Eastern and Western Medicine

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

The Pathogen Purge brought about various types of “ickies” for us while in the detoxification process, other than some of the aspects already talked about.  Honestly, it was slightly disgusting hearing about some of the stuff brought up during the weekly Webinars, but it was good to be aware of these issues well.

So what were some other people enduring?  Some individuals had the feeling of their skin was crawling, and it wouldn’t stop.  Others were having a lot of mucous(biofilms) coming out of different orifices.  Some were individuals were having respiratory coughs, strep throat symptoms, itchy ears, sinus issues, etc.  Some people even had different types of parasites coming out via there stools.  The point in saying all of this is that each of us had latent viruses and deeper issues going on than we may have even known.  We are made up of cells, living organisms.  Everything living is a cellular expression.

In hearing and witnessing all of the symptoms, I was learning detoxing is NOT easy or pretty.  It was often difficult to listen to other people’s symptoms.  Mom and I each had our own stuff going on, and that was enough to keep us preoccupied and not dwell too much on what others were experiencing.  The Coffee enemas were actually starting to address and therefore detox the Pancreatic Cancer out of my system, unbeknownst to me!  I’d had a lot of inflammation in my body, mucus/”biofilms”, that were coming out during coffee enemas.  Although I was actually thin in human structure, inwardly I was  inflamed due to the mucus/”biofilms”, but the detox supplements were slowly but surely address them, killing them off causing a die-off effect that I’d already been experiencing.

I’m not hear to make you believe what I believe.  Like I’ve said so many times before, I’m simply sharing my story and what I’ve learned.  And please, know that we CAN agree to disagree.  I respect that and hope you will too!  So, that being said, have you ever thought about what Cancer is?

Cancer is an “umbrella term” for disease/illness.  What do you think of when you hear that word?  Maybe you think of Scary?  Surreal?  Death?  Illness?  Disease?  This may happen to me?  Or denial that this won’t happen to me.

Each of us have “cancer” cells in our bodies. These cells grow from toxins, then feed on toxins.  Cancer can be caused by a great number of things some of which I’ll list.  (Note, it’s usually numerous things together, not just one).  Toxins of any kind… Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs are created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques), poor air quality, heavy metal poisoning, chemical exposure, all impacting hormones causing imbalances, bad pathogen growths and overgrowths of various bacterias.  Also, mineral, bacterial, and nutrient deficiencies, along with a non-alkaline PHs are causes for imbalances and illness in our bodies.

We are complex beings.  We cannot keep throwing unreal food in our bodies as fuel and expect our bodies to function properly, it just doesn’t work in the long run.  We need the right balance of nutrients, minerals, fats, bacterias, hormones, and alkaline PH to make our bodies function optimally.  Too much or not enough of some specific things can be exactly what plummets our health, causing illness and disease.  To everything in life there is a balance.

First off, I just want to say that “cancer” isn’t a death sentence.  Nor does its label need to scare us.  But, it seems that’s exactly what it does these days, scares and make us think we have to act RIGHT NOW, quickly, in our decision making.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t act right now, because time IS precious.  But maybe, we each need to take a little time to find out what path, if we have cancer, is best for us.  We ourselves have the ability to be our own best doctors.  And no, I’m not saying we shouldn’t have doctors, because doctors can be our greatest help!

Western and Eastern Medicine are pretty amazing.  I believe that there is a place for BOTH of them!  I’m thankful for our Medical Doctors, Functional Medicine Doctors, Holistic Doctors, and Surgeons.  They each have a job to do, and they recommend what they think is best for their patient, based upon what they’ve learned via their schooling, research, time tested remedies, etc.  They genuinely care about the health of their patients, and they should!

I “explored” the Western Medicine route, but found out that for me that wasn’t the right route.  I’d had no solid answers from medical professionals, or just didn’t feel right about how some of those individuals wanted to “address” my issues.  I knew myself well enough that I walked away from Western Medicine for help.  But again, that’s not to say I didn’t think there wasn’t a place for it.  Eastern Medicine was the right fit for me, for my whole being- mind and body.  I’m not going to lie and say, “Oh, it was all peaches and cream easy.”  Because, it wasn’t.  I just knew all-natural was the right path for me.  I’m not judging anyone for the path that they choose to take.  Please know that.  We each do what is right for us.

In Eastern Medicine throughout the years with Dr. R and others, I was being guided in addressing my gut issues.  At this point on telling of my health journey, in the GTin5 Program I was still getting the gut issue addressed, but at a much deeper level.  It was starting to address the cancer, which from what I’ve learned cancer is made up of bad pathogens and toxins that are overloaded in the body, NEEDING to be detoxed out of my body in a non-harmful way.  Drugs, antibiotics, and prescriptions weren’t going to be part of my regiment in getting to the real issue.  Supplements, using food as medicine, coffee enemas, and so much more daily modalities of healing were all doing this, and they were the right fit for me.

JE July 18th, 2015

Nearly done with week 5 of the Gut Thrive in 5 Program.  I feel SO much better and I have a true joy and love for life.  So neat and awesome!  It makes me want to run, dance, scream, shout, laugh, smile and love.  I’m feeling yucky today from all the supplements.  Pretty exhausted today, BUT its TOTALLY worth it to get all these toxins out of my body.  And that, is KEY!  Thank you Papa, for doing just that and continuing to heal me.  I’m able to continually make myself do my daily exercise routine, food prep, normal daily “stuff” and do my job.  Somedays it takes a big effort, I won’t lie.  But I KNOW this is what I have to do, daily.  I find TRUE joy in the simple things, and I’m so very grateful

Life was grueling with detoxing everyday, but yet so enriching!  I had SO much joy in my life despite my every day routine of working to heal my body from the inside out.  It was such a beautiful learning journey, and that’s the way that I was seeing it.  Taking one step in front of the other, slowly but surely, I was feeling better and better.


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