Creative Expression

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

JE August 1st, 2015

THANK YOU for continued healing in Mom and myself Lord!  Please continue to heal us each mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I LOVE you Papa!  Thank you for this GTin5 Program, for the leaders and everyone involved Lord.  Bless them. 

After the transition week (Facing the Unknown) the the next step of the program was called: Reseeding(and Healing the Leaky Gut), lasting another two weeks.  The foods we ate were pretty much the same as the duration of the program so far.  However, I was starting to get bloated again whenever I ate.  I also had more headaches.  I continued to have good and bad days in my health.  My body was continuing to detoxify itself, so the good and bad days were “to be expected”.  However, deep down in my heart I thought, I should be feeling better than I do at this point in the program.

JE August, 2015

We are only a few days into Reseeding and I’m EXHAUSTED.  I just want to sleep!  

Mom saw that I wasn’t making much progress in the first few days of the Reseeding Phase and voiced, “Do you think maybe we should do another colonic or 2 Kelly?”

I didn’t know what to think.  We were done with the Pathogen Purge.  My mind wandered and thought, I felt REALLY good after doing the colonics before, why not just try it?  So, Mom made us a couple of appointments and off we drove to Minneapolis that weekend.  Mom was in the drivers seat.  And me?  I was doing my usual semi-laying/sitting and squirming in the passenger seat, unable to ever get comfortable.  Sitting still hurt like crazy and I continued to avoid it at all costs in my days.

In the city, by the time the second colonic was done that weekend I finally felt better.  My gut was back to it’s normal dull achy pain, which was tolerable.

Month of June Pics 026.JPG

At end of the two weeks of Reseeding(and Healing the Leaky Gut), I was regretting MY decision to end the Pathogen Purge as soon as when we did.  I should have listened to Mom about extending the Pathogen Purge two weeks.  I later voiced those thoughts to her. We both had regrets that we hadn’t listened, really listened to her voiced concern at that time.  Our bodies were both still detoxifying hard, Mom’s with her rash.  We found various ways to help ease the itching of her rash which included: Aloe Vera, Chlorella, Oregano Oil, CCF Tea, Boswellia lotion and a few other helps.  The point wasn’t to STOP the detoxification process, but to let those helpful healers soothe the severity of the itch during the detoxing process.

I continued detoxifying daily with the aid of coffee enemas.  I was still unable to have bowel movements on my own, so some days I would end up doing two enemas.  Those were the days that I felt really terrible.  Coffee enemas, at that point, were my biggest help for pain relief due to the toxic overload inside my body.

We were both fighting our battles with what each of us had going on physically.  I was sure glad we were in this together!  Most days I would get out of bed and seize the day, whatever it consisted of.  On days I didn’t want to get out of bed, my pets were BIG motivators to get me going as they needed me to take care of them!

I had a daily detoxification regimen that I had to follow, no IF, AND’s, or BUT’s about it.  It was what it was, and I accepted that.  I had moments of frustration, impatience, and irritation, but in my heart of hearts I trusted my Papa God to guide me through.  At the end of any given day when it was time for bed, my cats Bun-Bun and Goofy, would accompany to bed.  They’d take their designated spots on the bed with their favorite blankets, or snuggle right into my feet, the crook of my arm, or at my side.  They kept an eye on me, and kept me company.

At night, I’d take out my journal and write every single night.  It didn’t matter what happened during the day or how I felt, I just picked up my pen and wrote, sometimes writing my inner most longings, desires, or prayers of my heart.  Sometimes I’d simply write about my day, or my attitude throughout the day.  Maybe what I’d gotten accomplished, or my future goals for tomorrow, etc.  As I wrote, I healed in expressing myself, becoming vulnerable, and I was becoming more of the creative expression God design me to be.

As I’d finish journaling, sometimes I’d re-read what I’d written.  Sometimes, tears filled my eyes as I thought about things I’d written.  And other times, I just smiled because I was so thankful.  Before I’d put my journal notebook away, I’d take up my other notebook and write 5 things I was thankful for.  It didn’t matter WHAT or WHO, just 5 things(minimum).  This ALWAYS helped me find good throughout what may have happened during the day.  This helped me to see beauty in ALL things.  And best of all, I always went to bed a bit lighter, happier, and more at peace.


All these years later from when I first started journaling(back in 2010), I still do these same two journaling expressions before I go to bed.  Doesn’t matter how late it is, if I feel like it or not, I’m just drawn to that blank page at day’s ending.  Maybe you’ve encountered the same thing?  Writing isn’t JUST writing.  It’s a form of creative expression.  It exercises our brains(and your reading this does too)!  Writing engages us as both Writers and Readers to explore, express, relate, agree or disagree, and learn.

We are all creative human beings, seriously.  Don’t think you are?  Well, you are. Whether you like telling stories, doing your own DIY(do it yourself project), teaching a class, writing, refurbishing old antiques, buying clothes(our clothing expresses what we like and are artistic expressions of who we are as individuals), the food we make(what we like to eat and how we can be creative in both taste and appearance), and in how we relate/communicate/interact with other people.  Some might be saying, “this is creative? I’m not following.”  Well, if you might still be confused, creativity isn’t just a select number of things such as art, dancing, scrap booking, and photography.  Creativity is expressed in all we do in life daily.  We are ALL creative creatures!

Elsa Gidlow says it straight, “We consider the ‘artist’ a special sort of person.  It is more likely that each of us is a special sort of artist.”

That being said, none of us are better than the other in the way or means that we are creative.  Your gifting might be in drawing.  Another’s might be in cooking.  And yet another’s might be in designing apparel, or doing other people’s tax returns.  Point is, we are ALL special creative expressions that have a place in this world!

As individuals I do believe we were born to express ourselves, relate with others, and be creative.  It’s not something that always come easy at first, but something we grow into over time.  No matter who we each are, we are creative.  Can we be, and are we willing to share our creativity with others to bring them benefit, and maybe even help encourage them to express themselves too?  The choice is ours.

Each day, we have CHOICES to make.  What creative expression are you drawn to?

Tonight, I’m once again drawn back to my blank journal page.


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