*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Our warm Minnesota’s summer was going quickly.  It was already August.  Summer was (still is) my favorite time of the year!  I love the warmth in the air, the intense sun’s rays, seeing the lake waves and hearing them crash against the shoreline.  I love to watch the beautiful wildlife that surrounds us, the magnificent sunsets, the doing a variety of outdoor activities in the summer, including gardening.

Summer would be on its way out in a month, but for this month it was hot and humid… and was also a time for another phone consult with Dr. Jack.  I hadn’t made the significant progress that he nor I had wanted (as talked about in the blog (Plan A, B, and…), so I wasn’t looking forward to the consult.  I’d been back to spending nearly two hours in the bathroom doing enemas every single day.  I just want to move on with my life, I thought to myself.  Again, I was reminded immediately, Patience Kelly.  Patience. Keep trusting Me.  I’m making a way for you.

“I know Papa.  I’m sorry.  I DO trust you.  Give me the strength to endure this continuous battle, Papa.  I can’t do this without you.  I’m ready to move forward in this healing process, but obviously it isn’t time yet.  Your timing is PERFECT and I know that.”  I prayed aloud while tears trickled down my face.  I was exhausted.

JE July 30th, 2016

Talking with Mom after supper tonight she’d said, “You know, Kelly, you’re the forerunner of these R. biofilms.”  

I had never REALLY thought of it that way, Papa.  I truly understand WHY I’m here dealing with this…and WHY it isn’t over yet, Lord.  It’s because you are using and teaching me so that I will be able to be used by YOU, to help other people.  Thank you Papa, for these R. biofilms.  I trust you and all of what you have in store for me, my life, and my future.  I am thankful!

Up until that specific time I was truly thankful to be detoxing these toxic biofilms, but I wasn’t truly thankful FOR having them.  I was thankful for the journey and process.  But now, I was truly thankful for something that in most people’s view I had every reason to hate, despise, be ungrateful for.  But guess what?  LOVE does.  My thankfulness for these R. biofilms helped me to love something that I could have easily hated and held bitterness and resentment about.  But I didn’t.  I choose to embrace the horrific situation. It was yet another profound (big) step in the right direction.

Stairs-Cinque-Terre-740x500.jpgAugust 3rd, 2016.  My phone rang.  Answering, I said, “Hi Dr. Jack.”

“Hello Kelly.  How have you been feeling this month?  Tell me about any progress, changes, symptoms, or anything else I may need to know,” he invited warmly.

“This month hasn’t brought any new changes.  I’d quit doing the COFFEE enemas as you suggested.  Instead of the coffee however, I’m doing lemon juice enemas.  I continue to expel R. biofilms…” I then elaborated more on that with him.

I’d been detoxing rope biofilms for at least 10 months at this point.  I was more than ready to be done with doing the enemas and expelling the biofilms.  Why were they still coming out?  I decided to voice my thoughts to him. “I don’t really understand how these biofilms can still be coming out.  Don’t get me wrong Dr. Jack, I’ve been sick for a very long time… but REALLY?  These have been coming out for a good 10 months now.”  I was ready to cry but was too agitated to do so.  I wanted answers, direction, and reasons.

“Kelly, we need to be looking at you very individually, verses by the other individuals I’ve worked with who’ve had these R. biofilms.  We HAVE been working with you individually, but it is even more critical right now, as this is a ‘special’ case.”  He said warmly.  “I still think it’s the enemas that are causing the ‘R. biofilm’ issue.  And, I also think these biofilms that you are seeing are actually your intestinal lining, which is being sluffed-off via the enemas.  I think you need to slowly ease off the enemas and start having the bowel movements on your own.  I need to ask you again if you are you willing to try going off the enemas?  (Just like we’d talked in the blog (Plan A, B, and…)  I know that enemas are your one form of relief.  It’s not going to be easy.  We’ll have you do it subtly.” Dr. Jack instructed wisely.

Deep in my heart I didn’t agree with him.  I knew that it was the ropes that were causing my constipation.  How did I know?  They were the very first thing out in my enemas. These ropes were what was continually plugging me up.  However, I so very much wanted to be done with these daily enemas too.  I’d quit the “coffee” enemas already.  I COULD do this.  I was fighting within myself; my mind, my brain, my heart, my being. “God, help me.”  I prayed inwardly.

Taking a big breath, I said, “Okay, I’m willing to try this again Dr. Jack.”

We continued talking and soon my consult came to a close.  He wished me “..all the best, Kelly.  Slow and steady easing off all enemas, like I’ve already told you.  It won’t be easy, but give your body time and it will happen.”

“Okay.  Thanks Dr. Jack.”  I replied.  We scheduled our next phone consult and ended the call.  I was in turmoil, wanting to cry, be angry, scream, or express a real impassioned emotion.  I walked back into the house fighting the vast mix of emotions that wanted to surface.  I had great respect for Dr. J, that he ASKED me if I “would be willing to go off the enemas.”  He challenged me and made me think outside the box.  Dr. Jack and I were in this healing process together.  We both knew that.  He needed to make sure that I was willing to go off the enemas, otherwise we were both wasting our time and energy.

1*_arxJQLyvw3Lr6dOqYgcug.jpegThe thought of still having more R. biofilms IN me made me squirm, literally.  I wasn’t (am not) the kind of person that was going to finish a job halfway.  I hadn’t quit so far in my “journey of healing” and wasn’t about to take the easy way out either.  I was fully committed to complete healing.

“God, help me make sense of all of this.  I don’t know what to do.  Should I ease off the enemas like Dr. Jack said, or should I wait until that day comes when the nearly 3-foot-long R. biofilm (Prophetic Dreams) that I’d had in the dream that you showed me comes out?  I don’t know what to do.  Make it known to me, Papa.  I trust you.  Give me peace, strength, and patience.”  I talked to my Papa God like he was walking right with me.  And, He was.  He was always with me, through it all.

I did a lot of thinking in those next days as I continued doing two enemas per day.  What would I end up doing?  Knowing what to expect, being “plugged-up,” is not anything I was looking forward to.  Ugh!

JE August 4th, 2016

I slept ALL night for the first time in many nights!  I didn’t wake up during my rest, not once… not even to go to the bathroom!  When I woke this morning I just wanted to go back to sleep and do it all over again.  I was still so exhausted; tired and sore upon awakening. Healing is happening!  Help me Lord, please.

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