Words – Visions – Dreams

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

The Craniosacral Massage Therapy I’d tried years ago had helped a lot! (Reasons and Seasons!)

A few years later I went back to the city 2 more times, within 1.5 months between my 2nd and 3rd appointments, to help instill that my pelvis wouldn’t return back to its previously jacked-up/wrong position.  I had 2 Therapists at these appointments, Diane and Gina, working on me at the same time.  I told then that I was having abdominal and back pain.

In the 2nd of 3 total CMT sessions, Gina had said while her hands where placed on me, “Kelly, this spot here on your left side feels hot.  It almost feels like it’s on FIRE.”

Thinking of my good friend Laurie(my monthly Massage Therapist), I said, “Yes.  I’ve been told, ‘It’s like a slow burning fiery heat, penetrating from inside my left side’.”

She replied, “Yes.  Well said!  Just below that spot, in your intestinal area, it feels cold, damp and… squishy.”  Gina started coughing while Diane watched her intently, then she said, “It’s like this spot is eating you from the inside out.”

“What else do you feel or see, Gina?” Diane inquired.

Let me just say this now.  Gina has a gift.  She’s able to feel and see things in people bodies that aren’t “visible” to the human eye.  Gina has an intuition, knowing, about things.  She was having one of those revealing knowing moments in that 2nd appointment with me.  I’d just met her.

Gina knew something, and was about to tell us more about what she saw or felt.  She struggled to clear her throat, then proceeded with statements addressing the “squishy”(biofilms that I’d been passing in daily enemas, and continued to pass that she had not known of, nor had I actually TOLD them of these very personal happenings up until that point).

Gina, Diane, and I had all been honest and open with each other during my appointment, but then how much information is too much.  I was kind of embarrassed to tell them about the biofilms I was passing.  I wasn’t offended when Gina stated what she did to Diane and myself.  I’d told them I had been doing a “detox” program.

“Did you pass this stuff while on your cleansing program?” Diane asked me.

“Not that I knew of right away in the program.  But through it, yes I did, and still am… just not as ‘intensely’ as during the Pathogen Purge.  But yes, I’ve been detoxing really heavy in the last few months.”  I stated.

“Are you sure it’s not intense right now?” Diane asked.

Am I sure?  I thought.  These biofilms that Gina is talking about are what Mom and I researched.  Oh man, she’s speaking prophetically!  I just nodded my head, yes, to Diane. No need to cause a stir.  I was within my own thoughts.

Diane continued asking more questions about GTin5 while they both worked on me.  She asked specific questions about my digestive and abdominal pain.  I answered her questions.  My pelvis had been tilted which was WHY I was there.  Together, the two therapists were able to get it back to its neutral, ‘normal’ position again.

Craniosacral massage pressure isn’t very is deep.  Gina and Diane weren’t palpating or pushing deep into my abdomen.  Gina had simply had her hand on my abdomen where she felt and saw what was going on deep inside my body.  Obviously, God was using Gina to show me more of the truth, that the Biofilms were eating me alive.


Prophetic words, visions, and dreams… Maybe you’ve had them yourself.  Or, maybe not.  Maybe you know someone that has gone out on a limb and spoken one of any of these to you or someone you know.

Whether you believe in prophetic words, visions, or dreams, it’s your decision.  I’m not here to convince you one way or the other.  I will simply share what I’ve found to be true for myself.  A handful of people in my healing journey had spoken prophetic words to me.  The Reflexologist, Laurie, and now Gina.  I can’t speak for them on HOW they knew what they spoke to me, but they KNEW without question and stated what they saw/felt/knew.  I don’t know if it was easy, uncomfortable, or awkward for them to share their findings, but they did regardless.

Did I openly receive what they each had to say?  Yes!  I myself have uttered prophetic words.  I’ve had dreams and visions of things that have come to pass.  No, I’m NOT God and in no way, shape, or form bragging.  I believe God can use anyone as a messenger to speak to us and others.  I also think that God can use a person at the exact time he deems fit, to impact another for HIS reasons that we don’t understand at the time, may never understand, or will come to understand at some point.

The point in my saying this is that I do believe people come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes people speak a truth into our heart that is helpful, something we need to hear.  For me, I’d like to think that’s exactly what all 3 of these individuals that spoke prophetically into my life did.  They were preparing me for what was to come, or were confirming what I thought I knew, in the words they’d spoke.

Okay, so here’s where it gets tricky.  Just because these individuals spoke words that turned out to be prophetic, does that mean when someone says something to you or I and it gets labeled “prophetic” mean it WILL happen?  No.  Why?  Because that’s where free will comes in, just like I talked about in the blog Everything Happens For a Reason.  Free will has the ability to change outcomes of what COULD BE with the choices that we or others make.  Let me give an example of a knowing or prophetic thought.

It was a beautiful summer day, way back when.  I was outside enjoying the suns rays on the dock, watching the water, then closing my eyes and just soaking up all the peacefulness and warmth.  As I laid there, a dollar amount was put on my heart.  I wasn’t even thinking about money!  In that moment, I got that same familiar feeling I get when God is speaking to me.  He definitely spoke to me.  I was to give an individual that certain amount of money, gifting it to them.

As soon as Papa had spoke to me, he reassured me and then was quiet.  I was now sitting up on the dock looking around, at full attention.  No one was around.  There was no noise.  It was me and the still lake.  I moved myself onto my back and looked up to the sky while starting to audibly talk to my Papa God.  My heart was blown wide open as I spoke, asking why.  Quietness, and more quietness was the answer.  My heart couldn’t shake what I’d been told.

It took me a couple more days of praying, being sure that I was to give this specific dollar amount.  When my heart can’t shake a feeling, such as this was, I know that it needs to be addressed/executed/done.  After those couple days, asking and wondering, “Do you really want me to do this, Papa?” I still hadn’t shaken that feeling.

It was time, I needed to write out a check for this determined dollar amount.  So, I did.  I wrote a letter to the recipient, wrote the check and put them both in an envelope.  More days passed, and then the individual received it.

Okay, before finishing this story, maybe you can see that MY free will could have stopped this from happening.  So I ask you, was this a prophetic telling of what I was to do?  Yes, I think so.  How do I know?  Well, let’s find out…

The individual received the envelope with the letter and check.  Upon opening it looking at the $ amount written, and after a double take, the individual spoke of the need for that specific amount(not wanted, but truly NEEDED).  I had NO idea the individual even needed money, let alone needed a determined amount for something.  I was absolutely clueless.  The individual was now able to use the money as needed!  Pretty cool, huh?

What if I hadn’t listened to my Papa God, and instead let fear consume my thoughts and my “free will” responded with a “NO, I will not give the money”?  The ending might not have turned out how it had, and the money could had come through another source.  Who knows for sure but God himself.  On behalf of myself and this individual, we are both thankful we didn’t have to find out.

The point in my sharing this story is not for an accolade or to prove to you that God speaks to me, but is because I believe God can USE words, visions, and dreams to help us on our journeys in life, giving us courage to step out in faith, comforting us in a storm, or giving warning to help guide us to a better path.

Thus far, the prophetic words spoken to me by the Reflexologist and Laurie had come to fruition.  Gina’s was now, too, but would be in even more fullness in the days, months, and year to come.  Gina knew there was a deeper issue, that the squishy(biofilms) were wreaking havoc inside me.  She was right.  But as of right now in the telling of my health journey, these biofilms weren’t being addressed at the deeper level that they needed to be.



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