Reaching the “Unreachable”

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

It was a cold Minnesota Saturday in early January of 2016.  Mom and I had been running errands in Minneapolis, and then I had my monthly massage appointment with Laurie.  I looked forward to every monthly massage!

“How have you been feeling Kelly?”  Laurie asked.

“Honestly, it varies from minute to minute.  One minute I feel fine and the next I feel like I’m going to throw up.”  I replied.  “I have times of feeling well, but lately it’s been pretty rough.  The supplements I’m taking are getting this toxic stuff out of my body.  Its been hard.  My body is so tired.  BUT, as hard as it is, it IS good!  I need to get this junk out so I can be well in health and truly begin to live life!”

“You are doing such a good job!  Oh Kelly, I’m so glad you are here!”  Laurie smiled, hugging me.

“Thank you, Laurie.  I’m glad I’m here too.” I smiled.  Laurie left the room while I prepped for the massage.  When she returned she started working on my back and spent extra time on the left side.  Like always, she knew exactly what areas needed extra work. As she worked, I felt her touch the spot in the left side of my back that always hurt.  She stopped on top of the spot.  I took a deep breath and let it out.  “Pressure okay Kelly?” she asked.

“Yes.  You can even go deeper.  That’s the spot that’s always painful to various degrees.  I can never reach deep enough in to access that spot.” I sighed.

“It is SO tight.”  She told me, continuing to work.  Soon she had me turn over onto my back, “I’m going to work your abdomen now, Kelly.”

“Sounds good.” I replied.

“I’m sorry, my hands are a bit chilly.”  Laurie smiled.  We shared a chuckle as we both had cold hands.  Our poor clients!

“Actually, they really don’t feel that cold.”

“That’s probably because your abdomen is so warm.”  She’d said.  I paid close attention to how my abdomen was feeling as she worked.  It was really tight.  The left side, just under my ribs at the pancreas, was tense and hard.  This spot seared with throbbing heat, which included 3-D pain extending straight through my abdomen into my back.

“Deep breath in Kelly.” I was instructed, filling my abdomen with air.  I slowly let my breath out as she gently used her thumbs to reach deep into my upper abdomen, just under my ribs.  I finished letting my breathe out as Laurie gently finished working the two points she was pressing.  “Another deep breath in.”  Laurie whispered softly.  I drew a deep breath in and as I exhaled Laurie again reached deep into my upper abdomen, underneath my ribs.  This time she had accessed the hot, searing 3-D painful spot.  I knew as she accessed that spot something was happening.  As she was on the spot there was no pain; it was as if she was suffocating the burning fire!  FINALLY!  After five and a half years of trying to reach that burning spot someone was able to reach it!  It felt surreal.  In that moment, I experienced true thankfulness.  I couldn’t utter a word, I was speechless.  I didn’t want the moment to end.  Taking another breathe, Laurie reached deep into my abdomen again, pressing other points.  I continued to take more breathes correlating them with her work.  She finished and decided to go back to that surreal spot. “You found it, Laurie.  That’s the spot that the pain extends through my abdomen into my back, burning 3-D.”  I whispered softly.

“It’s so tight in here, Kelly.  It’s hard, as if protecting something.”  Laurie stated gently.  She reached into my abdomen working just above the hot, searing, painful spot…it felt good!  Again, there was no pain as she pressed into it!  Laurie continued working, listening with her intuitive hands and being.

Time flew by and my appointment came to an end.  We each took a deep breath, then exhaled together.  We shared a smile and she left the room.  Wow!  Did this really just happen?  Surreal!  With joyful tears in my eyes I stretched, cracking my neck and back before slowly getting up and dressing.


“How are you feeling Kelly?”  Laurie asked as I walked out to the front office to meet her.

“OH MY!  Really good!  I feel SO much better!  Thank you, Laurie!”

“That hot, painful spot, Kelly?  It’s like a rock; hard.  I got a visual of a cement scraper.  It’s as if that spot doesn’t want to break up.  It’s got a fence built around it.”

“You’re exactly right, Laurie.”  The muscles in my abdomen and back were staying tight trying to protect that area.  Laurie and I gazed into each other’s eyes and shared a deep knowing smile.  That day we had shared a special moment that I will never, ever, forget.

The next day, after seeing Laurie, I started to CONSISTENTLY have lengths of a few hours without any left side abdominal or back pain.  There was only one exception; that deep spot inside my abdomen.  Something had changed though.  It no longer burned with an angry vengeance, but instead having a dull ache or very small burning feel.  At times, it would itch.  Fetal attempts were made to reach the itch.

The days I didn’t feel well at this point were not as painful, severe, or bad as in the past months and years.  The abdominal and left side pain were reducing drastically.  I was beginning to experience bits of what really “feeling well” felt like in optimal health.  This was surreal!


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