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Mom and I had a week and a half to sign up for the “Gut Thrive in 5” program before enrollment closed in mid May.  Mom wanted to check a few more details before we signed up.  A couple more days passed, then we paid online to purchase the program.  I didn’t receive an email receipt that day.  Weird, we both thought, as Mom and I both voiced our concerns to one another regarding not receiving a receipt that day.  We waited to see if they would send a receipt the next day.  They didn’t.  A couple more days passed, and STILL no receipt.  The day before registration was going to close, Mom called GTin5’s customer service line.  “Hi, I’m calling to see if my daughter and I are signed up for your Spring GTin5 enrollment program?  The enrollment closes tomorrow and we had signed up for the program last week.  My daughter, Kelly Lang, never received a receipt via email.  I’m wondering if you can tell us if we are signed up on your end or not?”

It turned out GTin5’s online registration had been having a few glitches.  We hadn’t actually gotten signed up for the program.  Thankfully, Mom had called to make sure we were signed up and then got us signed up for REAL!

Prior to the webinar, Christa had sent out an informative email and then saying, “If you have any questions about ‘Gut Thrive in 5’ that we haven’t already answered elsewhere, please send them in via email.  We will answer the questions you send in during the webinar.”  The following week Christa did a live webinar with all of us enrolled in the program to answer any questions about GTin5.

We’d sent in one question, my question.  I wanted to know if she thought the GTin5 program could truly help someone as sick as me.  (I had written up a very brief history telling her how sick I’d been, including the pain that leaves me immobile, to vomiting up bile.)  Christa read my question during the webinar, then talked directly to me saying, “Kelly, this program is PERFECT for someone like you.  Vomiting up your own bile gives me chills.  You are the perfect candidate for this program since your body, and gut, are very sensitive.  You haven’t done well with supplements in the past which is good to know.  You will want to take the supplements in the program, but starting at a very low dose.  I recommend that you start taking the supplements at a 1/4 or 1/2 of the regular dosage that we recommend.  Be extra good to yourself, Kelly.  Please feel free to take an extra week, or a couple weeks, on this program, that way you get the full benefit of the program to help heal your gut.”

What Christa had said was all I’d needed to confirm that the “GTin5” program was right for me.  Deep inside my heart(even prior to Christa’s confirmation) I knew that “GTin5” was going to change my life for the better.  I had REAL HOPE!

DSCF8375 [800x600]

The GTin5 program was going to take a lot of time and energy, both of which I had little ofespecially the latter(energy).  Mom and I started the program in June, 2015.  It didnt take me very long to realize I was VERY grateful that she was doing it with me.  (I thanked her periodically throughout the program, for her willingness to do to the program WITH me.)

The FIRST week was called “Preparation”.  Preparation included; preparing your mind and body through reading the information and cleaning up our diets of sugar and junk.  We needed to get accustomed to using the online portal and looking through our individual “Group Plan”.  There were 4 different plans designed for specific imbalances.  Each individual was placed into 1 plan according to a lengthy health assessment we’d completed online.  Mom and I were both in Plan S, which emphasized on SIBO(Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth).  The first week wasnt difficult for either of us.  We read a whole lot of information and watched many videos prepping us for the next 10 weeks.  Cleaning up our diets of sugar and junk was easy for me, as I didn’t have to change thing.

The first week flew by, then the second week was upon us.  The first of five steps of the program, this week was called “Slashing Inflammation”.  We’d started taking multiple supplements in this step of the program.  Just like in all my prior experiences with taking supplements(in the last few years) I got more ill upon taking them.  Deep down in my heart I knew that I HAD to take these supplements, even if they made me feel worse.  I was determined.  I was ALL IN.  That sheer determination, along with hope for healing results, kept me going each time I swallowed the supplements at meal times, or in between meals, or upon waking up, or going to bed!

Diet is important(and was/is very emphasized in the GTin5 program).  We used foods, along with herbs and supplements, to slash inflammation in our bodies.  A lot of the same herbs were used for most of the four different plans, however each plan had its own specific dietary guidelines to follow.  In Plan S we had a more limited diet than the other three plans.  The reasoning was because people in Plan S have more digestive issues because of a bacterial overgrowth.  It was limited, but for me I hadn’t eaten this much of a variety of foods in the last two and a half years! (If you remember in reading other blog posts, I was down to only eating boiled chicken, a handful of select steamed veggies, chicken vegetable soup, and bone broth.)  At first, when Mom and I started the program, I had to overlook the fact that all these foods were going to make me feel more ill.  I knew we were using these foods as medicine to heal the body, so I needed to respect that and be open to this new, and beautiful but difficult, change.

 “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

I loved this new change of diet and my body loved it too, although at times it was hard on my gut.  Christa had designed each Plan so that we ate foods to help detoxify, cleanse, and improve our gut health.  These foods were also aiding in better digestion, encouraging gut healing and optimal gut health.  Christa’s “Meal Plans” were written in a weekly outline to follow, along with weekly grocery lists.  We made our meals according to what we wanted to eat each day within the limits of the weekly plan.  We had the option to follow Christa’s daily meal plan.  That being said, Mom and I spent a LOT of time doing food prep.  Truthfully, Mom more so than me because I was still struggling to get by each day.

Many of those hours spent doing food prep included cleaning vegetables, preparing a variety of meals trying new recipes each day to begin with, then a few each week that followed, and also making condiments and our homemade bone broth.  Together, we made sure we had enough leftovers in our meals to help make it through our work week.  The portion sizes in this program were perfect.  We ate 3 meals daily, and we virtually never felt too full or hungry afterwards!  On the rare occasion that we ate a big meal where we did walk away feeling full, we never felt bloated or uncomfortable(how awesome is that!?!).  This was unlike what would happen in the past!  We were getting lots of nutrients and energy out of our meals!  We felt very satisfied and healthy!  We didn’t crave food between meals!  If either of us got hungry we could have a small snack, but otherwise we would just drink water.  Our bellies were satisfied.  I had REAL HOPE!


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