New Shifts Happening

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Since we’d gotten back from Hawaii, new shifts were happening in regards to my health. On March 24th, another new shift happened.  While turning at my spine in order to move that day, my spine audibly popped without my forcing or trying to manipulate a ‘pop’.  It was very normal that my back would pop.  However, this particular spot was exactly where it always had pain (right next to my spine on the left side in the middle to lower part of the back).  This was the location that I always wanted to grab something and stick it into my back for pain relief.  As it popped this day, I’d gotten immediate relief!  It no longer ached like it had for the last few years.  (If you may see this as a minor deal, it wasn’t.  This was actually a major happening for a body that was virtually ‘locked’ from so much trauma happening to it.)

The following day, while doing Massage Therapy on a client, another shift happened. Another surprise!  I was standing completely still in a lunge position and without any help, my pelvis shifted.  My client was oblivious to my personal happenings, the shift, even though this was audible to the ears.  This shift happened and shortly after took notice that I NO LONGER limped!  I’d been limping for a few years to protect my left side.  In addition, I no longer threw my right hip out in an effort to make it more comfortable for my hurting left side.  So as I drove home that night after work, I realized within minutes of driving that I no longer could sit comfortably in the position I had always slouched to, my right side just like I did with my hip while standing.  I sat upright straight for the first time in years!  Again, this was HUGE!  I could now stand and sit upright without pain!  I was SO excited about this!

JE March 25th, 2016

My pelvis released today.  It is continually unlocking, as is the rest of my body too.  I can now stand straight with equal weight on both feet.  I can sit upright in a car comfortably and not throw my right hip out to make standing more comfortable for my left side.  I’m standing upright and feeling GOOD!  It has been such a joy, these “little” but BIG shifts and changes that are/have been happening.  


On April 6th I spoke with Dr. Jack, telling him about the latest shifts and improvements. “I continually improve.  The symptoms come less often as do the sick days.  I have increased my fiber and probiotics slowly like you recommended and it’s working well. I’ve only had a couple bowel movements on my own, although I have the urge to go but can’t.  I feel like my body is ready to move forward more so than ever, and that it is really healing now.  I find that I still want to sleep a lot.  I’m also very sore (muscles) and fatigued.  My energy level has room for improvement but it’s better than it’s been in the last few months.”  I chuckled softly.

“Sounds like more good progress is happening!”  Dr. Jack stated.  We talked for a length of time and at the end of the phone consult Dr. Jack said, “I’m going to send you a supplement that is going to help improve your gut-brain connection.  It will help your body to understand you can have a bowel movement on your own without the help of enemas.  You’ve taken these once before and I’m going to give you higher dosages this time.  Kelly, keep up the good work.  Let this next month be another month of healing and headway in your health!” he encouraged me.

“Thank you.  I appreciate your help.”  I replied kindly.

I was continually learning about patience, respecting it at an entirely new level.  Healing takes both time and patience.  They go hand in hand.  If I wanted to heal, I needed to continue being patient and keep trusting and relying on God.  He was the one that was in control.  Not me.  “I trust you Lord.  Give me patience.  Show me what to do and what not to do Lord.  I feel like the time towards optimal health is getting closer, but its not over yet.  Help Lord, give me patience and strength.  Use me as I know you are Lord, for your glory and honor.  Your will be done.”  I said to my heavenly Father, feeling at total peace.


One morning in April I woke up feeling yet another shift in regards to my health.  I felt lighter and more free.  I had a knowing that it wasn’t going to be long and this grueling cancer elimination and healing process would be truly over.  Then, life would be ‘easier health wise anyways.

Each day was different, and along with it brought new, healing changes.  Even though progress seemed slow, progress was PROGRESS!  Looking back to a year ago, I would go to bed wondering if I would wake up to see another day.  I had come a LONG way in one year!  It took my body years to become sick, and it would take a length of  time to get it back to healthy.  I was making steady steps each and every day towards that.

These new shifts happening always took me by surprise.  I never knew when they were going to happen, day or night.  Yet, they happened and left me feeling healthier, more whole, and healing me at yet a deeper level.  It was good.  I was very thankful.


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