What Are Biofilms?

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Hi?  It’s Mom writing here again!

Through the instructing and teaching of GTin5, one important truth Kelly and I learned is that for illness and disease to stay out of our bodies, a person’s PH needs to be Alkaline.  Illness grows in Acidic bodies, bodies that lack Oxygen.

“No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

-Dr. Otto Warburg

To get a better understanding of that statement by Dr. Otto Warburg, click on the link  alkalinewater santevia alkaline disease waterfilter pH  to read a really short article posted by Natural Food Pantry.

It was also through GTin5 that we first heard of the term “biofilm”.  Kelly and I are by nature scientific beings, getting excited about experimenting in various ways.  Biofilms are something we did a LOT of research on and actively experimented with by working to eliminate them from our bodies.

So what are “biofilms”, you ask?  From an article titled, “Slimy clumps of bacteria kill thousands.  Scientists are fighting back”, written by Usha Lee McFarling, he says, “Unlike free-floating bacteria that drift in fluids, biofilms consist of bacteria that settle onto surfaces and begin to aggregate into large clumps surrounded by a protective coating of DNA, proteins, and polysaccharides” — slime to you and me.

“Biofilms are different from so-called superbugs, like MRSA, that have evolved a resistance to antibiotics.  Each individual bacteria in a biofilm would, on its own, be susceptible to modern drugs.  But when they clump together, the bacteria morph into complex 3-D structures.

“Using a vocabulary of chemicals, the bacteria in the biofilms self-organize and divide up tasks, some growing and secreting slime, some dispersing to colonize new areas, and some hibernating until they are needed.  The biofilm structures even contain channels to take in nutrients and expel waste.

“They communicate with each other and coordinate their activity,” Sauer said.  “In a biofilm, you see cooperative behavior.  It’s a lifestyle choice.”

The article goes on asking, “Why are biofilms so hard to kill?  First there’s the slime, which antibiotics and chemicals have difficulty penetrating.  In addition, electrical charges on the slime’s surface can form a barrier that keeps out antibiotics.

“Because many cells deep within a biofilm are nutrient- and oxygen-starved, they grow fairly slowly — and are therefore less susceptible to antibiotics, which work best on actively dividing cells.  To make matters worse, biofilms contain zombie-like ‘persister’ cells which lie dormant when antibiotics are present but spring into action after antibiotic treatment ends.

“Finally, cells within biofilms can organize themselves to pump drugs right out of cells — something Sauer called ‘a kind of bulimic behavior.'”

Okay, so that’s a whole lot of biochemical scary in my mind.  Maybe yours too.  However, we have to start somewhere in learning about biofilms in the 21st century we live in, and this was a very good explanation to what biofilms are and how they operate.

Over the last 3+ years, Kelly and I have learned about bad pathogens and biofilms, experimenting and trying to eliminate them from our lives.  By seriously looking at what we eat(reading Ingredients Labels) and making better choices of what we put into our bodies as fuel, researching how the food is grown or produced, finding safe companies and stores to purchase our food and personal care items from, and caring about what we put on our skin, we have vastly reduced or possible eliminated these crazy cellular pathogens from our bodies.

If you’d like to learn more about pathogens, biofilms and detoxing, click on the address at the very end of this blog post below titled, Watch “Systemic Detoxification Program”.  It is presented by Dr. Jack Tips.

Dr. Jack became Kelly’s doctor after we’d completed the GTin5 program during the summer of 2015, since Kelly was in need of continued guidance to detox her ill body of bad pathogens/biofilms.  Just as important, he helped Kelly by specifically addressing her left side pain with his clinical knowledge and remedies to reduce and finally eliminate the pain/cancer.

In the video link below, Dr. Jack helps us to understand at a cellular level what is happening to many people over the world with chronic health/disease deriving from inflammation in the body(produced by GMOs- chemicals in our foods and environmental toxins that both aid in the growth of biofilms).

The video is approximately 45 minutes long, so hang on, and please don’t stop listening if you’re not following what he is saying.  It gets clearer.  This is an excellent explanation of pathogens, biofilms, cellular expressions that make for poor health, and tells what is needed cellularly for vibrant health.

Watch “Systemic Detoxification Program” on Vimeo by clicking the following link


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