Reacting to the Truth

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Continued from The Truth Revealed.

Dr. Jack had confirmed the deepest knowing in my heart.  I had a tumor in my pancreas and it was cancerous.  My body didn’t react, as if seeming to understand that it didn’t need to.  My body and mind had known I had Pancreatic Cancer for a good long time, and so I AND my body were doing everything we knew to fight my way back to health. Our bodies KNOW what they need.  We just need to listen, agree, and do all we can to bring health back into ourselves.

Dr. Jack and I talked about the supplements I’d now be taking, and using food as medicine to eradicate these present toxins from my still overly toxic body.

“A new protocol is needed for you.  One that is designed for exactly what you need at this point in the healing process.  Your Pancreas needs all the help and support that it can get.” Dr. Jack said, knowingly.

“That would be good!”  I said while smiling.  “I’m going to be honest with you Dr. Jack.  In the past five and a half years, I’ve done extensive research about this 3-D abdominal pain that extends from the abdomen into my back.  I’ve also looked closely at Pancreatic Cancer symptoms.  I’ve had every symptom over these years, except for blood in my stool.” I informed him.

“Okay.” Dr. J said, listening to what I was saying.

“Cancer is a fancy word that the Western Medical field uses.  You and I both know that cancer is made up of bad pathogens and toxins.  I want to thank you for all your help and continued help that you’ve been.  I’ve tried a lot of ways of natural healing in the last five and a half years, and went to many other Naturopathic Doctors for help.”  I paused and then continued, “Dr. Jack, you have been the person that has truly ADDRESSED and gotten to the root cause of this left side pain.  I am SO very grateful.  Thank you!” I said.

“Kelly, you are so very welcome.” he replied warmly.

Dr. Jack was TRULY addressing the left side pain I was having.  We continued to talk and at the end of our consult we scheduled another consult for a month’s time.  Rescheduled, we wished one another Happy Holidays.

“May this New Year 2016 be one full of continued healing for you, Kelly.” he stated warmly.

“Thank You.  It will be.  Happy New Year to you!”  The phone disconnected and I took a deep breath.  Dr. Jack had gone deep in discussing my CSAT results.  He had made it known that we had A LOT of work to do in this next year, but that I was headed in the right direction.  I was grateful and greatly encouraged.


Many people can read this and think, “You had to of been devastated despite your ‘somehow knowing’ what you knew in your heart to be true.”  Or, “You have Pancreatic Cancer(which in Western Medicine is a DEATH SENTENCE) and you act like it’s no big deal?”  And you could be thinking a lot of other things too… and if so, then please just hear me out.

First off; no I wasn’t devastated, nor even surprised by my test results finally indicating what was going on in regards to my health.  Remember all those toxic biofilms and exotic/weird colored biofilms that had been coming out?  Well, this was literally some of the cancer coming out of my body(I’ll talk more later on those).

Secondly; you’re right, I didn’t act like it was a big deal.  I already knew in my heart of hearts what I knew to be true.  Having the confirmation was nice, honestly, and reassuring.  Although we now knew what I was dealing with, did I TELL other people besides “my tribe” of a select few individuals?  Actually, no, for the exact reasons I’ve stated before in the blog Please, Do Tell..  I wasn’t ready for other people’s opinions, sympathy, or anything that would deter me from focusing on what I NEEDED to in regards to my healing process.

This being said, Mom and I DID tell my/our tribe of people that better knew the truth about my health.  They had my/our backs.  I was comfortable with them knowing because I knew these people would SUPPORT my choice.  Their support was a critical part to my healing, too.

So how did I react after I got off the phone with Dr. Jack?  I had HAPPY tears while sharing a big hug with Mom.  I whispered into her ear, “We finally have evidence to our own heart’s knowings that is confirming it.  I don’t feel any different, other than thankful we are finally going to address the ROOT cause.”  I was truly humbled and thankful.

I’m going to re-state what I’ve said before, but needs to be said again… Had I gone the traditional Western Medical(AMA) route, I know I wouldn’t be here today alive, full of life and good health.  I wasn’t willing to go the tradition Western Medical route.  And, of course that way of treatment to killing cancer wasn’t right FOR ME.

My parents respected that decision I made for myself and fully supported me.  They listened to my heart, and I honored my “knowing heart” in abiding to that which it was saying, telling me to “go the road less traveled”, using Alternative Complimentary Health for healing.  Mom also believes that I wouldn’t be here today, either, had I went the road MOST OFTEN traveled.

My Grandma, who knew my health situation along the way, also has said, “If Kelly would have gone the other medical route she wouldn’t be here today.  I’m so glad that she choose the route she did.”  Thanks Grandma.  I love you, and love that you honored my choice too.

Everyone gets to make their own choices in life.  I made my choices, and I’m here today BECAUSE of those choices, and am choosing to share my choices for healing with you for so many reasons.  I have NO regrets.  You are free to think whatever you want about the choices I’ve made.  You are entitled to your own opinion.  I do respect that, because,  “It’s Your Life, Your Choice”, just like it’s my life and my choice!






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