Adventures with Goofy

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Years ago, on a cold, snowy, December afternoon, a stray kitten(Goofy) arrived at our home.  She sat outside crying under an evergreen, shivering, curled in a tiny little ball of fur.  My parents could hear the little kitten’s mournful cries from inside the house.  It wasn’t long before they ventured outside to investigate, meeting the scrawny kitten.  Her cries sounded like “eh” instead of “meow”.  They decided to bring her indoors for some food and water.

Once inside, the kitten ate with a ferocious appetite.  I LOVED the cute little girl.  She was a long-haired calico with beautiful markings.  She finished eating her first meal with us and proceeded to explore her new “to-be” home.  It didn’t take long before the little kitten was overtaken with drowsiness on her full tummy.  All the while our attention was given to her, my other cat, Bun-Bun, eyed the stranger from a distance.

The little kitten had a personality that, over time, gave her the name that she continues to live up to today; Goofy.  Throughout the years, Goofy and I have formed a tight bond making us an inseparable pair.  Let me explain.

Goofy is an indoor and outdoor cat.  If there’s work to be done outside, she’s right at my side.  If it’s time for bed, she’s curled up in a little ball next to me purring softly.  And when there’s adventures to be had, we are off on them together!  Needless to say, we are a team.  If you ask for one of us, you’ll almost always get both of us!IMG-0331

Pictured right, are the two of us in a typical “on the go” fashion.  Goofy loves to run and play, leading or following.  But when she’s tired, this is how she rides.

Goofy has taught me a lot about relationships, and I’ve taught her a lot of different things through the years too.  I readily admit, some good teachings and others, well, maybe more of an inconvenience… like when I taught her to open doors.  Smiling!

I still remember the first time Goofy came into the house we now live in… at the time it was our “cabin”, on her own through the entrance door from the attached garage.  The door was closed all the way, but then she opened door!  Our family of four were sitting together at the table eating supper and talking, when all of a sudden we heard the door handle being jiggled from the garage side where we knew Goofy was.  That jiggling noise was not new at the time.  Goofy normally moved the door handle as I had been teaching her to, making noise while doing so!  But, on this day, to everyone’s astonishment, the door opened!  By pulling down with her two front paws, at the same time her weight pushing against the door, she succeeded in opening the door!  I’ll never forget the look on Mom’s face as she turned to me saying, “NO!  You did NOT teach her to open the door.  KELLY!”  Dad was laughing hysterically!  The look on Mom’s face was PRICELESS!

Sheepishly, but with a big ole grin on my face, I chimed right in saying, “I sure did!”  I complimented my cat as she came strutting up to us, “Way to go Goofy!”  I leaned down, scooping her up in my arms as Mom sat there shaking her head.  And that, my Friends, is how Goofy became an “official” indoor cat!  She could let herself in whenever she wanted.  And from then on, she did just that!

Throughout our time together, just like I did with Mr. Rabbi, I changed Goofy’s diet to all Organic, Dairy and Grain Free cat food.  She eats virtually what I eat, although a bit different in form and packaging.

Up until jut this last year, Goofy was free to go outside alone.  Every morning she’d be let out.  Mom and I used to joke, “Goofy always knows when it’s time for breakfast,” as she’d come around the house from the deck after her morning adventure, right as Mom and I would sit down to eat.  It didn’t matter what time breakfast was, she just seemed to know it was breakfast time!  She was ALWAYS right on time.  I’d open the patio door and she’d walk up to my chair, then jump up sitting in her designated portion of it.  I’d shut the door, turn around and join her, both of us sitting comfortably.  To this day Goofy sits patiently, waiting for breakfast to begin while we do morning grace, hoping she’ll get some yummy table food.  She always gets a little something.  She has also learned more about using her manners at the table!


Goofy is truly a little character.  She would make one spunky children’s storybook character!  “I think it would have to be a series, because we’ve got so many fun stories to tell!” says Mom.

Goofy’s got spunk, zest, attitude, and tons of love.  To me, she’s not “just a cat”, she’s become like a little sister to me, and friend.  Our bond has grown deeper and deeper through our now 13 years together.  When I was sick, she knew something wasn’t right with me.  She was my daily alarm clock, but some days she let me sleep in a little later… and how she knew the days that I needed that sleep I’ll never know.

It’s been said that “pets know things”.   I truly believe that.  All of my pets have been that way.  Goofy is no exception, but we’ve got a connection that’s deeper than I’ve ever had with any of my pets.

Now-a-days, our outdoor adventures look different than they did years ago, although we still go on endless amounts of adventures together, and share meals.  She’s still my daily morning alarm clock, too.  However, she no longer has to open doors to get into the house(Truthfully, we had to replace the door handle lever to a knob because she perfected the art of opening the garage door and wouldn’t shut it, which became problematic), and to go outside now she has to have someone with her at all times.  So, like I said, we continue to have our adventures, having one every morning before I leave for work.  And then again, when I return home in the evening, she is waiting at the door for me.  With my work schedule I don’t always get home at the same time every night, but she’s ALWAYS either looking out the window for me, or waiting at the door to greet me and hoping for one last adventure before bed.  Upon seeing me she says, “eh, eh, eh” (she still doesn’t “meow”), and I “eh” back… and our conversation goes on as we walk into the kitchen together.  I then get her food ready and she eats.  Immediately upon finishing, she walks into the bathroom, jumps on the vanity for a drink of fresh water from the faucet that I turn on for her, and from there on out we spend the rest of the night close by each other’s sides.  It drives my family nuts, sometimes, because they are virtually “unnoticed” by Goofy once I arrive home.

I’ve learned a great deal about the dynamics of relationships with our friendship and sisterhood.  Some examples are the “give and take” balance in relationships.  The importance of sticking to your “yes” and “no”s.   Listening and not reacting when irritated or fursterated(she can be really persistent at times).  Speaking respectfully when on the edge of impatience.  Learning to be more patient and loving, especially when I just don’t feel like it.  To spend time together, but also have needed healthy time apart(you’re welcome family… you can have some quality time spent with her too).  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I’ve found that to be true.


As I stand here writing today, Goofy is laying here right next to my computer.  And why wouldn’t she be?  She’s been a part of all my healing journey.  I’m so blessed to have a furry little friend that makes my world a better place to be in.  She’s brought out youthfulness, silliness, laughter, and joy that for a great many of years I didn’t have a whole lot of.

Today, I’m so thankful to be able to live, laugh, and love.  I can truly contribute a good portion of this to Goofy, who has helped me to be more down to the earth, kind, and free.  She’s a pure blessing, who’s lived life through the thick and thin with me.  Goofy is my furry friend that has never left my side through it all.  That is LOVE.


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