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*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

On my first appointment with Dr. Jack he asked me VERY specific questions about my left side pain.  He wanted to know when the pain started.  Then the degree of the pain, and how it had gotten worse or better in the last many years since the onset.

Next he asked, “How long have you been constipated while doing the GTin5 program?” And then, “Can you tell what is coming out in your daily enemas?”

“I’m getting loose stools with LOTS of biofilms in it.”  I replied.  (What Are Biofilms?)  “The biofilm is always the first part to come out.  I may have some biofilms throughout the rest of the enema, but definitely not as much as initially.  There’s some formed stool but mostly sludge.”  I informed him.  Remember, you can tell a lot about your health based upon your stool!

“What does this biofilm look like, Kelly?” he inquired kindly.

I answered, then elaborated, “I really think the biofilm is what is constipating me.”

He asked more questions and talked.  As, Dr. Jack spoke, educating me about these specific biofilms I was passing, he suggested I could “do some research”, then told me more about them.

I will be the first to say, “What grows inside of us and comes out in our ‘poo’ when forced to vacate our bodies can be judged as a disgusting conversation.”  BUT, if I wanted to get to the ROOT cause of my illness I had to be completely honest, transparent, and vulnerable.  I’d say I’m being REAL.

Dr. Jack’s major concern was for my left side abdominal pain.  As for the specific biofilms I was passing?  They were a BIG part of that pain.  He proceeded to tell me, “I’m going to design a protocol specifically for you.  It will give your body exactly what it needs.  In the protocol I’m going to send you, there will be a homeopathic remedy for you to take immediately upon receiving it.”

“Okay.  I will.”  I replied.

“Don’t wait for the other supplements to arrive before taking it.”  He instructed.

I responded, “I will do that.  Thank you.”

After Dr. Jack answered a few other questions for me, we set up my next month’s phone consult and then ended my appointment.

Since I was at work, and my next client would be walking through the door any minute, I resisted the strong desire to do an Internet Google search about this specific biofilm.  There would be time for that later.  For the time being, it was back to work.

My next client walked through the door at Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body Work.  My focus was now solely on the client and their individual need for healing.

Stacked Rocks.JPG

When I got a break in my work schedule later, I Googled biofilm and did exactly what I liked doing, researching.  Dr. Jack’s words kept running through my mind, along with conversations that Mom and I’d had too.  I found exactly what Dr. Jack was talking about.  He’d told me about the different stages of Rope biofilms and how they mature through each phase.  It was quite repulsive thinking about what I was reading about was living inside of me wreaking havoc, and how these toxic cells have the ability to communicate within the biofilms.  Yet, I was so interested, more like so captivated, that I continued researching.

Wow, these things are killing me from the inside out.  They didn’t come into my body on their own because they cannot live in oxygen.  They started their cellular life inside of me, growing from within my acidic(lack of oxygen), inflamed, body.  I was passing all 5 stages of these biofilms in my daily enemas.

Shaking my head, I did what any research nerd does when she finds something really interesting… calls another research nerd(my Mom) to talk.

JE September 29th, 2015

Phone consult with Dr. Jack Tips today.  He is an IMMENSE help!  He figured out, well, a LOT!  Facing my reality of this hellish nightmare.  HELP ME LORD!  Thank you for Dr. Jack, Papa God!




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