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*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Mom and I talked about where I should go from here, having completed the GTin5 program, in regards to my health.  We both knew I needed more professional help, because the biofilms were still detoxing out of me.  And, because I was still unable to go on my own, being constipated, multiple daily coffee enemas were still my best friend.

Together, we decided it would be a good idea for me to do a phone consult with Dr. Jack Tips(The WellnessWiz), one of the Naturopathic Doctors involved in the GTin5 program’s live webinars we attended online each week.  So, I emailed GTin5’s Customer Service Team, inquiring of Dr. Jack’s telephone number.  Having got that, I called his office in Austin, TX.  I got a voice message, so left a message back.

Dr. Jack’s receptionist called me later that same day.  We set up a phone consult to speak with Dr. Jack about my various symptoms, and abdominal and back pain.  I gave her my email address so she could send paperwork for me to fill out and I’d send back ASAP.

Paperwork.  Again, LOTS of questions to answers about digestion, food I eat, what my bowel movements were like(or for me that they didn’t exist on their own), symptoms I got when eating, sleep, just all sorts of questions that many I would had never thought as to why they were asked!

The appointment was scheduled out for the next week.  However, a few hours later Dr. Jack’s receptionist called me again saying, “Someone just cancelled their appointment for tomorrow afternoon, Kelly.  If you want to take the appointment you can.”

“Yes!  I will take the appointment!  Thank you for offering it to me.  I really appreciate that.”  I replied!  Then I got my paperwork back to her right away.

September 29th, 2015, Dr. Jack called me for our first(first for multiple years) monthly phone consults.  The day before, I had sent my paperwork plus 3 test results from when I was working with the FMD(Functional Medicine Doctor) in the Twin Cities area.  Surely Dr. Jack would want to know that information.


As our conversation started, I told Dr. Jack a brief history of my last five years of left side abdominal and back pain, telling him the symptoms I’d experienced within the past five years, and how they’d continually gotten worse until I started the GTin5 program.

“After I’d started GTin5, I was able to function through daily life easier.  I could be free of pain for a few hours or up to half a day.  Once in a great while, I even made it through a whole day of no pain, which is UNHEARD of!  The symptoms all drastically changed for the better during the program.”  I told him.  “I still have abdominal and back pain along with most of the other symptoms again.  If anything, they all seem to be coming back.”

“Kelly, tell me what your ‘current’ symptoms are.”  He inquired.

“I’m constipated.  I’ve been constipated ever since I started GTin5.  Prior to the program I had diarrhea anywhere from 5-15 times per day.”

“Okay.”  He said.

“I get headaches daily.  Most of the time they are when my body needs to eliminate toxins.  I battle nausea and dizziness a handful of times per week.  I get bloated, and with that I have more intense abdominal pain due to the pressure.  I get tired and fatigue easily.  Afternoon is when my energy level is the lowest.  I have left side upper abdominal pain that is deep underneath the ribs.  It extends down to just below my belly button.  However, it always hurts underneath the ribs.  The pain varies in intensity.  I have left side, middle, and low back pain.  The pain goes straight through my body into my back, three dimensionally, that feels like a stabbing knife.”

Dr. Jack listened, asking many very direct questions.  I answered his questions honestly. Then he said, “Tell me more about your left side abdominal and back pain please, Kelly.”

“The left side pain is underneath my ribs.  I have to reach under my ribs in order to attempt to grab at the burning spot.  I’ve been told it feels like “FIRE” by two different Massage Therapists.  The pain is mostly on the left side, but goes into the right side at times.  The left side abdominal pain started off as a dull achy pain five and a half years ago.  Over the years, it has continually gotten worse.  It goes through my body 3-D, like I was saying before, making my back hurt.  Along with the left side abdominal pain, I have left side back pain.  The middle and lower back pain is just to the left side of my spine. The back pain is so deep inside that I can’t grab or touch it.”

“What are the symptoms associated with the abdominal and back pain, Kelly?”  He inquired.

“Currently I have headaches, low back pain, nausea, dizziness, hot and cold sweats, and feel REALLY sick.  Over the past five and a half years I’ve gotten more food allergies and intolerances to foods.  I’ve had diarrhea before, like I said, and now am constipated since GTin5.  Yellow spots have grown in the whites of both of my eyes.  The whites of my eyes have a distinguished yellow tint in them(jaundice).  I get abdominal cramps, and left side pain 24/7.  I am always fatigued.”  I said.

To be continued…


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