Hawaiian Adventures!

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

My health wasn’t where I’d wanted it to be by the time we departed for Hawaii.  It was better than it had been months before, but it had a long ways to go before I was healthy and well.  But, my health wasn’t going to stop me from doing what I came here to do, if I had a choice in the matter.

A summary of our trip is in store because, honestly, this trip was a milestone marker for me in my current health situation, and it was actually our first “family vacation” for our family of 4.

Sunshine.  Warmth.  Shorts.  Tank tops.  Swimsuits.  Flip flops.  Sunglasses.  And let’s not forget water-wear for some of our daily must haves!  We went on many walks, looked at touristy “must see” places, checked out a botanical garden, rented bikes for the entire length of days there to bike to and fro places, soaked up the suns rays, and sat on the lanai listening to the ocean waves hitting the shoreline.  But that wasn’t it… there was more, a lot more.

img_1075The entire time we were in Hawaii it was SUPER windy.  So much so, that a very rare event called the Eddie Aikau(pro surfer event) took place while we were there.  The wave swells had to be over 40 feet high (at the least) for 24+ hours and needed to stay that way while the event happened, so everyone interested in partaking from all around the world would be “on-hold” to know if the event would even take place before last days before event was “a go”.  40 feet high waves are BIG swells!  And the event was a hands-down BIG event!

We all decided to watch some of the big event by riding our bikes to the location where it took place, 1.5 miles from our beachfront VRBO rental.  A MASSIVE amount of fans and fellow observers with DSCF8390_cropcameras and binoculars in hand embarked on a beach that contained standing room for thousands of spectators.  It was a memorable experience to see pro-surfers catch waves that they maneuvered through with such skill and grace!  They made it look easy.

Pictured at right is one of the pro-surfers (who looks like my uncle Bruce) that partook in the event.  The photo above is of the beach and spectators.  The waves at times came up INTO the crowd standing on lower land areas.  My brother lost one of his sandals to the monstrous waves, and my aunt lost her beach towel to the water!  Some people’s phones and camera equipment were ruined by the water coming in so far onto land.  It was just kind of bizarre how much water was moving about from those massive swells!  The competitors were amazing to see riding such huge waves!  This was a sighting of a lifetime for us, to be upfront viewing the event.

Another highlight of our trip was the CEU class, Ashiatsu, that I took.  It was marvelous!  Can you imagine taking an outdoor class on somebody’s lanai (porch to us mid westerners) just 50 feet from the ocean?  The view was breathtaking, and to hear (and see) the sound of ocean waves crashing on the shoreline meant there was NO music needed!  Yes, I was overly blessed while taking that class!

Ashiatsu in Hawaii 3

(Photo courtesy of Abby Parker)

Living out my two dreams in one trip… Going to Hawaii and learning how to surf.

Well first off, I was here with some of the people that I loved most.  Each day I continued doing my daily coffee enema regimen to keep up with the detoxification process.  So be it.  It was what it was.  All day, every day, I was happy to be in warm weather and not be cold.  The sun felt good on my skin.

On one particular day shortly after arriving to the island, it was time to explore the reality of surfing!  Since it was SO windy, the places where a person could rent surf boards and boogie boards were required to take lessons from an instructor in a designated area (bay) where it was calmer.  And so it went, Troy, Uncle Brad, Mom (who’d had no intention of even getting into the water before the trip) and I all took lessons and went surfing!


Surfing went well with the help from the instructors.  They made catching the waves EASY!  It was a fabulous experience!  It didn’t take much and I was tuckered out, but that didn’t stop me from quitting.  As I stood on the surf board, no one could wipe the smile off of my face as I was living out my second dream that I’d come here to fulfill!

I’m a coconut fan.  Are you?  I don’t care what form it comes in; oil, milk, water, meat, or shaved.  In Hawaii we enjoyed our first ever fresh coconut and coconut water.  The canned stuff does not compare.  It was there that I learned how to crack open a coconut by watching one of the sellers at a fruit stand we stopped at.  Tropical fruit.  YUM!  We also tried fresh mango, star fruit, dragon fruit, passion fruit, pineapple, etc.  It was fresh, tasty, and enjoyed by all.


Snorkeling in Hanama Bay.  All I can say is, “WOW!  WOW!  WOW!”  Never in my life had I snorkeled before, but I’d been talking to a client before I went on the trip and the individual had said, “If there’s ONE thing I recommend, it’s snorkeling in Hanama Bay.” Well, that client was right.  Since our family had never snorkeled before we were in for the best experience of our lifetime (probably anyways).  Hanama Bay is one of the top places to snorkel in the entire world!  Not kidding, it’s true.  The water clarity was literally PERFECT.  And the variety of beautifully colored fish we saw just left me utterly speechless.  We even got to see Rainbow fish too!  To top it all off, we watched whales off in the distance, outside of the bay a ways, surfacing and putting on quiet the show, even splashing there tails.  The day we did this was our last full day there and we all agreed that we left off on a terrific note. DSCF8619_crop

(Pictured at right is the tail of a whale.  Below the whale you can see 2 snorkelers that are snorkeling in Hanama Bay.  Maybe its Uncle Brad and Auntie Lori out there snorkeling!  The whales were beyond the bay, a very safe distance away from snorkelers.)

Hawaii was really a wonderful get-away.  Like I’ve said, to me the trip was a monumental milestone of being alive, breathing in all the beauty in life, and headed in the right direction in my health journey.  I was able to take the trip that I’d always dreamed of taking!  But honestly, if I never go back I’m totally okay with it.  To me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime-trip for a very special reason.  More important was that I was celebrating LIFE.

I may not have met MY personal goal to be healthy and well by the time we were to leave for this trip, (as Mom talked about plans/goals in her blog post Somewhere Down the Road, Plans and Goals) but I was headed in a good direction.

I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to take that trip to fulfill those two desires of my heart.  To be able to go, despite a continuous battle in my health.  I’m thankful that we took our first ever real family vacation for the 4 of us (no I’m not kidding), and that my aunt and uncle came with as well!  The special time and memories made will be forever cherished.  To go to this beautiful place that helped contribute to another turning point in my health situation… more to come!




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