*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

In Mom’s blog What Are Biofilms? she shared an article that explained the what, how, and why’s of Biofilms.  I’m going to take this one step further, because, well, it gets a bit more interesting, seriously.

A Biofilm is a group of cells sticking together from inside the intestinal walls.  The cells latch together and form a blob of mucous.  Yes, this is gross, but MAYBE kind of interesting?  Anyway, remember way back when, when I told you that my PH was acidic?  Well, my body’s acidic, cold, damp and leaky gut was GREAT territory for producing biofilms.   These biofilms are actually pretty common for individuals with small intestinal bacteria overgrowths(SIBO), candida overgrowths, Leaky Gut, Cancer, and most all chronic illnesses.

During GTin5 program, I weighed in at 130ish pounds.  I had muscle tone but was slim.  I wasn’t inflamed outwardly in my body, but inwardly I had inflammation and a lot of bad pathogens that were wreaking absolute havoc in my body.  The biofilms were BIG factors in my illness.

So how did I first find then address these biofilms?  Well the truth is, I first saw them come out in stools brought on via enemas.  Seriously?  Yes, I’m a scientific type of “nerd” that wanted to KNOW and see for herself WHAT was coming out of me, what I was dealing with.  I cared about my health enough to face the unknown.  So that being said, I looked in the toilet before flushing and saw the biofilms.  No worries, I’m not going to go any further than that, because that’s just TMI!

Anyways, in Natural Health & Eastern Medicine we can determine a LOT about the state of our health based upon our stool.  Again, without going too much into detail, my stools were loose.  I could see food chunks along with the biofilms.  I had issues going on inside my digestive system that NEEDED to be addressed.  The GTin5 Program just wasn’t going to be enough help(unbeknownst to me at this time in the telling of my health journey).

sunset pics in august 021

You may be wondering by now in the story, “How were you not feeling better?  Everything you were doing and eating was pure, organic, clean and wholesome.  Why was it taking so long?”  

Well, those are both good questions.  I’ll cover some of those answers of how and why…

1) Gluten Exposure/Cross Contamination.  Gluten is a part of many different items, including supplements that are not pure/clean, “Gluten Free” produced food items that often times still have various kinds of gluten in them, and, as was the case in Gluten Exposure when it came in the form of eye drops through my eye examination at the eye doctor.  Gluten was a “filler” in the ingredients the drops were derived from.  Frustrating, for sure.

Living with others in your home, some of which eat Gluten, opens up the possibility of Cross Contamination also.  As hard as I tried to not let that happen, I couldn’t control if others picked up after themselves.  It’s not that others weren’t aware of it, because through the years they’d learned the severity of Gluten Exposure for me, but it still did occassionially happen that crumbs were left behind.  Or, with company over it’s pretty easy for food crumbs to end up on my plate, unbeknownst to me at times.  Getting nailed with cross contamination would make me severely sick for 7-10 days, ultimately taking my gut a month’s time to get back to its “normal”.   Yes, that’s a long time.  At this time though, I still reacted to Gluten severely.

2) My Immune System health was not that strong.  Like I said before, I hadn’t had a cold, “the flu”, or any other sickness for about 10 years now today as I write.  That being said, my Immune System was strong enough to fight off bad pathogens at the “surface” level during GTin5.  Deep inside, my Immune System was compromised.  It was partly because of GMO foods, Gluten, Dairy, processed foods, sugar, and other junk fillers found in processed foods and supplements.  These junky foods affect the body negatively, weakening a person’s Immune System.

3) A compromised Immune System starting a LONG time ago.  What is the Immune System?  It’s the body’s defense organism against pathogens; disease, invaders, viruses, parasitic worms, and cellular illness.  Our Immune System is designed to attack pathogens and boot them out.  The Immune System is our first line of defense against disease.

Did you know that a large amount of our Immune System health comes from our mothers?  Yes!  It comes through a vaginal delivery(being swabbed in all kinds of good bacteria), and via the umbilical cord being fed during 9 months incubation time, and then too after birth through breast milk.

When a child is born, one of the first and best choices a new Mom can do for their child is to nurse/breastfeed their newborn infant.  NO offense to my Mom, or to ANY mom’s/parents out there, because as Mom’s they LOVE their children and want to do everything in their willpower to do their best for them.  That being said, Mom’s often don’t have enough time and energy to do everything they want to do to take care of themselves let alone what is the best for their children.  Again, please don’t take ANY offense to this.  I’m not condemning anyone.

The first three days after a baby is born are the most important to building a healthy Immune System.  Breast milk is filled with Colostrum.  Colostrum is made up of VITAL anti-bodies that protect the body and fight disease, and fight off bad bacteria in our bodies.  When a baby drinks mother’s breast milk the first 3 days of life, the nutrients of the Colostrum are setting up the baby’s Immune System for a GOOD start in life.

Those facts said, what about the baby’s that don’t receive their mother’s breast milk?  Those babies have a weaker Immune System.  In turn, their bodies are more at risk of disease and illness.  I was not breast fed as a baby.  My Immune System was weakened from the day I was born.  I didn’t get these extra vital anti-bodies needed to be able to fight disease and illness.

If you weren’t breast fed as a child, and have a weak Immune System(catching most any viral infection passing through town, you may be wondering, “Can I boost my Immune System?”  The answer is, YES!  Immune System BOOSTERS include, but aren’t limited to; Colostrum supplementation, Probiotics, Vitamin C, Herbs, Teas, Vitamin D via Sunshine, Clean Air, Pure Water, Organic Meats, Fruits and Vegetables, Dark Leafy Greens, Essential Oils, Minerals, Supplements, Coconut Oil, Bone Broth, Collagen, Good Fats, and Oxygen which is free- so go ahead and breath deep!

What are some of the things that SUPPRESS an Immune System?  They include but aren’t limited to: Medications, Smoking, indulging in Alcohol, over-the-counter Drugs, Gluten, pasteurized Dairy products, processed foods, GMO foods, exposure to Chemicals, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Toxic Air, Chemical Fumes, Amalgam Fillings, Food Coloring/Dyes, Stress, unhealthy relationships, and ingesting processed Sugar.

Wrapping it up, again you may ask, “How were you not feeling better?  Everything you were doing and eating was pure, organic, clean and wholesome.  Why was it taking so long?”  

My Immune System had been compromised from the day I was born.  Believe me, if Mom had known better she would have breastfed me.  But as she has said once she learned this truth, she “…didn’t know, just like a lot of other parents…”

Babies grow into toddlers, young children, to teenagers into adults.  Through a majority of my growing up years, my diet wasn’t ‘clean’.  I was living what I’d learned.  There were also some nutritional supplements my brother and I took, but many of them had gluten fillers in them unknown to any of us.  One needs to research when supplementing with nutrients and minerals to make sure the products are safe.

The point in saying all of this, is that it took a LONG time for my health to get to this ill state.  My health wasn’t going to reverse overnight miraculously, let alone super quick. It’d taken 18 years to get this way.  Like I’ve said before, “healing is a process.”

I WAS taking positive steps towards healing, but it was a process.  With each day being filled with many choices to make, I was now one day closer in healing to restored health and wholeness.



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