The Perfect Storm

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

In Mom’s blog “Glyphosate – Toxic Poisoning – Getting Informed” she shared valuable information that we should all be aware of.  Glyphosate Poisoning is at an all time high.  This is NOT a good thing.  GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms) are also at an all time high.  Together, these two are wreaking utter chaos in people’s guts, damaging our health.  It’s not funny at all, it’s really serious.  Where am I going with this?

Biofilms MAY be a byproduct of genetically modified organisms(GMOs) present in processed foods.  I believe that last statement is true, but not all science experts in the fields of health and nutrition are in agreement with that, yet.  Perhaps the altered DNA from GMOs have combined with human intestinal cells and bacteria to form a new life form.  I’ve come to the conclusion that IF biofilms can develop inside our bodies, igniting a cellular birth of mucous(inflammation) because of the GMO foods we eat, then the toxins contained within these processed foods are surely the fuels that feeds the biofilms to later stages of growth.  Seriously?

Yes!  I was eighteen years old when I changed my standard American diet to a healthier one.  I’d ate and drank whatever I wanted for all those years before that (mostly under my parent’s supervision, of course).  I had unknowingly set-up a perfect environmental scenario in my gut for these biofilms to develop and grow; cold, damp, acidic, toxic, and eventually having multiple problems such as Allergies, Leaky Gut, SIBO, and food sensitivities.  The inflammation(biofilms, stage 1) were imbedded in me with no means of escape up until the GTin5 program, that’s when I began to detox by taking supplements that would gather up Pathogens in my gut, and more specifically by doing coffee enemas to carry out the junk the supplements and specific foods were aiding to killing-off pathogens.

Remember in the blog “Toxicity Confirmation” that I’d said the biofilms have a human DNA so they are “undetectable”?  I’d also said that “they feed-off of the human”, so in turn these biofilms had been stealing nutrients from me, causing MANY problems including malnutrition.

Growing up, I hadn’t practiced ANY kind of detoxification.  We Americans are lacking in total body detoxifying practices(of any kind) annually or semi-annually.

PH(Potential Hydrogen) also plays a role in establishing a “perfect storm” environment for biofilms to develop.  Our gut PH should be alkaline, which supports a healthy body.  I’ve talked about the importance of PH before(What am I drinking?) so just reminding us of the ideal alkaline range is between 8 to 10.  Anything under 7 is considered acidic.  The lower a person’s acidity, the more susceptible they are to illness and disease.

Testing PH is fast and very easy.  There are a few different ways to test for it including saliva or urine that one can do at home, needing only PH Test Strips costing $7-13 that are easy to find on the Web.


Did you know that by looking into a person’s eyes, seeing the appearance in them, is another good indicator of our health?  The conjunctiva(which is part of the whites around our pupils) can tell a lot about one’s state of health; if they are red, inflamed, pale, creamish or yellow colored, and dull or vibrantly healthy looking.

Back in 2013, I’d started getting a yellow spot in the conjunctiva of my right eye, although both eyes were yellowish in color(jaundice) before that.  I figured it would go away with time.  I didn’t know that this yellow spot was a helpful indicator of my ill health.  After a few months of having this yellow spot the left eye was following suit.

I’d went to my eye doctor seeking answers.  He immediately told me, “You have an inflamed Pinguecula in both eyes. The right eye is worse than the left.”  The doctor then gave me some eye drops in hopes of helping to reduce the inflammation.  “If the spots don’t disappear within a few days, I will order you something stronger.” He’d said.

“I’m leaving for Colorado with my brother in a couple days.  I won’t be able to get those eye drops if I need them.” I’d stated.  The doctor proceeded to give me all the information needed if I’d have to pick up stronger eye drops while on our alpine skiing adventure.  I did purchase the stronger eye drops while on vacation, and so I’d used both bottles of drops with NO improvements.

Once home from Colorado, I hadn’t gone back to the eye doctor(because deep down in my heart I had a feeling it was correlated with my left side pain back in 2013).  Mom and I talked about it and agreed, even though we didn’t know HOW it correlated with my left side pain directly at that time. We saw this as a symptom from a deeper issue going on inside of me.

Amazingly, the yellow spots began to improve when I had started going to Dr. R., the Holistic Dr., back then.  She’d helped me understand the importance of an alkaline PH environment in my body.

Changing my diet was slowly helping to improve my gut health AND multiple symptoms, including my yellow spots in eyes.  Illness and disease stem from a weak Immune System, then the bad pathogens attack the “weakest organs” in our bodies.  This, then, is when pathogens multiply, causing illness to not just lurk in our body, but grow into disease(s).  If we’re not feeding and providing our bodies nutrients needed to function and fight off pathogens, then we are feeding it to illness and disease, which then metastasizes wreaking havoc inside of us.  It’s scary to think about, I know, but something we all should be aware of too.

As Hippocrates says, “All diseases begins in the gut.”  Let’s make sure we are taking care of our gut, feeding it good wholesome food!

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