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JE- Journal Entry

September 9th, 2013

I think God is trying to tell me something, to be still and trust in him.  It seems my time is getting shorter and shorter and all the harder to deal with this gut/abdominal stuff going on.  Somedays I wonder if cancer isn’t eating me from my intestines and stomach.

Changing my diet from conventional GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) food to Organic food wasn’t hard.  There’s a lot of controversy about GMO vs. Organic foods.  I’m not going to provide all the information that I’ve learned through the last 6.5 years, but I will instead say just a few things.

First off, Organic is NOT a Fad Diet.  It’s a lifestyle diet.  When people hear “diet” they think weight loss, calories, low fat, restrictions, etc.  Following an Organic Diet is not  associated to those typical “diet” words or the ideas of what they mean.

Secondly, you are the BEST advocate for your health.  We have the internet at our finger tips to research and learn.  Research for yourself and find out what is the truth with GMOs vs. Organic.  You don’t have to take my word for it.

When I choose to go Organic, I choose to make a lifestyle change that I would and still do stand behind. I care about what I put into my body.  I have a right to know what is in the food I’m eating.  I’m not willing to go back to eating GMO foods that wreck havoc in every area of my body, mind, and being.  I’m choosing to decrease disease in my body, now, and in my future.  I do not want to go through what I’ve went through again, out of choice.  And, I care about my future health and my loved ones enough to put a stop to illness and disease from cheap food, GMOs, for future generations to the best of my ability.

The thing is, we EACH get to choose how we spend our money in regards to the food we eat.  I hear this statement a lot, “Organic is too expensive.”  Like I said, we all get to choose the way we eat.  I’m willing to buy Organic because my health and life depend on it, especially if I want to think clearly, be free of depression, anxiety, brain fog, inflammation, digestive problems, be less moody, not have weird symptoms or side affects after eating GMO foods, and feel more balanced as a whole in all aspects of my health.  After experiencing these beneficial effects just listed(and many other amazing results), I won’t go back to eating food that harms my health.  Also, organic food is more pure, clean, and flavorful than GMO food.  Eating Organic is not perfect, but it’s truly the BEST we can do in today’s world that’s filled with chemicals and toxicity.

Sunset Pics in August 023

Fun fact… Want to send a clever message to a loved one?  Use the sharp end of a knife and lightly penetrate the banana skin, and in a matter of time the message scribed onto the banana will darken, leaving that special message clearly displayed!

How to know what produce your buying is TRULY Organic?  Just look at the sticker label.  The first digit is a 9 if the product is organic, as shown above.  False Advertising, such as saying a product is “GMO Free”, is common, so looking for the number 9 can be a helpful tip to remember when shopping for produce.

In October of 2013, while I’d been going to Dr. R, I’d also gone back to the local Medical Doctor when my left side pain became unbearable. (When I went to hug people, I made it a point to not let anyone be able to touch, or come in contact with, my abdomen.)  The  searing hot pain ripped deep inside me.  My parents were very concerned that there was something REALLY serious going on deep inside my body.  They’d voiced their concerns to me, again, about going to the clinic for further testing.  I eventually agreed to go back to a Medical Doctor.

The MD walked into the examination room.  It quickly became obvious that the MD had a genuine concern, care, and respect for me, for all his patients.  Mom and I, together, told the MD my symptoms and history of left side pain, along with working with the Reflexologist, Acupuncturist, and recently Dr. R.  The MD listened intently and was okay with my trying other routes to get help.

As I described the left side pain, the MD drew in a deep breath followed by a grimace that was noticed by both Mom and I.  The MD took on a more serious tone while asking a number of specific questions about my pain, including: “When did the pain start?  Rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst.  How is your pain improved at all?  Do you have blood in your stool?  Do you have an appetite?  How are your bowel movements?  Is your left side tender to the touch?  Do you get abdominal inflammation and bloating?  Does eating or drinking make it worse or better?  How is your energy?  Does your pain affect your daily routine?  Do you have the pain when you sleep at night?”

I answered all the questions and was told to sit on the examination table.  My blood pressure and vitals were taken.  The MD also wanted to check my other organs and palpate my abdomen.  “Does this hurt?”  I was asked when the abdominal palpation began.

“Yes, it hurts,” I replied.

The MD said, “You shouldn’t be having this pain.”  To this day I still remember the gravely serious look the MD gave first me, then shot at my Mom momentarily.  Truth was, my abdomen always hurt.  Being touched, or any amount of pressure, on my abdomen would make it hurt worse.  My breathing had also become pretty shallow those days because of the pain that extended into my rib cage.  Deep breathing was something that I needed to be doing, but that rarely happened because of the pain it inflicted.

The examination ended with the MD saying, “I want to do a few lab tests and schedule an Ultrasound as soon as possible.  Also, I’d like you to see a Gastroenterologist.   You need to have an Endoscopy done ASAP.  Are you in the metropolitan area often, since that’s where you moved here from?”

We responded with heads nodding a firm yes.

“Then you can find a doctor of your choosing and I’ll give you a referral to see the doctor of your choice.  This way, you can get an appointment elsewhere sooner than you would here, since our Gastroenterologist comes to our clinic only once a month.”

I heard the grave concern in the MD’s voice, but again in my heart I was fighting.  I’m not going to be a lab rat.  This just doesn’t feel right.  I pushed the thoughts aside and said a half hearted “Okay,” in response.

Mom, having been given that disapproving or concerned look from a MD while I’d been on the examination table, did not let the Dr.’s clear concern go unnoticed.  It didn’t sit well with her, my choices.  I can easily see where she was put in a tough position of listening to me, whom was strictly wanting to follow an all natural path of healing, and Dad who was telling her I needed to go to the MD, along with other people’s concerns she was hearing from.  Mom was is a tough position in the middle of hearing it ALL, and knowing what she knew for herself to be true in her health.  She, more than anyone, knew what a tough place it was to be in when people are telling you, well, what they are telling you that goes against the grain of what you chose to believe, think, or do.

I did the in-clinic testing that was ordered.  Two days later I got the results via a phone call from the MD’s assistant saying, “Kelly, the good news is that all your tests came back normal!  The bad news is that doesn’t help us figure out what the problem is.”  My heart sank and tears immediately filled my eyes.  I’d been in turmoil to go back to an MD, and now this? Another failed attempt to find answers.

I swallowed and asked the MD’s assistant, “What did the doctor say about the blood work results?  Were there any recommendations for anything?”  I needed to know.  I had to know, because what else did I have?

“We’d like you to do the Ultrasound that’s scheduled.  We want to see if there are any gallstones or kidney stones that may be the cause of your abdominal pain.  And also, we’d like you to see a GI Specialist”

I shook my head back and forth upon hearing this.  Exactly what I didn’t want.  I’m NOT a lab rat!  I thought.  Two days later, I, the angry young woman that Dr. R clearly saw weeks earlier, and in pain, had the Ultrasound.  Truthfully, I didn’t want to do the Ultrasound but I finally agreed to it to relieve my parent’s concerns(with all due respect).

When they did the Ultrasound, my right side was X-rayed but not my left.  I couldn’t understand why my left side wasn’t being addressed.  At one point I asked if my left side was going to be examined/x-rayed, and the answer was, “I’m suppose to examine the right side.”

I held in my emotions, biting my lip to keep from crying.  My mind reeled.  My head was pounding more than normal.  My thoughts were confusing.  I was angry and I left there being very bitter.

When I did get the Ultrasound results, again everything was normal.  And why wouldn’t they be?  They x-rayed the wrong side.  Talk about a mind battle to hear the “normal” results again.  It took a lot for me to swallow and not react when everything in me screamed to react.  I felt as if God was giving me a giant hug to keep me from erupting like a fiery volcano.

The MD had also recommended that I go to a GI(Gastro Intestinal) Specialist at the initial appointment.  Mom and I talked about that, entirely, in the days after the Dr.’s examination.

Huh.  The MD really does think there’s something serious going on.  The MD also knew that time was vital, telling us that I should go to the cities where I could get in sooner.  My thoughts jumped back to what the MD’s assistant just told me, to see a GI Specialist.  I do NOT want to be a lab rat!  Here we go, AGAIN!  I thought.  God, what’s going on? I prayed.





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