It’s Not Over, Yet

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Some of the progress that I had made in the last few months included less headaches, being able to sleep on my right side, not always sleeping on my left side or in the fetal position and at times, and being able to sleep on my back.  Less hot sweats, NO cold sweats, and nausea was nearly non-existent.  I had increased energy and whole body aches happened less often.  I was slowly able to expand my diet eating more probiotic foods.  I stayed active and was starting to LIVE life; being able to feel comfortable enough to go and visit with friends even though the visits were brief.  I smiled and laughed more easily, and boy did it FEEL good!  It was like a breath of fresh air for my whole being!  To be able to travel in a vehicle without laying down during longer journeys into the city was truly HUGE progress.  I was able to comfortably sit, without much or any pain, for longer periods of time too.  The days were getting easier and my whole demeanor was becoming more open.  Laughing, rejoicing, sharing life, enjoying life, loving and being real with others is so much easier when you don’t have physical pain.  It was absolutely refreshing and invigorating to be feeling well, and I loved it!

The month of April went by.  With it, I had almost a dozen days of having bowel movements on my own.  This was GOOD!  I even had a few days that I skipped doing coffee enemas because I wanted to see if my body could get through 24 hours going on my own.  There were two days that it worked.  The other days that didn’t work were rough because symptoms would come back then.  Those nights I wouldn’t sleep much because it was hard to get comfortable.  Each day was different.  As a whole, I continued to heal from the inside out.  I no longer had full body aches (that’d felt like a train had run me over) and fatigue.

As bowel movements I had been having on my own stopped, back to the bathroom with my coffee I’d go, doing daily coffee enemas again.  And guess what?  I got more biofilms coming out.  I STILL had work to do.  It wasn’t over, YET.


May 4th, 2016. Another phone consult with Dr. Jack.  I told him the good news about having some bowel movements on my own and how they all-of-a-sudden quit.  He was glad I’d had them, but concerned as to WHY they stopped all of a sudden.

“As I started doing the coffee enemas each morning again, I started seeing some biofilms again.”  I stated.

“Okay.  Apparently the bad pathogen(s) aren’t completely gone if the they are still coming out.  We need to address this and get rid of the bad pathogen(s) completely.”  He informed me.

“Yes, I agree whole heartily.  Let’s get rid of these!”  I then asked Dr. Jack some questions and he willingly answered them.

As I’ve said as I embarked on this journey of healing, I had a deep knowing that I’d know when it was going to be over.  Meaning, I’d wake up and something would feel different. My body would be able to function and then I’d be able to have regular bowel movements on my own again.  I’d told Mom that SO many times.  She trusted me to KNOW that, too.  For whatever reason, it was helpful to know that someone believed in what I thought I’d know when the time would come TO know!  I trusted God would make everything known to me about when it was all over.  I’d know without a doubt in my mind that it was really and truly done.  I felt at peace and didn’t doubt it.  Timing is everything.  I would be patient.

JE May 6th, 2016

I still don’t feel ‘right’ in my left side 3-D into my back and my entire abdomen… the bloating, pain and hot sweats today just to name a few symptoms.  Some days it’s frustrating, truly.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, Lord.  Please help me!


Dr. Jack’s protocol for me that month was a diversity of supplements that I had taken before.  The only new change was to take a rectal suppository.

“Some days, I swear I’ve done it all.”  I told Mom, referring to the rectal suppositories. Life was always interesting!  Never a dull moment!

I did my first rectal suppository one evening, not being fully aware of what to expect.  Dr. Jack had told me, “It will be a gentle detoxifier.”  I researched the impact of suppositories and learned that the suppository works its way up into the digestive systems organs to grab hold of any toxins.  Then, it pulls them out of my body via bowel movements.  I figured, “It won’t be that bad.” 

I did the suppository and it began to do its job working its way up into my organs rather quickly.  It didn’t feel good at all!  It was like something was grabbing my insides and I had absolutely no control over it.  It had begun to work within 3 minutes and I was already feeling sick.  My gut and low back hurt.  Within another ten minutes, I was ready to vomit.  I went to say good night to Mom.

“How are you?” She asked.

I told her dryly with an irritation in my voice due to my serious discomfort, “Crappy. Exactly what I need to do, too.”  

“Hmmm, sounds to me like you know what it means when someone tells someone to ‘stick it’.”  She retorted.

I burst out in laughter at the thought.  “Well stated!  That couldn’t be more truthful!”  I agreed.  “Life is never dull.”  We shared a smile and I left going downstairs for a restless night of sleep.

JE May 12th, 2016

I’ve been tired, sore, and blah feeling near the end of the day a lot lately.  Feeling pretty yucky tonight from suppository.  I pray I sleep decently tonight Papa, please.  Please heal me and let me make BIG strides in the next days, weeks, and months.  I’m begging you to help me, heal me, and let BIG things happen for the better, Lord.  Please, I know and trust you are working in and through me.  Help me to be patient as I wait…and heal.  I know you are working wonders in me, Papa.  I trust you.


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