Plan A, B, and…

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

On June 6th, 2016 I picked up my ringing cell phone.  Dr. Jack was on the other end.  As we talked I told him about our friend’s GOOP recipe and the effects it had on me.

“I’m detoxing these R. biofilms again with a vengeance, Dr. Jack!  Due to this, I’ve had to increase to two enemas per day in order to keep up with the detoxification process.  I know if I don’t keep up with eradicating the toxins I’ll end up re-absorbing them and get even more ill.”  Re-absorbing toxins means the toxins re-absorb directly into the bloodstream, in turn, flowing throughout one’s body.

“I’ve never worked with anyone that has had this many biofilms coming out after this amount of time.”  Dr. Jack stated.  “I’ve been working with you for eight months and they are still coming out, although they had stopped for a short while.”

“I know that these biofilms NEED to come out, but my question is the same as yours. How long are these ropes going to come out?’  Obviously, there are still toxins in me.”  I GREATLY respected that Dr. Jack was always honest and open with me.  At times, he challenged me and I’d learn, growing from that challenge.  We talked more in depth and he asked direct questions about any current symptoms; bowel movements (which weren’t happening without the help of a daily enema), fatigue, sleep, hot and cold sweats, overall energy, and my state of mind.  I answered his questions truthfully and he put together a protocol that would hopefully help in the next month’s time.

“If this protocol doesn’t work as well as I hope it does, Kelly, I have a ‘Plan B’ in mind for next month.”  He informed me.  “The protocol I’m going to have you do this month is a lot like one we’ve done before.  However, it’s my hope that we can get the same or even better results this time!”

“Sounds like a plan!  Thank you.”  We discussed what that was then scheduled the next appointment and said our good-byes.

I continued taking the GOOP two times daily, along with starting Dr. Jack’s new protocol when it all arrived.  The GOOP was speeding up my healing process by eradicating the ropes, for which I was very thankful.

On June 17th, 2016, dark blue, translucent ropes and blobs of slime came out in my enema.  This had happened a couple days prior, too.  This day though, it was a darker blue!  I felt much better after that stuff got out of my body.  I knew that the GOOP was what was working toxic junk out.  I continued to struggle, keeping up with the fast detoxification process.  It left me tired, exhausted, while trying to keep up.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this was one of the final layers I needed to work through to get the nasty rope biofilms/bad pathogenic tumor out of my body.

Only a few days after the dark tumorous biofilms came out, I again had my first healthy, normal, BM in this latest new season!  It only happened once but I was grateful for it!  It seemed that when I started to wonder, Am I ever going to be done with this process and be able to go on my own?  that God answered my question in his own way helping me to be encouraged and to keep me on the right track!  Thanks be to God, and for our friend’s GOOP recipe!


Plans.  When I think of the word plan, I look back on what I used to think when I heard that word and then think about where I am today when I hear that when you think of the work Plan?  Goal setting?  Stress in making plans, doing everything it takes to meet a set plan?  A series of fails and successes?  Or maybe just forget a plan and fly by the seat of your pants?

I used to be a BIG “follow a plan” type of person, and I’d made sure I’d stick to the plan, while growing up.  I liked my routine and didn’t want anything to come between me and my routine.  So, when I thought of “plans” back in the day it was pretty narrow minded. If “Plan A’ didn’t work, I’d go to “Plan B”.  Rarely did I end up having to go to a “Plan C”.

These days I have plans, ideas, and goals.  But, I’m not EXPECTING Plan A, B, C, or so forth to work itself out.  I’m to the point in my life that ‘it is what it is’.  I may have a general outline plan, but I tend to overlook the “idea” of the ideal Plan that I HAVE to follow my outline.  I mean, a great example is how Mom’s friend came into our lives and enhanced the speeding up of my health journey for the better.  What if I didn’t allow her GOOP recipe into my life?  I don’t have the answer to that question and am glad that I don’t.  Point is, it is really nice when our plans work out, my plan to heal.  But I must admit, I’ve found that life can be even more wonderful when our plans are not God’s plans.  God’s got the best plans for us, and there are certainly times when we have no idea our plans will be altered for the better… special thanks to God.

Dr. Jack had a “Plan A” for me.  But the thing was, Plan A might not work how he or I had wanted it too.  And guess what?  Plan A ended up NOT working how we’d both wanted it too.  Here’s the thing though, Dr. Jack had a Plan B in store for me.  He’d said that on our phone consult.  I, however, didn’t know what Plan B consisted of (and that was okay). Was I willing to not get stuck in the fact that Plan A didn’t work out?  Would I be able to embrace it?  Would I welcome going to plan B?  Only time would tell…

Plans can be great.  But plans can also be problematic when we become so captivated and set on them (Somewhere Down the Road, Plans and Goals).  Can we lay aside our plans, allowing time to talk with other people we are rubbing shoulders with?  (Rubbing Shoulders)  Can we take the scenic route on the drive home instead of the same route we always take?  Can we make time to respond to someone that texted or emailed us that so kindly took time out of their day to contact us?  These things aren’t in our daily plans, but they are things that are important to do, enhancing relationships, our journey’s and paths in life, and rounding us to become better individuals.  

I hope not to get set in my plans and miss learning to embrace whatever is in store for me, whether it be in a Plan C, a combination of Plan A&B, or using a general outline.  I think I’d rather let the roller coaster of life fill in all the rest!  Or better yet, let God have the drivers seat!


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