioner that really helped to change my health,  in turn changing my direction in life.  Once I’d started on the path to being healthy I was inspired to be that same kind of help for other women, and men, that want to take a natural approach in improving their health.”

“That’s a great story!  Inspiring!” I responded.  She obviously was not on a tight schedule, but I asked her if I was keeping her from other Clients. I had more questions.

“No you are not,” she’d responded smiling, her bright, vibrant eyes looking straight into my not so bright or vibrant eyes.  “I have an open afternoon today, so you’re welcome to stay and ask whatever you’d like.”  And so, I did.

Dr. R answered ALL my questions.  I was amazed by her wealth of knowledge in nutrition and botany, telling me all kinds of facts on how whole foods and plants are used medicinally.  We talked for hours.  I was thankful for the time she took from her what could had been free time to do her office work or to go home early.  She was/is one amazing lady.


So here I am 10 years later, sitting in Dr. R’s Twin Cities office with my adult daughter as her patient.  I secretly hoped that Kelly was going to be inspired by this spirited woman before her who had a matter-of-fact kind of way of speaking to people that CAN be intimidating if you 1) Don’t know who you are. 2) Don’t want someone else’s input, but they give you it anyways. 3) You really don’t want to change when you know you should to help yourself, and someone is telling you that that is what you have to do in order to improve your situation.  For Kelly, this was going to be a challange to even like this woman.  I hoped for the best, and didn’t tell her about the doctor’s matter-of-fact ways.

I realize, to the Reader, that it would seem obvious that Kelly would follow in her Mom’s (or her parent’s, or people’s she’d respected) footsteps at any given opportunities for growth.  But that was not the case.  Kelly was on a “natural” health pathway by her own reasoning through researching and witnessing.  Yes, I influenced her in the fact that I’d had great results with Dr. R years prior to her own appointments with the Reflexologist, Acupuncturist, and Dr. R, and those results I had impacted my whole family’s lives.

“Change” can be a very difficult task in the mind of any human being.  For instance, growing your own food or buying it from the local grocer, Food Coop, or ordering it from elsewhere… there are so many choices, not to mentions ALL the food in the aisles at the stores!  But also the challenge to make a change CAN be an exhilarating and hope filled act!  I recall the first time I ever entered a Food Coop to buy organic produce.  Oh boy, I was on brainwave overload… feeling as though I had way too many choices to make with not enough information to know what to buy.  Being limited in food choices because of a personalized diet can be a fun challenge.  But I admit, it was not fun for me when I first entered the “whole food” arena. It was hard to change, but my health depended on it and so I took the needed steps.  I also started ordering from a family operated coop that was out of state that sells in organic fresh foods, non-GMO foods, oils, supplements, personal care items and so much more.  To this day we and others order monthly from Azure Standard.  They ship our orders with a semi truck delivering to our area, along with a host of other groups, coming all the way from Oregon!  We also order from multiple places online delivering directly to our home, and buy semi-locally at Food Coops between the Twin Cities and our home.

Back at the appointment listening to Dr. R advising Kelly of needed changes in her diet was obviously not new verbiage to my ears.  A number of big diet changes had already taken place with Kelly, so to me it seemed that the appointment could had been worse in additional changes, like excluding wheat gluten(and for Kelly all grains), processed foods, dairy, and sugar from her diet. She’d already tackled those!  Really, Kelly was in a good place with these changes already under her belt, so I thought the appointment went well.  Although, there was the part of her being told that she needed to practice forgiveness and do some work spiritually, mentally, and emotionally towards healing. That process was not new to us, but Kelly was now hearing it from elsewhere and it making an impact on her to address the area of needed change.

Our major concern for Kelly was the increasing left side pain amongst the many symptoms she was having for already 3 years.  And, her diet consisting of mostly soup, vegetables and chicken was concerning.  She was adamant about taking a natural approach to her health problems.  What were we to do?  Her dad told her many times that she should go to a medical doctor.  Others, close family and friends, were also telling me their concerns for her.  I’d questioned her too, if she thought maybe she should go back to the local Clinic.  She wanted not part of it.

Soon, though, after seeing Dr. R that Fall of 2013, Kelly would be making a trip to the clinic, seeing a medical doctor for the severe pain in her left side.


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