Relationships and Surprises

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Okay, so the start of this blog post might seem pretty random, but hang in here.  It does come full circle!

In the middle of May 2016, Mom went to the Monticello area to attend a funeral for a relative.  Before the funeral started, Mom sat quietly looking around.  The sanctuary was filling with people.  She met a kind man’s eyes.  She sensed his integrity.  She had no idea whom this man was, but they ever so briefly held their gaze.  In that moment, the man’s wife turned and spotted Mom.  Then their gazes locked and the woman’s eyebrows shot upward in surprise!  The woman pointed a finger towards Mom while mouthing, “YOU!” The funeral service was to start in 5 minutes, but that didn’t matter as the woman jumped up from her seat and frolicked over to Mom, whom was sitting in the “family” section.

Mom and the woman quickly greeted each other enthusiastically!  The two had been high school friends and hadn’t seen one another since right after graduation.  Their interaction was very brief, as the funeral was to start.  The woman, the friend, walked to sit by her husband again for the service.  After the service the two talked briefly.  The old friend was currently living out of state but was back in MN visiting.  She was actually supposed to have gone back home a few days before the funeral, but she decided to stay for the funeral.  What a gift that was for my mom!  The two of them connected through Facebook shortly after re-meeting that day.

On May 28th, 2016 the high school friend came to our home while driving through from her home state to ours, and stopped by for a day/night to visit Mom and meet our family for the first time.  I remember walking up the stairs and the woman greeting me by engulfing me in a giant hug.  As we hugged I had this sense of, I’ve known you my entire life, wash over me.  Thing was, I’d never even met this woman!  But I recently knew of her through my mom and her communications with her since the funeral earlier that month.

It was a quick twenty-four-hour visit, but during this time the two shared many high school memories with Troy and I into the night.  We laughed at their funny stories.  It was beautiful to see these two interact, sharing their past lives with us freely with no holding back, seeing how much they had both matured since their high school days.  Our bellies hurt from all the laughter that was shared.

1490103723120.pngRelationships are full of surprises.  If your experience with relationships are anything like mine, you’ve found out that people come in our lives for seasons of time, some seasons short, others a lifetime, and some sporadically on and off.  Old friends we may have lost touch with, maybe for forever, or for a length of time.  As life goes on, we meet new people and they are in our lives for a season or maybe for forever.  And sometimes, we meet people when we least expect it having no idea why they are in our lives at the time they are.  Maybe you too have experienced this firsthand?

Relationships are intricately complex, seemingly having caused more questions than answers in regards to them.  But isn’t that what builds our relationships with another person?  You know, communicating, spending time together, asking questions, learning about the other person, working through stuff together, and becoming a better individual because we each want to?  A lot goes into relationships, not just friend relationships, but marriage relationships too.  ALL relationships take time, energy, love, communication, respect, integrity, and commitment.  Whether it’s a marriage, friendship, dating relationship, business relationship, etc.  Each relationship is a little different, but the foundational pillars for them are much the same.

As Mom and her friend caught up on all the years they’d not saw or heard from one another they enjoyed hearing highlights of the moments that went into those years.  Just because they hadn’t talked for years didn’t mean that they didn’t still love or care for the other.  Their lives had just went different directions, and now their paths had surprisingly crossed again.

Jumping forward in time… Mom had shared with her friend about the reality of my health situation the last many years.  Through Mom’s sharing, her long-lost friend shared a recipe she called GOOP with both Mom and I.  It contained ground ginger, ground turmeric, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and water.  As we stood in the kitchen and the friend told us about it, her eyes danced with anticipation of the gnarly concoction!

Mom and I made the GOOP after her friend had left.  I started to drink it.  The concoction burned as I swallowed it.  As it worked its way on down I felt the GOOP heat my body. The next morning in my coffee enema, long, nasty biofilms appeared again.  I was doing two enemas per day; one in the morning and one at night.  My body was again detoxing these biofilm toxins so quickly that I was having a difficult time keeping up with the detoxification process.  The great thing about it though, was that the GOOP was eradicating the biofilms that had been stopping me from having bowel movements on my own!  In Mom’s friend sharing the recipe, it helped to speed up the healing process and continue to work on the ROOT of my issue.

Interesting how people come into our lives and the blessings that come out of it.  Amazing.

293884104_5534280418001_5534275413001-vs.jpgLook at the picture above.  This is something that my Mom taught me about relationships.  “Let relationships be like your hand in this position.  Don’t cling tightly to them, clenching them in your fist all to yourself.  Share your friends with others.  Don’t hoard.  That way not only just you and your friend get blessed from the relationship, but your other friends will too.”

Mom’s friend had not only “indirectly” helped in eradicating the later toxins out of my body, but she’d said something to me that stuck in the back of my mind for the next 2 years.  But in order to know what she said, we have to go back to where the discussion had taken place; in our garden on that warm, sunny and late spring day.

Much discussion had erupted the solitude of the garden as the three of us (Mom, her friend, and I) walked the rows of produce growing around us.  I’d just leaned down to pull a few weeds as Mom’s friend had said to me, “Kel, have you thought about sharing your health story?”

I stood up with weeds in hand as the gentle smile started to dance on my face.  I opened my mouth saying, “Actually yes.  I have this ‘knowing’ feeling that I’m to share my story. I’ve even written a lot of it already but…” my voice trailed off.  I finished saying, “I haven’t done anything more than write and edit it.  I’d like to share it in book style but I just don’t know.”

Mom’s friend, my new shared friend, smiled while listening to me and then shared, “Have you ever thought about sharing it via blog?”

Okay!  If anyone knows me, especially the old version of me, technology and me are NOT on the same page.  We’re not in the same book.  Ha!  We are not in the same section of a library!  I had (maybe still have a little bit of) a real love-hate relationship with technology.  My response in my head to her question was immediately, no way.  Truth be told, I’d heard of blogging but didn’t even know what it really was.  I told her that, hence she explained it to me.  Our discussion went on, and as it concluded I told her, “Thank you for sharing.  I really appreciate it.  I will think and pray about this.”  I genuinely meant it.  We shared a smile and then off we all went for a scenic walk down the scenic lane of a graveled dead-end road.

Two years later I found her words STILL running in my head.  I still knew without a doubt in my mind that my Papa God was telling me I needed to share my health journey with others in story reading  form.  Doing it via book style was a process that devoted so much time, energy, and money that I had no real interest in partaking of.  But blogging?  I grabbed my lab top and began researching about blogs.

Around that same time of my researching, our friend told my Mom that her son had started a blog and had committed to writing every day for a full year.  She encouraged Mom to check it out, not in any pushing way, but rather in an inviting way.  Mom did check it out and shared it with me as well.  Truth be told, after sitting down and reading a good number of his blog posts, in my heart I knew this was the last little nudge that I needed to confirm that sharing my story via blog was the right fit for me.

Today, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank both our friend and her son for encouraging me to share my story each in your own way directly or indirectly.  Sharing what you each have has stuck with me, whether you knew it or not.  Thank you for your friendships, both of you!



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