Everything Happens For a Reason

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

In the case that you were confused with the last blog, What is Detoxing?, it was written by my Mom who shared about some of her experiences in life.  A quick reminder that the blog’s “writer”on the top of each individual blog will be who is writing the one you’re reading.  Always check that for clarity, as Mom and I are two different writers contributing to this blog.  Obviously, our life stories are different.

It’s true that “Everything happens for a reason”.  Mom and I were in Step 2 of the Pathogen Purge.  When a person is detoxing, many different symptoms can surface such as; bloating, dizziness, gas, headaches, nausea, skin rashes, constipation, diarrhea, a dormant virus emerging, and more.  Most of what we both experienced during Step 2 and beyond is listed here.  Coffee enemas were a daily part of detoxing for some of us in the program.

During the 7 years while I was sick, I never got a cold, the flu, or any type of “bug”.  Actually, the last cold I had gotten was when I was still in high school.  That being said, when Mom and I started purging toxins out of our bodies during the pathogen purge, some “ickies” began to surface.  We both got skin rashes that lasted the duration of the program, plus even more time for Mom.  Her rash was scattered throughout her torso onto her limbs and was itchy, sometimes more prominent because of the heat of the summer.  And my rash?  It was localized to only a couple places, and thankful not too itchy for the most part, but I had my moments.

In the GTin5 program, the 3 health professionals(Christa from The Whole Journey, Dr. Tom O’Bryan the Gluten Specialist, and Dr. Jack Tips the Wellness Wiz) informed us that we were probably going to be purging some latent viruses out of our bodies that have been laying low for an extended amount of time.  Honestly, I didn’t think anything of it when they’d foretold us of that.  I figured I just had “gut issues” to deal with, so that probably wouldn’t happen to me.  Ha!

As well as a skin rash, another virus had surfaced for me a week into July that summer of 2015.  I had Strep throat symptoms.  Great.  I thought.  I’d had strep throat 2-3 times in high school.  And now, the detoxing supplements that we were taking in addition to the other “helps” we partook of, were purging this latent virus.  I endured the symptoms, hoping that it would pass quickly.  It did go away for a time, but re-surfaced once more before we finished the program.  These were GOOD happenings though!  Mom and I weren’t just getting a surface level cleanse, we were getting a deep cleaning that addressed various ailments we each had no idea were going on inside of us!

As Mom and I tuned into our weekly online Webinars, the leaders would have a “Question & Answer” time AFTER they talked about the coming week’s information.  They’d inform us of what was presently happening or was to come with possible symptoms, issues and problems for us Gut Thrivers.  They suggested ways to help ease discomfort in different situations, etc. when they arose.  It was all very informative and enriching.  We learned a LOT from Christa, Dr. Tom, and Dr. Jack.

During the “Question & Answer” portion of the Webinar, Gut Thrivers could write in their questions and the 3 leaders would answer each individual’s questions.  It was nice to be able to get answers promptly, and for everyone to hear other’s questions because so many of us were experiencing many of the same symptoms, having the same issues.  We were all in this together!  I recall one person was from Australia, and many people from all over the USA, Canada, and elsewhere!  Although we were from all over the world and each of us being uniquely different, we can come together as a health related family!  Pretty neat!


In each of our lives, your’s and mine, we endure trials, tribulations, joys, pain, heartaches, trauma, love, and so much more.  Whatever each of us has “endured” through has the ability to change us, change the quality of us.  All those things that each of us has endured has helped make us the unique individual that we are.  And in the moment of these happenings, they are preparing us for our future, for our future self, and for whatever we may go through in life.  We were brought into this world and have been challenged uniquely to grow into better versions of ourselves.  Through all of our lives thus far, all these experiences have contributed to the people that we are today.  Yes, both the ugly and the beautiful experiences, planned or unplanned circumstances, joys and sorrows.  We get to choose who we want to be, or become, through all that we endure and experience.  It’s a CHOICE.

I believe in my heart of hearts that everything happens for a reason.  Do I believe that it’s God’s will for us to experience EVERYTHING that we do?  No.  I think our own free will can get in the way of us following God’s will and other’s choices too.  With that said, our choices may not be what God would want for us, but he allows our choices to play out and happen anyways because he loves us unconditionally.  And with allowing that something to happen, I DO believe that God ALWAYS makes good of every situation happening immediately or somewhere down the road.  We may not agree on this, and that’s okay.  I’m just sharing what I believe.

My Papa God made good out of EVERYTHING in my ill health.  Ultimately in the end of that 7 year health battle, I do have restored health!  Papa was refining me to become more of the unique person that I was, bringing me to the individual that I am today.  I wouldn’t trade ANY of those experiences for anything.  Stuff happens in life, and it’s not always received as good in the eyes of every individual.  People can look and judge me, my life, and my story, saying that what I went through was terrible.  But, I find beauty in it because I CHOSE to become a better person through it.

I’d like to leave off with reminding us that we were each brought into this world for a reason.  OUR uniqueness is amazing.  Whatever we each have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience in the future, we can choose how it will affect us as an individual.  We each are loved and cherished by God for the individuals that we are.  That being said, let’s lace up our sneakers and embark further on this journey called LIFE together.  We are in each other’s lives for a reason.

I’ve been blessed sharing time with you, and truly hope that you’re blessed too.  I know that the last half dozen blogs have been hard reads.  I want to personally thank you for hanging in here with me and continuing to read.  Please, don’t feel sorry for me in anyway for what I’ve went through during this health battle.  I’m thankful that I went through it because it’s helped me to see life in a much bigger picture, to love deeper, and trust God much more profoundly.

I hope and pray that wherever you are at in life, that you are growing, maturing, and seeing all the ways that God is working in your life consistently making “beauty out of the ashes” too, that tend to happen with all of us.

God bless!

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