Interesting Results

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Three weeks, and not so soon Mom and I were sitting in the FMD’s(Functional Medicine Doctor) office again.  After greeting Mom and I, he asked, “Has there been any changes since I last saw you, Kelly?”

“No.  The supplements only make me feel worse.  I’m still taking them though.”  I stated, honestly.

“Do you know which supplements are making you feel worse?”  He inquired.

“All of them.”  That was the truth.  My response perplexed the FMD.  However, he moved on.  With a copy of my 3 test results in front of him, he handed Mom and I a copy to share.  I was anxious to hear the results!

“I find these test results very interesting.  Everything came back ‘normal’.”

My heart deflated, immediately, but I continued listening as he went on.  “Did you follow the directions correctly on the SIBO(Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) Breath test, Kelly?  I was sure the results would have been positive for SIBO.”

“Yes, I followed the directions.  I did exactly what it said.”  I stated respectfully.

“I wouldn’t have ordered that test if I thought you were going to test negative for it.  Are you SURE you did it accurately?”  he asked again.

“Yes.”  I crisply replied.

“I read the instructions, too.  I watched her take the test.  She did it right.”  Mom added.  I was glad Mom shared this because I was getting irritated that he was implying I did the test wrong.

The FMD moved forward to the Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test results.  “There is nothing overly abnormal that showed up in this test either.  Your gut flora isn’t quite ‘normal’.  This means that some of the flora(bacteria) are a little too high or a little too low.  However, that being said, none of the bacteria were ‘abnormally’ high or low.”  He proceeded to say, “I’m not too concerned about the slight elevation or lower level of the bacteria, since the results weren’t in the ‘abnormal’ range.”

Next, the FMD went over the Food Allergy Test results, which indicated virtually everything Mom and I already knew.  I was allergic to some foods, and intolerant to a whole lot of foods.  FYI:  Food allergy tests are accurate regarding specific nutrients.  Food intolerance tests are inaccurate, because they are only testing the foods we’ve recently eaten in our diet, foods that our body is already reacting to today(not last year, or 3 months ago.  Not tomorrow or next week.  Only today)!  There’s no accuracy in testing for food intolerances, with the exception of doing an “Elimination Diet”.

The FMD came to the conclusion that I should continue with the nutritional supplements specifically for my Leaky Gut, and some of which were detoxing me.  He also recommended that I try a FODMAPS Diet(which is an Elimination Diet).  We told him that I’d been “unofficially” doing that for the past two years.  I also stated to the FMD, “I’m not going to add ANY foods back into my diet that I know cause me problems digesting.  It’s too painful.”

We all agreed to not have me go the route of adding those foods back into my diet that I knew were grievous.  In addition, he said, “Keep doing what you are doing, with all Organic food.  Staying Grain, Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar free like you’re doing is perfect, Kelly.  Keep drinking your homemade bone broth daily, too.”

He wanted to do a phone consult in a month, that way I wouldn’t have to drive 4 hours to the appointment.  I appreciated his thoughtfulness and agreed.  “If you need to talk to me sooner, if something comes up, please don’t hesitate to call the office.”

I purchased the new recommended array of nutritional supplements hoping that they would help.


(Pictured above are nutritional supplements that I use regularly.  Some of these were  recommended to me throughout the last few years of my health journey.)

Reflecting upon first hearing and seeing the test results, my heart had rejoiced that there wasn’t something “serious” going on with my digestive system.  But yet, the results didn’t give my any insights or answers to my left side pain and symptoms, and that broke my heart.

When Mom and I walked out of the FMD’s office building, Mom stopped, looking at me.  Tears had pooled, spilling down my cheeks as we’d been walking.  Mom reached out her arms and drew me into a hug.  I cried, but with-held sobs as there were many cars in the parking lot and I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself.  I withdrew from her embrace, catching a few breathes of crisp, cool air.

We walked the short distance to the car and when we got in, there was dead silence for minute.  That minute felt like an eternity.  No words needed to be said.  Mom knew my heart was broken.  “Kelly, it was good you had those tests done.  Yes, I know we didn’t get ANY insights on what is happening from the results, but these supplements might be exactly what your body needs.  They will help heal your Leaky Gut.”  Tears continued to flow I cried in silence.  (I was really beginning to get the hang of “crying beautifully”!)  I knew myself well enough that if I spoke, I was going to start sobbing and I couldn’t handle the physical pain that inflicted.  After a couple minutes of silence and a gigantic headache brewing beyond the “normal”, I’d gotten ahold of my emotions.  “Do you have anything you want to say?”  Mom gently probed.

“I’m frustrated.  Angry.  And, I really don’t want to talk about it right now.”  I responded, bluntly.

“I understand.”  Mom replied.  She, of all people, did understand.  We let the silence sit between us as she drove to our next destination, for groceries before driving home.

After shopping and packing the groceries into the car, I was ready to talk.  We talked the entire 4 hour drive home.

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