The Unknown

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

By nature, I used to be a introvert.

When I was a young child, I was a quiet, shy girl that clung to her mom, “calf at side”.  Wherever Mom was, I was too.  I was a home body.  I loved being home, in my safe place.  You know, comfortable and care free.  I liked “my tribe” of people, which back then consisted of Mom, Dad and Troy.

Well, as we each grow, we change and evolve as individuals.  However, it can get easy for any person to get stuck in the comfortable, and not grow towards being the person that we were meant to be.

Through the years, my tribe of people has grown.  Gone are the days of “calf at side, Kelly”.  I’ve changed and grown up, facing into life’s many unknowns, including finding out who I am as an individual.

Sometimes I wonder, that if we as human beings came into the world with specific instruction manuals, would that somehow make life “easier”?  Sound silly?  Maybe.  But how often when we buy something do we read the instructions?  Or, if we are told to do something, or give someone our word, do we follow through with it?  What about if, based on the instruction manual, we would know the outcome of every detail of life, would that make us excited and interested in living our life?  Interesting questions…

I’ve come to see that life in and of itself, is an unknown.  We don’t know our number of days.  We don’t know all the details of our future.  We don’t know anything for certain. Yet despite our not knowing, we keep putting one foot in front of the other.  We are living IN the unknown.

What if the unknowns were the things that helped to make us the individuals that we are today?  What if the unknowns are what make life interesting, a continuous adventure?  And, why can it be so hard to face into the unknown?


Maybe life is really to be one great big adventure!  And maybe that adventure isn’t just filled with fun, laughs, silliness and excitement.  Maybe, just maybe, the adventure is going to be filled with unknowns that make the adventure the BEST one yet, growing us in ways we never saw coming!

The way I see it, is that each and every last one of us is on the biggest adventure of our lives in living our lives.  The people that come into our lives; some stay for a season, and some stay forever.  The job that we are at; it may be a good fit for a time, but maybe 10 years from now it’s not the right fit for you.  The choices that we make; affecting our selves and in turn affecting others, positively or negatively.  We just don’t know what the outcome will be in any of these situations.

As I said before, I used to be an introvert(and I can still be at times).  But now days, I’m choosing to not really be much of one.  Is it possible that something in our past has to define our future?  Is it possible that just because we believe something for an extended amount of time means that we have to believe it forever?  Is it possible that what is right for us, may not be right for the next person?  Is it possible that if we came into this world with an instruction manual, that life would be predictable and boring?  Is it possible that we can change from the people we once were?  Where am I going with all of this?

I don’t think we were meant to have our whole lives planned out before us.  I don’t believe that any of us are to be the same people we were 10 years ago.  I don’t believe that we weren’t meant to change and evolve as individuals.  I don’t believe that we were meant to have the same tribe of people, never letting anyone else into our tribe or never letting anyone leave from the tribe.  And, I don’t believe that God intended for us know all the answers to the unknowns, because how or why would we trust or have faith in him then?  Would we even have a relationship with him?

We are meant to meet other people.  “Rubbing Shoulders”  We are meant to have emotions and express ourselves.  We are meant to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  We are meant to share our gifts with other people.  We are meant to live life to the best of our ability.  And, we are meant to face life’s unknowns.

You know, I think Bob Goff is right… that maybe we need to “quit waiting for a plan” and face the unknowns.  Maybe, we’ll find out that living in life’s unknowns is our best adventure yet!

In my health journey thus far, I’d faced many unknowns.  Those unknowns taught me so much about health, myself, life, trusting, and also helped me to define what wellness means to me.  I learned to embrace the unknowns, although it wasn’t always easy or comfortable.  I was trusting God, and leaning on him through it all.  And there came a time in which I was ready and willing to face whatever unknowns that I needed to in order to get my health back.  I already was facing many unknowns, I was in the thick of it, with more to come.

Unbeknownst to me at this time in the telling of my health journey, I was facing a hellish nightmare that would forever change my life and my health for the better.


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