Subtle Encouraging Shifts

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Near the end of January 2016 I started to feel a little better.  I had days that I could go a few hours in a day without ANY pain.  To have no left side abdominal or back pain, no headaches, nausea, or hot sweats, was surreal.  I was having less severe left side abdominal pain, and back pain was getting better subtly.  I felt that my body was closing in on getting all the bad pathogens out.  I needed to keep doing all of what I had been in order to kick this disease out of my body.  Those few hours of “feeling WELL” encouraged me to keep determined and focused on getting through the rough times both days and nights.

Truthfully, my body was exhausted from detoxing so heavily for the last seven months. However, I couldn’t stop now.  Each day I’d put one foot in front of the other and pressed onward.  “God, help me!” was my ‘go to prayer’.  Often during those trying times, Mom would give me hug and wouldn’t even have to say a single word to me.  Her loving presence helped sooth me.  It wasn’t always easy when I had moments of frustration. Most of the time, I choose to not think or dwell on my pain or the frustration(s) when they arose.  Instead, I’d stay focused on healing and moving forward as best I could.  I was doing better overall, but I had a long way to go in the healing process.

I smiled, thinking that with each day I was one day closer to optimal health.  “Lord, help me to be patient.  I trust you and your perfect timing, Papa.  You continually give me the strength, encouragement, and discipline to stay focused… and I’m so very grateful.  Help me Papa.  I’m so tired.  I love you and couldn’t do any of this without you.  My thankful heart is my best offering.”  I whispered my prayerful thoughts one night before I drifted off into a restless slumber.


January 27th, 2016.  Phone rings.  “Greetings, Dr. Jack!”

“Hello, Kelly.  How have you been doing?  Fill me in with how you have been feeling in the last month.  Inform me about any changes or anything new that has happened.”  He invited warmly.

“I continue to get better slowly and subtly.  I’ve had one bowel movement on my own since the last time we have talked!  However, I’m still doing daily coffee enemas so that I can have a daily elimination.”  I stated.  “The left side pain is still present, varying in the degree of the severity from minute to minute.  I’ve been able to go a few hours in a day where I have no left side pain a few times!  THAT has been a wonderful change!”  I spoke cheerfully.

“This is great!” he shared my enthusiasm.

“The left side pain in my abdomen and back gets worse when I’m not feeling well. Headaches arise when this happens, along with some bloating and/or gas.”  I informed him.

“Okay.” Dr. Jack said.

“I’m still expelling the biofilms during enemas but there not as prominent.  On that note, I feel like I finally have the desire to have a bowel movement on my own but I’m still am unable to.  I continue to see pellets in my daily enemas too.”  I stated.

“Kelly, you are making such good progress!”  Dr. Jack exclaimed.  “I know that this healing process has taken a long time, but we ARE making good progress!  The GTin5 Program was designed for the ‘average person’.  It was a good program to start helping you to rid some of the bad pathogens in your body.  However, doing the Pathogen Purge portion of GTin5 for only three weeks wasn’t enough for someone such as you.  Doing the purge instead for ten weeks would have been more ideal for you.  Yet, you would have still needed more specific help for supplementation for your specific health needs and healing with what is going on in your body.  At this point in time, we are TRULY getting to the root of the issue(s) and eradicating it from your body.  As we continue this process of purging the bad pathogens out, we are supplementing good nutrients and bacteria’s back into your body.  We are doing a ‘two-in-one’, purging the bad and implementing good with KEY healers.”  he clarified.

“Yes.”  I agreed.  And I truly did agree, knowing strongly in my heart that I was on a ‘best’ path for myself to get the help I needed to become well again.

“Kelly, I want to talk a little more about your Stool Analysis Test results from last month. I want to restate that your results offered a great deal of information.  I’m glad to see that the inflammation that is present isn’t too high, considering what is going on inside of you.”  He paused and then continued.  “I have a few things that I want you to start implementing into your regimen each day.  First, I want you to start taking Fiber. Your body needs fiber, so I want you to start with a small amount and then gradually increase the amount.  Start with a quarter of a teaspoon and see how your body reacts.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  Second, I want you to keep eating ghee(which is “butter” without the dairy).  This will help with the healing of some specific test result numbers that were lower than I would like to see them.”  Dr. J explained.

“Okay, I will eat ghee daily (I do and did).  I know from past experience that ground flax seems to be the best fiber source for me.  I’ll start with that and then implement others.”  I willingly agreed.

“Great.  In addition, keep eating these foods…” Dr. Jack listed a few specific foods that would help my body to heal from the inside, out.  “What you have going on in your body takes time to heal.  For the next year, Kelly, you will continue to heal and detox.  Although in the course of the next month I want your healing to take a drastic change eradicating the rest of the bad pathogens, then you won’t have as much pain, and the healing process will happen more quickly.  The body will begin to heal itself (with some help) and work as it was designed to.  You have made so much progress, Kelly.  Let’s continue to aid in the moving forward process of your healing to wellness!”  Dr. J stated warmly.

“That sounds REALLY good!  My body is so tired of detoxing, Dr. Jack.  I know the toxic junk needs to come out, but I’m exhausted from detoxing so heavily for such a long time. Don’t get me wrong, it is a GOOD thing!  Pushing the toxins out is rough!”  I chuckled.

Sleep was a continuous battle for me.  I’d wake up still feeling sick in the early hours of the morning.  I’d be able to go back to sleep, although my abdomen always seemed to ache.  I continued to sleep on my left side, as this created less pressure on my abdomen. I’d average 6-9 hours of sleep a night on a good night.  Mostly, it was 6-7 hours of sleep per night, not the recommended amount for an ill body to heal.  Interrupted sleep was a never ending battle of pain in addition to organs detoxifying through the night, making deep rest a challenge.

“Kelly, you are doing such a good job.  Keep up all of your great work.” Dr. Jack encouraged me.

We spoke some more about the last test results.  As the phone call came to an end, we agreed on a date and time to talk again in one month.

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