My Little Dude

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

January 11th, 2016.  “Good morning Mr. Rabbi!  How’s my little dude?” I called out as I started off out the door to approach his outdoor heated hutch.

Normally, Mr. Rabbi would see me coming as I walked to his hutch, then he’d bound-down from the top floor to the bottom to meet me at the hutch door.  Today though, he barely lifted his head when looking up at me.  Oh, no!  I thought to myself with immediate concern.  Opening his top hutch door, I peered in and Mr. Rabbi sat hunkered down, shivering.  His heat lamp is penetrating enough heat to keep him warm.  He shouldn’t be shivering.  What is going on with my little dude?  I thought.  I reached in, petting him.  He leaned into my hand not attempting to move away.  His food from the night before sat untouched.  Oh, no!  I thought again.  Mr. Rabbi ALWAYS ate his fresh produce.  This was NOT normal.

I put in his new fresh food waiting for him to move towards it.  He didn’t.  He continued to lean into my gentle touch with his soft white fur.  “What’s going on Mr. Rabbi?”  I asked.  At times like this it would be nice if animals could talk.

After going back to the house and telling my parents about Mr. Rabbi, Dad and I went out to check on him.  He was still sitting in the same spot, shivering.  However, he had eaten a nice portion of the fresh food that I had just gave him.  GOOD!  I reached in, petting him, and he leaned into my embrace again.  Dad and I decided to take Mr. Rabbi into our heated garage, so we could monitor him more closely.  Grabbing him, holding him close,  he nestled into my neck.  He seemed to welcome the closeness.

Once inside the garage we put a blanket inside a cardboard box for our friend Mr. Rabbi, a mini-lop rabbit, to sit in.  I gently lowered him into it.  He sniffed his new surroundings, looking around curiously.  He had been in the heated garage a few times before when it was really cold outside, so this wasn’t totally new for him.  Bun-Bun, my very furry black house-cat, came into the garage walking close to Mr. Rabbi.  They looked at each other, and then Bun-Bun walked away.  Mr. Rabbi nestled into his box, unaffected by the friendly look-see!  Giving Mr. Rabbi some more dark leafy greens and a container of water, he ate and drank.

It was around noon time when I’d come into the garage after a brisk walk.  I looked down at Mr. Rabbi, noticing a couple scratches on his skin where the fur was a bit separated.  My stomach dropped as I crouched down to my knees examining them closely.  I got up running to the door of the house yelling, “Mom!  Come here!”

Mom, hearing the urgency in my voice, came running.  “Look at these scratches!  I bet these have to do with the reason why Mr. Rabbi isn’t feeling well?”  The scratches were already scabbed over.  It looked as if they had been there for a couple days.  I hadn’t seen any blood on his white coat.  When could this have happened?  I thought.  After making a few phone calls to veterinarians, Mom found one whom was willing to look at my little dude.


I myself was feeling pretty sick that day too, so Mom took Mr. Rabbi to the veterinary clinic.  The vet examined him and had his assistant clean the scratches.  He also thought Mr. Rabbi was dehydrated, so he injected some water underneath his skin to re-hydrate him.  In addition, the vet gave him an oral medication to help with his high fever.

“Mr. Rabbi has pneumonia.  It could be due to the scratches.” The vet had concluded.

When the pair arrived back home, I greeted them.  Immediately I went over to see Mr. Rabbi.  He was lethargic and weak.  I got down on the floor and leaned in close, drawing him near to me, petting him.  I softly and lovingly talked to him, despite him being lethargic and medicated, and he ever so slightly leaned into my embrace.

“Hang in here, Mr. Rabbi!  I love you my little dude!”  I softly whispered to him.  I got up from where I had laid by him, looking over my shoulder as I walked out of the garage. That’s the last I saw my little dude alive.  I walked downstairs to continuing to write this book/now Blog.  Little did I know that those would be my last words to Mr. Rabbi.  Within the hour, he passed away.

End of 2015 year on phone 081

The day before Mr. Rabbi’s death, my brother, Troy, had brought Mr. Rabbi to a sliding outside door on our house where I was working intently.  Upon seeing the pair, I scrambled up from the floor to open the door.  Troy was petting Mr. Rabbi and I reached out to pet him too.  I decided to bring Mr. Rabbi inside the house to help me work for a little while.  He wasn’t supposed to come in the house, but today I’d made an exception to the rule.

Mr. Rabbi sat next to me on a blanket I had sprawled out.  He snuggled close to me and within a few minutes was curiously looking around.  Bun-Bun peered at Mr. Rabbi curiously.  The mini-loop wanted to go see Bun-Bun but wouldn’t because he didn’t want to step off the blanket we were sitting on.  I smiled at my two furry amigos.  Mr. Rabbi turned towards me standing on his hind feet.  He put his two front paws onto my low back.  I turned, watching him lovingly.  Mr. Rabbi watched me closely.  We held our gaze with one another.  Soon, he dropped onto all fours and hopped up right next to me.  He crawled underneath my arm, nestling into my side.  We’d shared a special moment together.  Resuming my typing, he lowered his head wanting to be pet, so I stopped and pet him.  He laid his head down on the blanket, thoroughly enjoying the attention.  I chuckled, stopped petting him, and he laid with his head down momentarily and then he put it back up.  He sat there watching me type, while snuggling close as I continued typing this book.  This was one fine memory to have with Mr. Rabbi before he left this world.

JE January 11th, 2016

Mr. Rabbi passed away tonight.  I sure am going to miss my little dude.  He came to our family’s home when I was at one of my sickest points.  Today, as he lay there still, I could only think about if it would have been me lying there instead of him.  This only caused me to bawl all the more.  Thank you, Lord, for the precious time Mr. Rabbi and I had together. He was a big part of the reason I got up every morning when I was in so much pain.

Mr. Rabbi taught me a lot about life.  With his help, he aided in bringing healing to my life.  He gave me joy on days when I didn’t feel I had joy; he was part of my joy in the simple things.  He’d come to our home when I was really sick, and throughout that year and a half I had him, he helped bring healing to me in a way that no human was able to.  I am forever grateful for the time that my little dude and I had together.  Furthermore, thankful for the joy and love he brought to our entire family, including my two cats, Bun-Bun and Goofy(whom was Mr. Rabbi’s favorite amigo to go on adventures with)!


2 thoughts on “My Little Dude

  1. Hi Kelly. I’m just catching up on your blog. (Binge catching up, actually)! I’m so very sorry to hear about Mr. Rabbi!!! In reading your blog, I know you have a very special place in your heart for each of your buddies!! He certainly was a blessing to you, put in the right place at the right time, by our loving Father!! May Mr. Rabbi rest in piece and meet you on the rainbow bridge when it’s your time to go home. You amaze me!!


    1. kellyshelpinghands August 9, 2019 — 10:20 pm

      Hi Denise! Binge reading, wahoo! Thank you for your kindness!


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