Happy Dance!

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

On February 10, 2016 I awoke feeling sick.  I had barely slept the last few nights.  My abdomen was hurting all over and the deep small burning spot was on fire.  I felt like vomiting and had a headache.  I got out of bed feeling terrible.  As I dressed, my stomach felt worse and I struggled into my clothes.  I hobbled down the hallway into the bathroom and much to my surprise I had a bowel movement all on my own!  (Happy dance!)  After, I limped upstairs still battling pain.  As I reached the top step my low back had increased pain to a harsher degree.  I started brewing coffee and felt like I was going to have another bowel movement.  I again hobbled to the bathroom, making it just in the nick of time.  In the course of the next 45 minutes, I had a total of five bowel movements! I still ended up doing an enema to extract the rest of what needed to come out, which included some of the “pellets” that’d become a part of each elimination but as of late was less often.

Finished in the bathroom, I laid down in the guest bedroom across the hallway from the main floor bathroom.  Shivering, I covered my head with my sweatshirt and resumed the fetal position on my left side.  I was cold had a fever, which was normal when I got sick like this.  A few minutes later Mom came in the bedroom.  I told her about my eventful morning.  (Happy dance!)

Even though I felt terrible, I knew that I needed to eat something in order to take my morning supplements.  Mom made some breakfast while I laid on the bed resting.  By the time the food was ready, I was feeling much better.  The rest of the day I had quite a bit of pain come and go, but it wouldn’t last for very long.

wow.jpgTwo days later I had another bowel movement all on my own!  I knew (and felt) that my body was TRULY healing from the inside out.  My body was trying to resume simple functions like having a bowel movement!  The organs were starting to function and do their individualized jobs.  The gut and brain connection was reconnected, beginning to communicate, and my body was able to know and rely/trust what was going on inside of it!  This meant my body was beginning to operate and function as it was designed to. God, is it truly time?

I continued to have bowel movements all on my own throughout the rest of the month. However, I was still doing coffee enemas as the pain was too intense if everything didn’t detoxify itself out via normal bowel movements.  It wasn’t until right before our family left on vacation that month for Hawaii that the bowel movements (on my own) stopped completely.  It’s not over yet, I thought to myself.

The biofilms and pellets were nearly gone, and I’d had many bowel movements on my own.  It was beginning to happen (my body doing what it was designed to do, to function), although more time and healing was needed.  “Trust me, Kelly.  Be patient.” God seemed to be telling my heart.

“Okay, Papa.  You know exactly what I need.  I do trust you.  Continue to direct me, heal me, strengthen me and light the path.  I place my life in your loving hands.”  I prayed out loud.

I had eliminated a large number of the toxins out of me… but it wasn’t over, yet.  And despite that YET, it was time to leave for Hawaii!  Whether I’d met my goal to be healthy and well, like Mom had talked about in Somewhere Down the Road, Plans and Goals or not, it was time.  So, physically at optimal wellness or not, I, my family, and aunt and uncle were to soon fly out on a grand adventure, one that for me personally was more than just a vacation and get-away.


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