A Typical Day

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

 July 2015.  So what did a typical day look like at this point in life?

I would get up between 6:30 and 8am, go upstairs and start my coffee.  No, my coffee wasn’t your usual morning cup of coffee that you sit back and relax, sipping on while reading the paper.  No, it was for a coffee enema.  Nothing like a little coffee to kick start a persons day, right?

Well, anyways, while the coffee brewed, I would do my morning skincare etc. then feed Mr. Rabbi.  It took me exactly 13 minutes to get Mr. Rabbi’s food ready for the day, feed and pet him, and let him out of his hutch to play with Goofy(who would accompany me out the door).  I’d make sure my two furry amigos were “okay” and “safe” before I’d come back in.

When I’d get back inside, the coffee would be done brewing.  I’d cool the coffee to a reasonable temp with some ice, load the enema bag with coffee, then head to the bathroom for the enema, which typically took 40 minutes.

Morning coffee.  Check.  Following that, I would help Mom cook our breakfast.  Breakfast usually consisted of organic steamed Leafy Greens (Kale, Collards, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Mustard Greens, or Dandelions) that were seasoned with Ghee, Himalayan sea salt, and Immunity Spice.  We’d also each have half an Avocado, one cup homemade Bone Broth(with ghee, coconut oil, Sole- Himalayan sea salt, and Collagen powder added), a small portion of organic meat (three slices nitrite-free Bacon, a Turkey Patty, or Chicken made in a variety of ways).  We also took supplements at breakfast time.

By the time my morning routine and breakfast were completed, it would be 8:30-10am.  After breakfast I would get some exercise by going for a brisk walk.  I kept my muscle tone by doing some simple resistance strengthening with the Bowflex machine for about 10-15 minutes.  I’d sweat during my workout, so that was an additional way to aid in detoxing(besides detox baths, enemas, lots of water, and castor oil packs over my liver).  Workout completed, check, I would shower and go to work or be home for the day.

Mom and I had to drink a variety of healing teas daily on the GTin5 program.  Each day we would be drink these concoctions in addition to LOTS of water.  I consumed between one and 1/2 to two gallons of water per day.  (In the blog What am I drinking? we talked about how our bodies NEED water, and the importance of clean and pure water.)

Time flew by quickly during the given hours of a day.  We ate very well on the program, and we did a lot of food prep!  Our lunch consisted of a homemade Green Soup that we renamed Slim Soup.  It had a whole lot of organic green veggies in it that were first cooked in Bone Broth and Herbs, then pureed.  We made this in large quantities to last for weeks, then froze the extra in canning jars.  We’d add Ghee, chunks of baked Squash, and boiled Chicken to the Slim Soup, and have a handful of Parsley on the side(great detoxifier, cancer preventer, promotes better bone health, and alkalizing to our PH balance).

Other days for lunch we’d have a homemade Vegetable Soup with boiled Chicken added to it.  We might have a small side of Cucumber Radish Salad, or boiled Potatoes that were cooled then later reheated to no higher than 110 degrees so they wouldn’t be starchy.  (If potatoes get stuck in your throat I highly recommend eating potatoes reheated 110 degrees or below.  When a potato is cooked above 110 degrees they become resistant, which is hard to digest.)  We’d add Sea Salt to the soup and homemade Ghee(which is organic Butter baked at a low temp to separate the dairy from the Butter oil, then sieved, cooled, and stored).  YUM!

By mid afternoon I usually felt tired.  I’d want to stop and take a nap.  However, that wasn’t an option when working.  Rarely did I ever take time for a real nap, but there were days that I could lay out in the sun and rest for a while, while soaking in the rays of warmth!  Some days I would have an afternoon snack, which consisted of organic Berries(Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries), or 20 crunchy Nuts that we had previously soaked overnight and then slow-roasted in the oven in larger quantities.  Food preparation took a lot of time, thus why I often didn’t take naps.

Supper was a handful of steamed Leafy greens, a small portion of meat (Turkey, Hamburger, Chicken, Salmon, Mahi Mahi, or Tuna), steamed or roasted vegetables (Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, boiled Potato, Beets, Parsnips, Turnips, Rutabaga, Celeric Root, Squash, or Sweet Potato), and Pesto depending on the choice of meat.

We had a variety of foods.  This are just an idea of what kinds of foods we might eat in a day.  We cooked our meals according to what we wanted to eat daily that fit into the dietary plan of our GTin5 group, “Plan S”, for SIBO(Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth).

I worked from 11am until 5pm or as late as 9pm.  A typical work day could average anywhere from 4-8 hours of massage(my work as a Massage Therapist) per day.  A majority of the time it averaged to 5 hours of massage daily.  This amount was perfect during this season of GTin5 program.  I would be at work a full day 4 days a week, so whatever amount of massages that ended up scheduling each day always worked out fine.  (A full time Massage Therapist usually looks to have 20 hours of massages per week.  We spend 35-40 hours per week at work, but on average half that+ is hands on work.)

I liked going to work!  It was a twenty-minute drive both to and from work.  Upon returning home after work, I would alternate days of either taking a Detox Bath or applying a Castor Oil Pack to my Liver.  Each averaged 25 minutes up to an hour of time, daily.  If I was feeling really ill in the evening after coming home from work, I would do a coffee enema again.  I also showered, again, each night.  The hot water was refreshing to my abdominal and back pain.  It helped to loosen the muscles.

Each night before bed, I would do 15-30 minutes of stretching.  After accomplishing the day’s tasks, I would tuck myself into bed between 9pm and midnight, depending if it was a workday or not.  Bedtime was usually always closer to midnight on workdays.

Days were LONG, and it took a lot of energy to get through them.  There were lots of days that I didn’t have energy.  Those days, I had to focus on getting through each hour.  The days were full, focusing on my own healing, detoxifying, and working, not to mention regular tasks anyone of us has in a day!

At the end of the day I would crawl into bed (often times in the fetal position), so exhausted that I couldn’t get to sleep.  I also journaled every night; the foods I’d eaten, symptoms that I’d experienced, remembrances of the day, thoughts I’d had, and prayers I prayed.  I’d journaled since I’d went to the Acupuncturist, and I’m glad I journaled because it let me express myself and be free in so many ways.  It also aided in looking back to help in this writing now!

So you see, I had my daily routine.  Truth be told, bedtime was my life saver.  I love my rest.  Sleep is important, so take your sleep seriously!  Your body LOVES routine, especially when it comes to the subject of sleep.  It is best if we can be consistent with sleep, getting 7 – 9 hours a night.  I was not getting that much sleep yet at this time, but in a future time good rest did return.  I had a long way to go to gain my health back.  But, healing is a process and I had now come to accept that in fullness.

I was changing, from the inside out.  And with each day, my health was too.  It had taken years for me to become this way, ill, and it would take time to reverse my ill health.  Step by step, one foot in front of the other, hour to hour, day to day.  I was totally committed.  I was ALL IN.  My mindset was good(for the most part) and I had truly changed my mindset.  Depression was now virtually gone due to using food as medicine and nutritional supplements.  I was optimistic and was now looking at seeing good in every circumstance, especially my health.  I knew this was happening for a reason, and now I was truly embracing it in FULLNESS.

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