Glyphosate – Toxic Poisoning – Getting Informed

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I heard Dr. Tom O’Bryan during “The Gluten Summit: A Grain of Truth”, question his listening audience from all around the world with, “Are we ‘humans’ with a ‘genetic expression’, or are we a ‘cellular expression’ having a ‘human experience’?”  I remember laughing out loud at that, then shortly thereafter NOT laughing and finding myself really thinking about what he said.  Thought provoking question.

Have you ever thought about WHAT it is that makes you human?  Or thought as to how your body is intricately designed?  Do you know what you, I, and every living thing is made up of?

Kelly and I just talked about this again recently, what makes up our body and how each person is so alike yet so different from another human being.

The answer to what makes us human?  “Cells”.  Every “living” thing is made up of cells.  When a living cell is fed what it specifically needs to function, it thrives and is productive within its environment, working with other cells to become its full potential.  When living cells are missing specific nutrients designed for their specific makeup, or are being poisoned by something being put on or into them, then that cell/living organism/human will not thrive, but instead self-destruct.

Chemicals are used in a lot of ways here in America.  “Roundup”, a chemical produced by Monsanto(one of the world’s biggest chemical companies), is the most widely used herbicide in the the United States.  About 100 million pounds of Roundup are applied to U.S. farms and lawns every year, according to the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency).

Glyphosate is a toxin and active ingredient in Roundup.  Glyphosate levels have soared in recent years.  Glyphosate kills human cells, particularly embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.  What is being sprayed on food crops(industrialized farming using Roundup ready seeds) and lawns(to kill weeds but not grass) is literally killing us as humans, amphibians, plants, and mammals too.

Dr. Joseph Mercola says, “Every one of us have a pervasive exposure to toxins on a regular basis.  It’s unavoidable in the 21st century… We need to eliminate glyphosate(from our body) before it ruins our immune system(resulting in chronic infection).”

Surely you have heard the arguments about chemical poisons in our industrialized food system.  How does growing genetically enhanced, science-based crops that are then used as ingredients in foods(GMOs, Genetically Modified Organisms) mess with our health?When laboratory designed foods with GMO ingredients come into our digestive system, which cannot recognize the “food” AS food, then our Immune System see it as an enemy, not recognizing it and ready to fight.  These designed foods are part of what is causing so much ill health all around the world.  Since our body cannot recognize the DNA of the foreign food, the “food” ignites a defensive pattern in our bodies to hold back the “invader”.  After years of these patterns taking place, our bodies become inflamed and eventually illness sets in.  The truth is, this system of making food doesn’t help us.  It harms us.

There’s more going on here than meets the eye.  We were told in the 60’s(that a “new type of genetically modified wheat, containing Glyphosate and various kinds of gluten) that this new wheat produces twelvefold the amount of produce compared to older versions of wheat, and that it would solve the world’s hunger problem.  On the surface, it may look like it solved the world’s hunger problem.  But in reality, these foreign additions into food, designer foods, and chemicals used to grow the crops are all cellularly killing us as a race, from the inside out.

I remember a long time ago, wondering why the starving little people across the world who received daily rations of food(grain from America) had protruding bellies.  That just didn’t make sense to me.  Why were they bloated if the had so little food?  They certainly were not overfed or had any way to overeat.  But now, I wonder no more.  Sadly, I don’t think the “saving the world’s hunger problem” has been in their best interest.

Believe it.  Or not.  I hope we each do our research and find out for ourselves what is good for us vs. what really does harm our health.

Family is important!  Is it to you also?  I came across a group called Moms Across America recently.  These moms are responsibly informed, helping to educate others and making an impact in our world through their various efforts to clean up our food system in America.  Check them out online.

I encourage each of us to do our own investigating.  By watching any of the documentaries, movies, or videos from the list provided below from the Moms Across America’s website, we have a good, reliable information base to start from!

Having not seen most of these videos(I do plan to see each one in the coming months), I can tell you that “Food Matters” is an informative selection to start with, or “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives”.  Also, “Super Size Me” is very eye-opening to anyone who thinks “fast food” is nourishment to our bodies. GMO 101

From Moms Across America’s website, “The movies and videos everyone should watch to understand what is going on with our food supply and Genetically Engineered crops in the USA and other countries.”



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