Healing from the inside out

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

JE October 12th, 2015

Thank you for coffee enemas and detoxing all this nasty, toxic, stuff Papa God.  Please remove it ALL and let me know when they are all gone Lord, please!   I trust you and THANK YOU for this AMAZING journey these past 5+ years, Papa!  It’s been rough, but truly amazing!

Another month passed, nearing the end October, 2015.  It was time to speak with Dr. Jack again!  I told him about the specific biofilms I was passing.  He listened intently as I talked, and then said, “Tell me, how you have been feeling?  What has or hasn’t changed?  Fill me in on anything else I should know, Kelly.”

I shared, “The 3-D pain in my left side has improved a lot!  When my body is ready to detoxify itself, that is when I mostly get the left side pain.  I usually only have this pain once or twice a day for the most part.  I still have days that I don’t feel ‘well’.  The left side abdominal and back pain has improved versus last month, when it hurt constantly.”  I paused, “The headaches have decreased.  Dizziness and nausea only happen a handful of times a week.  I’m still constipated… that hasn’t change.  Hot and cold sweats still come and go, although theres not as many of them.”

“Okay.”  He said still listening intently.

“I still wake up during the wee hours of the morning feeling sick.  That has decreased though.  I still fight fatigue and low energy.  When my energy is low I’m physically tired.  Taking an afternoon nap would help.”  I joked.  (I’ve never been a napping person.)

“It’s good that these changes are happening, Kelly.  We are making progress!  I would like to see you making even bigger progress now.”  He stated.  “I’m going to design a new protocol for you.  The protocol that I have you on now has been very helpful.  This new protocol I’m going to design will hopefully bring even bigger results.”  He said warmly. He continued to talk and asked me questions.  He’d told me that the new protocol was going to be more direct for the healing of my leaky gut.  The supplements would help seal the loose junctions in my intestines.  (This was where the biofilms had first probably entered into my intestines, because my junctions were loose, unfortunately inviting BAD to enter in.)

“The Aloe Vera we are going to have you take is going to help soothe your digestive system, bringing more healing.”  He’d stated.  I would also be taking another homeopathic remedy like I had in my first protocol from him.  “Take the remedy upon receiving it.”  The supplements would again arrive a few days after the remedy.  “This new remedy will take care of your salt craving.”  Dr. Jack advised, knowing that my Adrenal Glands were fatigued.  My salt craving was a good indicator of fatigued Adrenal Glands.

(I was introduced to an Adrenal Cube recipe through the GTin5 Program.) I told Dr. J, “I’ve been making Adrenal Fatigue Cubes.  I take two of those each day and they seem to help.”

“Great!  Keep doing that.”  He replied.

My Adrenal Glands were stressed/fatigued from being sick for so long and the rigorous detoxification process my body was going through.  I needed all the energy and healing I could get.

Dr. J’s remedy arrived in the mail shortly after, and I took it upon its arrival as instructed.  Within the next 24 hours I no longer had any salt cravings.  AMAZING!  I still enjoyed having the added flavor of salt on foods, however, I no longer “needed” large amounts of salt to feel satisfied.  Soon after, the other supplements arrived and within a week’s time of taking them, I noticed that my symptoms were slowly improving.

Days passed.  The headaches decreased in frequency.  A day quickly came where I only had two headaches per day; 1 headache right away in the morning(when doing my coffee enema, then it would end with the toxic release) and another towards a day’s end when build up of die-off would pile up inside.  This was HUGE progress!  This is surreal, to go through an entire day with no continuous headaches, I thought to myself!  For 3 years prior I’d had headaches all day, 24/7.

At this point, Oct. 2015, I was still constipated, unable to have bowel movement on my own.  The first thing to come out in my daily coffee enema was always the biofilms.  They were stopping me from having a bowel movements on my own.  However, with each enema I was eradicating more of the toxic organisms that were living-off of me, and I was beginning to really heal from the inside out!  Protocols and remedies, along with enemas and other helps, were all working for GOOD results!

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