Listening, Becoming In-Tune

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

I was on a journey to get rid of toxic junk inside of me, so no surprise that I had the last of my amalgam fillings removed in July 2016.  When the removal of fillings process was done, my mouth felt smooth, clean and more whole!  It was interesting to experience the difference with simple changes I discovered (over time).  It was healing!

While having the last three of my amalgam fillings removed, my atlas and axis went out of alignment in my neck at the cervical axis.  I knew exactly when and why it happened. My jaw had been clamped open for an hour and a half.  At the hour mark, my jaw all of a sudden got a sharp cramp.  I was unable to talk, and resisted grabbing the clamp in order to get the dentist and her assistant’s attention, needing them to take the clamp out.  However, the shift only lasted a short few seconds so I didn’t get to having to get their attention!  Immediately on the shift though, I felt the right side of my neck going out of alignment.  As always when I’d go out of alignment, I acquired a headache going straight into my right eye from the backside of my head.

Mental note: To do list… go to NUCCA chiropractor (Dr. L)!

When getting re-aligned, I get immediate relief.  No more headache or neck pain!  Dr. L to the rescue…again!

JE July 24th, 2016

I slept ALL night last night!  Didn’t even wake up once due to any pain, feeling sick, or even just to go to the bathroom!  SO good!  Thank you Papa!  Praying for continued gut healing Lord.  I TRUST you and your perfect timing!



I’m guessing the majority of us have heard people say throughout the years, “I don’t feel any pain from that.”  Or, “I don’t have any issues with food intolerances… that I know of.” And the highly acclaimed, “Oh, it’s just old age.  Nothing else.”

I’m not saying that I disagree with these statements, but I do have a question in regards to them as quick responses that entail no reflection upon.  And the question is this…

Are we each really listening and becoming more in-tune with ourselves (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), or do we gravitate towards responses like these because we aren’t looking deeper into the WHY in why we are the way we are?  Why are we feeling this way?  Or, what’s the common connection to when I eat this that I feel, think, or develop symptoms or specific emotions?  Good questions for EACH of us to reflect on IF we are willing to, and want to become more in-tune with ourselves and our bodies.

Truthfully this subject of listening and becoming more in-tune with ourselves, our bodies, is a big subject.  That being said, I’m not going to take this subject in every direction, but just hit it at the core, the root.  Why do we do the things we do?  Why do we act/react the way that we do?  Why to eat the foods we eat?  Why do we get stuck in the same emotional patterns?  Why to do gravitate towards the same type of unhealthy relationships?  Why do we eat foods that make us feel “good” for a quick high, but ultimately leave us grasping for more because the high lasts for only a short while?WHAT are the ROOT issues of these questions?  Are we willing to face into these questions, issues. and realities?  The answers are something only we each can answer for ourselves.

Listening and becoming more in-tune with our bodies doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s something we have to want to work at, be diligent in asking ourselves questions, and becoming more aware of and actually thinking and asking ourselves, “WHY do I do what I do?”, etc.

Above, I described a time when I was at the dentist and literally felt my neck go out of alignment.  Becoming in-tune with myself wasn’t something that I just woke up with one day.  It was a process.  My entire (healing) journey was a process of listening to what my body was telling me.  Being willing to face into ourselves and learn about ourselves, what works or doesn’t work with us, what triggers we have, why I walk the way I do, etc., are all subtle or big things that help us in becoming more in-tune with ourselves.  We all have to start somewhere.  Starting small is usually best.

If anyone knows me personally, you know that I’m big into “Growing into better versions of ourselves”.  Reflecting on ourselves and looking into the WHY’s of our choices and behaviors are important things to do IF we want to become better versions of ourselves, learning to understand ourselves better.  In turn, we learn to listen and become more in-tune with ourselves.   The benefits are amazing.  And the journey?  Well, it may be interesting, full of laughter, or maybe even tears at times.  But is it worth it?  You bettcha!

Some of you I would imagine are already on the path to learning to listen and becoming more in-tune with yourself.  Maybe you’ve never started.  It doesn’t matter.  There’s no better time to start this process… that I must say is life transforming.  You are worthy, you are loved, and I believe that you can become a better YOU.




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