Awestruck wonder

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Throughout the next month, I continued to experience the dropping sensation in my abdomen.  There was never a certain time of day, or any indication when it was going to happen.  I’d experienced it when I was on the floor stretching, laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, and even while working on a client while doing my job.  I never had any warning when it was going to happen!  Each time though, my upper abdomen, specifically my left side, felt better.

Hmmm… The sensation was always on my left side.  It would drop from the burning spot deep within the inner most part of the upper abdomen, dropping an inch or two.  At that time, the small and large intestinal area in me was getting less inflamed feeling than it had been just two months ago.  That “feeling” had been the biofilms, I thought inwardly. Now, that spot was more firm.  The hot burning spot in my abdomen had changed considerably in the past three months.  I could touch the area without much pain due to the outside pressure I applied to that spot, now.  I could even reach down underneath my ribs at times without as much pain!

The dropping sensation continued sporadically for the next weeks and months.  I felt the drop going lower and lower each time it happened.  One time, when the dropping happened, it felt like whatever was dropping had dropped close to my bladder.  Then, that week my bladder couldn’t hold as much as it normally did until the drop happened once again.  And when it did, within that week I started to notice more interesting stuff coming out in my daily enema.  It was weird.  It almost felt as if I was doing my own science project.  And this nerd ALMOST enjoyed it!  Hahaha.  I was finding some kind of fun and humor in the simple things to help to lighten up the serious atmosphere that illness can bring.

Deep in my heart I felt “a knowing” that these new weird black pellets were directly correlated with the dropping sensation.  The pellets continued coming out with each enema.  Is this stuff coming from the burning spot in my abdomen?  At this same time, I had something else “new” come out… biofilms with a bluish-green color to them.  It happened a couple more times over the course of the next month.  Talk about toxic stuff! I thought.  Am I getting to the root of my abdominal and back pain?  God seemed to be telling me, YES, in my heart.  I’m in awestruck wonder, Papa!


One early December day in Minnesota I awoke at 6:40am to my cat, Goofy, who  had jumped up onto the bed next to my head, deciding it was time for me to get up!  In the process, she noisily knocked things onto the hardwood floor from my bedside table. In other words, she was telling me, “Time to get up Kelly!  It’s time for an adventure!”

Chuckling, I crawled out of bed feeling worn out from a restless night of sleep.  It felt like I hadn’t slept at all.  I reached out, pulling Goofy into my arms.  She purred contently in my embrace.  After petting her, I set her back on my bed.  She jumped down onto the floor running out into the living room.  She looked out the sliding door in eager anticipation of me opening the door for her.  “Be safe, Goofy.  Love you.”  I’d said while letting her out.

After getting my morning coffee brewing, I fed Mr. Rabbi.  I’d returned back into the house, got my  brew ready and did my daily morning enema.  Afterwards, though, I still didn’t feel well.  My patience was lacking from the restless night and feeling ill.  I avoided speaking with members of my family that morning due to my “moodiness”.  None the less, I completed my workout before breakfast.  At breakfast I spoke to Mom, telling her about my miserable night.  Afterwards, I went outside for a walk hoping to clear my head and prepare for my work day.

Later, as I got into work, Mom whom was(and is) my receptionist told me, “Your work schedule has changed drastically for today.  Two of your current three clients scheduled have cancelled their appointments.”

“Okay.  Thanks for letting me know.”  I replied.

Since I now had extra time in my schedule and it was time for Mom’s monthly massage, I told Mom I’d work on her.  She agreed, willingly.  It was decided that we’d do a “Raindrop Technique” with massage incorporated into the session.  This would take nearly two hours.  I worked while we talked.  Halfway through the session I had her turn from her back onto her stomach.  As I worked her back I applied the essential oils.  My stomach had been feeling uneasy and it still was.

Five minutes later, I felt like my stomach couldn’t hold whatever was going on any longer.  I ran out of the therapy room, into the nearby restroom and much to my delight, I had a BM ALL ON MY OWN!  Just then, I realized that Mom was still laying on the massage table in the other room.  OOPS!  When I returned, I apologized saying, “Sorry Mom, I didn’t even think to tell you where I was off to before exiting the room!”

“Oh Kelly, I don’t care, I’m just GLAD you finally had a bowel movement on your own!” She replied with a muffled voice(typical of relaxed clients).

This was the first bowel movement I’d had in a couple months!  This happening was HUGE!  Dr. Jack had said he was hoping that I’d have a/some BM’s on my own during our last phone consult.  Well, it happened!  I thought to myself.  I smiled and focused on my work.

JE December 2015

I realized these last few days that I sweat easier.  I guess I’ve noticed that lately, but man, it feels good!  I’m healing and getting healthier, Papa!  

And so I was, healing and getting healthier.

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