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Coffee enemas were not the only way I got rid of the biofilms.  Supplements, food as medicine, among other helps were aiding in this detoxification process, in addition to essential oil enemas.

Like I’ve said before I’m a health research “nerd”.  That being said, while researching essential oils one day, I found that lemon juice and essential oil enemas also worked to get rid of biofilms.  If any one of you knows me personally, they know that I stand behind what I say when recommending something, providing the information I know for myself to be true.  Furthermore, if I don’t know it to be true for myself I’ll clearly state it.

That being said, I used a self-made mixture of Young Living’s essential oils, specifically: Frankincense, Thieves, Lemon and DiGize, via enema(oils combined with lemon juice and purified water) to detox.  The oils absorb directly into the blood stream, killing any and all bad pathogens and bacteria’s.  “Essential oil” enemas weren’t something that my body wanted “regularly”, so I only did this specific oil blend when I sensed my body needed one.  I was to the point in the detoxification process that I spent a LOT of time in the bathroom doing enemas (1-2 enemas per day, sometimes even 3).  My body was detoxing HEAVILY.  It was essential that I keep up with the die-off.

Physically, I was tired from all the time I spent in the bathroom doing enemas. Detoxification is NOT easy!  It is hard on a body even though it was essential to keep up the pace so that the die-off would not stay inside of me making me more ill.  I had only been doing enemas for a couple months at that point.  I was physically wanting to be done.  HA!  But, deep in my heart I knew, “It’s going to be a good length of time before I am done detoxifying this body.”  

Despite my desire to be done with enemas, stopping the process was NOT an option.  I KNEW that I needed to get rid of all this toxic junk inside of me because this junk had been slowly killing me.  Essential oils were going to be another player in the detoxification process!  Thank you Young Living!

Essential oils are an amazing aid to healing.  Essential oils are proven to aid in healing many ailments, illnesses, and diseases.  Oils are highly concentrated, so they have a strong aroma(although a person can dilute them).  To fully understand the concentrate of these oils, to make a bottle of 5ml of Rose Essential oil, it would take 22lbs of rose pedals! That’s a lot of roses, so it’s no wonder that Rose oil is one of the most expensive oils to purchase.  Only the most powerful healing pieces of a plant are used in order to make an essential oil.

You might be to the point in reading thinking, “What was the one contributor that helped the MOST in reversing your health?”  I’ve been asked this question a great number of times through the years.  Truthfully, there wasn’t ONE contributor that was what ultimately “healed” me.  It was a great many contributors combined.  Some of the biggest were; coffee enemas, using food as medicine, nutritional supplements, Dr. J’s remedies, detox baths, and colonics.

I think you get the point, there wasn’t one contributor that was the miracle worker.  It was the combination of everything, the duration of time in whatever season of healing that I was at, that contributed to being vitally important in the process.


I first started using essential oils when I was in high school, to help with seasonal allergies.  When I was introduced to these oils, I was skeptical of them actually doing anything.  HA!  How can a simple oil help with allergies?  I’d thought to myself.

Back in the day, Mom had been having sinus issues while she was at a friend’s house.  Her friend Kim had asked her, “Do you want to try some essential oils(to help reduce her symptoms)?”  Mom did want to try, so together they put 5 drops each of Lavender, Thieves, and Peppermint into an empty gel capsule.  Mom induced the capsule orally with a glass of water.  Within five minutes, Mom’s headache was breaking up.  Then her eyes were no longer itching, her nasal passage opened and started draining, and she was feeling better in 10 minutes!  When Mom left her friend’s house, getting back on the road, she’d called me saying, “You should try these oils, Kelly!  They’ve brought me immediate relief!  I’m sure they will help with your seasonal allergies symptoms too!”

“Okay.”  I replied hesitantly.  What the heck.  What do I have to lose?  I thought to myself. It’s worth a try!

When Mom came home she had a bottle of each of the individual oils.  Her eyes danced in anticipation as she grinned at me, holding the oils as if they were gold in her hands. “Are you ready to try them?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” I laughed.  I filled empty gel caps with a combination of the oils, then ingested them with water.  My headache started to subside within minutes.  “Mom!  You’re RIGHT!  The oils DO work!”  I’d exclaimed excitedly!

For the next few years, I continued to take essential oils orally for my allergies.  It wasn’t a “cure all” but they helped immensely with eliminating my allergy “symptoms”.

When ingesting essential oils, it is important to know that the oil is pure, a top therapeutic grade.  Not all essential oils are created equally, so that means not all brands of essential oils can be ingested, nor can all varieties within a pure brand can be ingested either.  Talk to a consultant before ingesting.

Why+I+Use+Young+Living+Essential+Oils.....jpegEssential Oils are used for many reasons including; cleaning your home, purifying the air, fighting cold and flu symptoms, relaxing your body, soothing sore muscles, alleviating pain, balancing hormones, improving digestion, aiding in healing skin conditions such as cellulite and wrinkles, and are also used in homemade personal care products and laundry detergents!

One REALLY neat aspect about essential oils is that they have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.  Most of the molecules of the substances used in chemotherapy are too large to pass through the blood-brain filter, which is why doctors say that chemotherapy doesn’t work on brain cancer.  Some of the smaller molecules get through, but not the whole combination of drugs that’s intended.  Doctors don’t know for sure, but it seems that in order to cross the blood-brain barrier, only molecules less than 800-1000 atomic mass units(amu) in molecular weight can get through.  That being said, when it comes to essential oils, certain oils have less than 500amu.  Have you ever heard the phrase “Frankincense is GOLD!”  Well, it is!  It has less than 500amu’s.  Hence, Frankincense oil has proven itself to play a VITAL role aiding in deteriorating brain tumors, and kicking brain cancer(and other types of cancer as well) in the can!

Based upon firsthand experience, Frankincense oil aided in my healing journey.  When I started having abdominal pain in 2010, I slowly started learning more about the different essential oils, eventually implementing them into my business and experimenting even more with them.  Different oils helped with certain ailments, and some helped with multiple ailments!  I started researching specific essential oils that could help with the left side abdominal and back pain.  Then, I started using Frankincense on my left side regularly.  And guess what?  When I applied it to my abdomen, where the cancer was, it didn’t hurt my skin at all, but felt like it was burning deep INSIDE my body in the “fire” spot I’ve spoken of so often.  In the near future in telling my health journey, something interesting was going to start happening…

Over the years and to this day, I continue to learn more about essential oils, selling them at my business, and using them in massage sessions.  They’ve made a great impact in improving my health and the lives of others!  They are certainly essential in my life and lifestyle!

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