Prophetic Dreams

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

In the blog Words – Visions – Dreams, I’d talked about prophetic dreams.  Today’s blog, Prophetic Dreams, coincides with the basis of that first blog post.  I’m not trying to prove anything, convince anyone, or convince anyone to believe what I believe.  I’m just sharing what I believe to be true, things that DO happen in a wondrous way.

One mid-summer night, during the first week of easing off the enemas, I had a dream that I was specifically told in the dream to “STOP doing enemas”.  In the dream itself, I listened to what I was told and stopped doing enemas.  And what happened next in the dream?  The symptoms came back with a roaring vengeance (which stemmed from the R. biofilm die-off effects).  I became constipated due to not getting the toxic junk out of my system.  I then started having sinus congestion, sneezing, and my throat started hurting, being red and achy feeling.  Headaches became a constant nuisance, along with low back pain that was so intense it locked my pelvis and abdominal region.  I was unable to crack my back (which always brought relief to the low back pain).  The left side in my abdomen varied in degrees of pain and started the burning sensation when the pain intensified.  All of these symptoms were experienced in the dream.

When I vaguely woke in bed sweating, nauseated and dizzy, I lay there going over the dream while feeling like puking or having to have a BM (neither of which were successful).  This dream… did it mean something?  My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts.  Sleep was now pretty much impossible.

Having fully awakened from the dream, I knew in my heart of hearts it held significant meaning.  This dream was a depiction of what was currently happening to me.  I was currently easing off the enemas and it was not going well.  Not at all, actually.  I knew in my heart that my body needed to continue with multiple daily enemas because it had more R. biofilms to eradicate.  I wouldn’t be well again UNTIL I eradicated them… ALL of them.  Only then would my body properly be able to function by itself having BMs completely on my own, etc.

Here’s the thing.  Dr. Jack had told me to start easing off the enemas, and I did agree to it. Was Dr. Jack wrong in challenging me to ease off the enemas?  No.  It WAS actually a good thing he did, because I did need to see where my body was at in regards to being able to have BM functions normally, by itself.  Obviously, the timing wasn’t right yet.

When is this going to be over, Papa?  I murmured crying out to my Papa God in the darkness of the night.  I’ve said before and I will say it again, I knew in my heart that I would KNOW when I would be done with enemas.  This inner knowing still held true and now this dream re-affirmed it to me.  After an all out lengthy conversation with my Papa God, I drifted back into a restless sleep…

dreams-3.jpgAs I slept I had another dream.  I was in the process of doing an enema.  I finished the enema, and glanced down looking what had come out of me.  As I looked into the excretion there was a very long R. biofilm.  It was nearly 3 toxic feet long.  As I looked at it in the dream, I knew right then and there this particular biofilm elimination process was truly over with, being that it would only be a very short time after that excretion that my body would be able to function on its own again.  Then, I’d have bowel movements on my own without assistance from an enema.

I awoke up from the dream.  Again, I lay in bed, my mind was a whirlwind of thoughts, Papa, are for showing me this is to come? And then a deep peace came about it.  THANK YOU!  I trust you!  I spoke into the darkness of the quiet night.

Would these dreams play out to be exactly that?  I didn’t know for sure at the time, but what I did know is that Papa God was in complete control.  He was using not only this dream, but other dreams too to prepare me for the future.  When, to be exact, those happenings would come were details that didn’t matter.  Papa was preparing me and telling me, Trust me, Kelly.  Be patient.  It’s happening.  Soon, Kelly.  Soon.  

You’re probably wondering, Will this come to fruition?  Well, time will tell… but in the mean time, Papa God had me exactly where he wanted me and let me say, he had really gotten my attention.

JE Summer of 2016

Dark clear blue R. biofilms with slime today.  NASTY ones that I don’t regularly get.  It’s almost done.  Home stretch Lord!  YES!  Lots of itchiness in abdomen and Pancreas today. The itchiness is a healing itchiness.  Thank you, Papa!

JE Summer of 2016

Got a couple R. biofilms out that had a distinct red color to them.  Epicenter?  Are we getting there Papa?  Hope so!  These biofilms were NASTY!  They were full and healthy looking toxic cancer, the tumor itself.  Honestly, they did look to be the epicenter.

The biofilms described above were part of the cancerous Pancreatic tumor.  And yes, I got to pass and see them with my own eyes.  To see what had been festered inside of me, growing and metastasizing, and then dying off so that I could pass it, was truly jaw dropping.  As gross as it sounds, all I could do was look at the specimens in serious wonder.

My Papa God was doing a great work in and through me.  I continued to do my part and trusted my Papa with my life.  My life was in his hands and he was blessing me in more ways than I could begin to imagine or dream.

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