Cancer Revealed

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

While in Hawaii, I’d continued to detox while doing my daily morning routine.  I’d had a couple days of feeling genuinely well while on vacation.  The warm weather REALLY helped me (as I didn’t have to fight to stay warm) in the healing process.

When we got back to Minnesota all my body wanted to do was heal through deep sleep for the first time in years.  I was able to sleep deeper (for the most part) and lots of healing was happening while sleeping.  I’d sleep anywhere from 10 to 13 hours per night! Awesomeness!

Another wonderful benefit that happened a few days after returning home from Hawaii was that I’d eradicated two big, full, tumorous masses of R. biofilms via my morning enema!  They were bluish-green in color mixed with blood in them.  Gross, I know.  Cancer is NOT pretty.  Sorry, but it was so amazing to see!  Immediately after passing these I felt even better physically and mentally (relieved).  The biofilms coming out of me before this time were all surrounding and protecting the root of these latest pieces of tumor.  Now we were getting to the actual ROOT of the tumor, killing and eliminating the mass.  I was LITERALLY expelling cancer (the tumor) right out of me.  

In the days to come after passing those two nasty tumorous masses, I took HUGE strides for the better.  The pain was nearly non-existent in my left side!  I had considerably less symptoms.  My attitude and moodiness also improved.  I could smile, laugh, cry joyful tears, and love life easily… and it all just felt so GOOD!

JE March 5th, 2016

I’ve slept twelve hours the last two nights and thirteen hours last night.  I’m still so very tired though.  My body is finally healing inwardly and welcomes sleep.  Oh, to sleep, what a blessing!

On March 9th, 2016 I had another phone consult with Dr. J.  I shared the wonderful improvements that had happened within the last month, and the latest elimination of mass R. biofilms.  “Headaches are nearly gone.  The left side 3 dimensional pain is nearly non-existent except for when I don’t feel well.  Hot sweats are very rare.  I wake up less during the night and when I do wake up, I don’t feel pain (or 3D pain).  I’ve had more bowel movements on my own, although they’ve stopped again.  I have more energy, but there is still room for improvement.  I laugh and smile more easily.  I can go through my days with little or sometimes even NO pain!  Truly, I feel the best that I’ve ever felt in my life and I know that this is just going to continue to improve.”

“These changes are EXACTLY what I want happening for you!  This is really good news, Kelly!  You are taking great strides in your healing process.”  Dr. Jack stated warmly.  As we continued to talk, he asked me specific questions and I answered them.  As we wrapped up our conversation he said, “Kelly, we are looking at one more month of these ‘hard core’ supplements.  In one month’s time, when we talk next, we will be focusing on using mostly food as medicine in order to continue in your healing and rebuilding your body’s strength with nutrients.  We’ll be feeding it exactly what it needs via specific foods, using less supplements, although there will be a few.”  He informed me.  “Meanwhile, I want you to focus on eating and drinking more good bacteria’s to help improve and balance your gut health.  Keep drinking Kombucha.  In addition, start drinking (Coconut Water based) Kefir and eating Sauerkraut.  I’ll send you a specific bottle of probiotics that I want you to take, and the amounts of these products so you won’t react harshly.  Also, start with only a couple strands of sauerkraut with a meal.  Over time, you can slowly increase to a few more strands, then a spoonful and so forth.”  He stated wisely.

“I will do that.”  I agreed.

“Kelly, you are now on the ‘threshold’ so-to-speak.  One more month and you will be through the threshold!  Keep doing the things that we talked about and we will talk again in a month.  May you continue to heal and be well!” Dr. Jack spoke kindly.

“Thank you, I appreciate it!  Thank you for all the help you’ve been and continue to be.”  I said.

Dr. Jack was right, I needed to slowly keep implementing a good variety of bacteria into my diet to further speed up my healing process.  It wasn’t easy, as symptoms arose from implementing the new fermented foods.  I had to work through that sick feeling from their entrance because I NEEDED these good bacteria in my body!  They were vital bacteria I was lacking to digest food better and have a healthy gut.

Each day I grew stronger.  I had little pain and symptoms.  In addition, I started to have a few bowel movements on my own again.  (Happy Dance!)


I went to Laurie for my monthly massage in March.  Today was one of the first times I went to see her that I actually felt well and wasn’t in pain.  We did our normal sharing of “how you been doings.”  After the massage Laurie told me, “Kelly, I didn’t feel the penetrating hot spot that you used to have.”  We looked deep into each other’s eyes and shared a knowing peaceful smile.  Healing was happening!

March 20th, 2016 was my 24th birthday.  This day was very special for my family, friends, and my loved ones.  I started sharing (other than with the few individuals that already knew) what I had been going through for the last 5.5+ years of my life on a Facebook post.  Prior to this time, I wasn’t ready to let people know the truth about what I had been/was going through.  The majority of people who commented or contacted me had no idea that I had been ill or as ill as I had been.  I hadn’t wanted them to know.  Why? Because some people would support my decision of alternative healing, and others would not have.  (As was talked about in the blog Not Out Of The Woods, Yet)  I didn’t want to deal with extra stress when I was sick coming from other’s possible vocal opinions.  I knew what I wanted to do with my health situation and didn’t need any opposition.  My family and I decided to keep my health situation out of public opinion.  I’m still thankful we decided that.

After having shared publicly my health battle that appeared to be being won, some individuals voiced their opinions telling me to various degrees, that “You are going to die if you don’t utilize chemotherapy and/or radiation.”  Others told me stories of how they knew of friends or acquaintances that had tried alternative therapy but had died.  I was respectful to these individuals, trying to explain some important details of my journey to them, but most didn’t seem to really hear me or maybe just didn’t understand… and that was okay.  I knew I was doing what I needed to do.  That was all that mattered to me. Deep in my heart, I was given insights which I’d acted on, and answers to what I needed to do along with helpful people along the way, and I followed through with the flow of it all.  God was in complete control.  I didn’t need to explain myself or expect other people to understand.  I knew in my heart of hearts I had been doing exactly what I needed to for myself and my healing journey.  THAT was what mattered.

Papa, thank you.  I love you and know you have me on this journey and in this place for a reason.  I trust you.  You are in complete control.  My life is in your hands.  

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