Getting in Deep

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine.  Our medicine should be our food.”  -Hippocrates

On June 22, 2015 we started the first step of the GTin5 program, “Slashing Inflammation”, which lasted 7 days.  It went fairly well!  My abdomen was less bloated and I had less gas.  Headaches weren’t as severe and I was having less of them.  Even though I was still very tired and worn out, I had more energy to get through the day.

My body, especially my gut, wasn’t resisting the new additions of foods that we were eating!  In the past, I had reacted to so many foods negatively which in turn set me up for more inflammation and a candida overgrowth.  Symptoms of inflammation include; bloating, gas, food allergies and sensitivities, painful joints, headaches, stressed organs, and abdominal and back pain.  Step One was getting inflammation under control, but it wasn’t going to go away that easy.  I still had battles, daily.

With this new specific diet, I was relearning the simple joy of eating a variety of foods! These weren’t “little” for me!  They were big changes!  For instance, not having a severe headache all day and night was a true delight.  Given I had headaches to some degree constantly in the last couple years, to not have a headache for part or all of a day felt amazing!  I didn’t even remember what it was like to not have a headache until one day, I didn’t have one!  Furthermore, I could be outside for longer periods of time in the sunshine and it didn’t aid in the formation of a pounding headache!  It was(and is) important to get outside in the fresh air and sunlight.

Sunshine is ESSENTIAL to our health!  It’s a great way to easily get Vitamin D3.  Sunshine can aid in; relieving Depression, regulating Hormones, decreasing Stress, aiding in healing of Skin Conditions, decreasing Rheumatoid Arthritis and IBS, lessening Menstrual Pain/Cramps, increase Bone Density Health, naturally improving the Immune System, and aids in preventing and fighting Cancer.DSCF8355 [800x600]

Too much sun at once can damage our skin.  I’d learned years prior to this time that conventional sunscreens aren’t actually preventing us from getting Skin Cancer.  The chemicals in many sunscreens are actually CAUSING Skin Cancer. When the sun’s rays shine onto our skin while wearing conventional toxic sunscreens, our bodies are actually MORE at risk of Skin Cancer growth than if we weren’t wearing sunscreen at all.  I’m not going to get into scientific research, but will recommend if you want to know more about Sunscreen safety, check out Dr. Josh Axe’s Article, “Best Sunscreens of 2018(And Toxic Ones to Avoid)”.

So, what are some simple and safe alternatives to getting Vitamin D3 and not wearing sunscreen?  Limit sun exposure, and cover up if outside for longer periods of time.  If a person can’t get outside in the sun for 15 minutes everyday, then they can get Vitamin D3 in the way of supplementing by taking an Omega 3 Fatty Acids, or via foods such as Vitamin E loaded Pumpkin Seeds, Asparagus, Almonds, Beta-carotene (Carrots), Blueberries and Red Grapes, or drinking Green and Black Tea.  (Food knowledge is easy to find, but making sure the information is ACCURATE can be tricky with so many opinions out there on the Internet.  Educating ourselves through safe sources is the key to better health.)Hawaii Pics 2016 and other odd pics 222

Back to the Gut Thrive in 5(GTin5) Program.  Mom was doing really well on the program. She felt less inflamed, less bloated throughout her body, and her joints didn’t ache.  She had more energy and didn’t have as much brain fog she said.  She was very happy with the results so soon in the program, even though we were only 1 week into it.

Despite only being a week into the program and having many positive changes myself, I still struggled.  It wasn’t easy, and I wasn’t giving up on this program.

JE June 28th, 2015

Very painful and hard day for me.  Physically in a lot of pain.  I had a huge lack of breath due to the intensity of the pain.  I had headaches, low back pain, left side (three dimensional) pain, bloating, gas, belching, nausea, dizziness, and the burning fire feeling deep inside of me.  My sinuses are stuffed up and I feel like vomiting.  Major gut pain in my left side, neck, and back.  Uffta.  Please Lord, I pray that this Gut Thrive in 5 Program would help to begin to heal me.  The pain that I am in DAILY, like today, is so close to unbearable.  I hurt so very bad physically all the time…I’m in miserable pain.

Step two of the GTin5 program was the “Pathogen Purge”, this step lasting for two weeks or longer for those who had increased symptoms.  We extended this purge past two weeks into three.  Mom thought I should go even longer, but I wanted to trudge through.

The Pathogen Purge was a lot harder, more intense, than I thought it was going to be.  In addition to supplements that were taken daily (three-five times per day), more food preparations and additional daily food plans with some new recipes, we added in Coffee Enemas and Oil Pulling(daily), 3-5 Detox Baths and Castor Oil packs(weekly), and a variety of self care helps including Exercise, quiet-time for reflection and healing in ALL aspects of our lives, and other “optional methods” of cleansing.  My days were so filled up with taking care of myself that I didn’t have any extra time in a day, and actually having less time for sleeping at night.  This Purge is INTENSE!  I’d thought to myself.  There was a lot of information to read along with live webinars to attend weekly throughout the entire program.  Mom did a lot of the reading up to keep us on task, and I followed her lead at those times.  The supplements we were taking now were specifically designed to promote the body to detoxify itself, so it worked well to incorporate the optional cleansing methods mentioned above to aid in the detoxification process.  We were learning a LOT.  These detoxing methods, many of which were new to us(coffee enemas, detox baths, pastor oil packs, oil pulling), really made me feel awkward, vulnerable, and uncomfortable… ESPECIALLY the Coffee Enemas.

If you don’t already know what an Enema is, here’s what it is and how it works.  An Enema is a procedure where liquid is inserted through a tube which in connected to a hot water bottle bag or small enema pail, which holds the liquid(in our case is Coffee), and flows directly into one’s body through the rectum.  Without further details of doing an Enema correctly, a person lays on the bathroom floor while they “relax”, allowing the liquid inserted into the rectum to flow into the colon/large intestine.  Once the liquid has been held for 10-20 minutes while in the fetal position, the person gets up from the floor and releases the liquids into the toilet.  The procedure cleanses the colon of pathogens/die-off from the foods, supplements, and cleansing techniques we were doing in the Pathogen Purge.  We did this for 3 straight weeks, everyday.

Some of my vulnerable and uncomfortable thoughts were, Who does enemas?   I have to stick that thing up my rear?  Coffee in my rear, are you kidding me?  Am I dreaming or is this REALLY happening?  There’s gotta be something else I can do instead of this.  I’ve already been through the wringer the last 5 years, can it get any more interesting than this?  Well, little did I know, Coffee Enemas were going to be MY BEST FRIEND that I’d be with daily for the next 2 years.  C. Enemas were KEY in moving toxins from my body/Cancer from my Pancreas.  Whether I liked this or not, I was in this for the long haul, completely unbeknownst to me at this time.  And that is probably a good thing that I didn’t know I’d be doing Coffee Enemas 2-3 times a day for the next year+.  Had I known, who knows for sure if I’d chosen to keep going on that regimen.

JE June 29th, 2015

I woke up to SEARING, RIPPING pain in my left side and abdomen.  It continually got worse and I went through 3-4 waves of the pain.  The left side pain was truly maxed out this time. The nausea, dizziness, bloating, hot and cold sweats, fire feeling, cramps, searing pain, and headaches…it’s so painful that I can’t begin to explain.  I have never had pain this bad.  I nearly passed out numerous times, and was crying.  Crying however, made the pain only worse so I was unable to REALLY do that.  I tried to do an enema, but could literally only hold if for about two minutes.  It gave me a little relief, enough so that I could function through the day.  Lord, how am I going to get through this Gut Thrive in 5 Program?

Trust me, God reassured me.

Tears trickled down my face.  I knew that this process was not over yet, it had only just begun!  “Okay, Lord. I trust you.”  I said out loud as a sense of peace engulfed my entire being.


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