What’s In Store?

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

On August 15th, 2016 I had an appointment with the Craniosacral Massage Therapists, Gina and Diane.  I gave them the latest news of my gut healing journey.  They asked questions and listened.

Diane reached down and lightly held my right foot with one hand and right hip with her other hand.  Soon, she went down by my feet holding one foot in each hand.  She touched a specific area in my right foot.  “How does that spot feel, Kelly?”

“It hurts!”  I laughed.  Diane smiled saying, “This spot (that hurts) is your right shoulder in reflexology, Kelly.”

I had a two-hour appointment and it took the full two hours for the two of them to get my body to unlock from the continued trauma my body had endured over the last many years.  The muscles had been compensating so much while being sick that it was a continuous process to unlock them at deeper levels.

Diane and Gina were able to reposition my sacrum back to where it was supposed to be sitting.  They were also able to unlock my right shoulder, getting my range of motion back.  I could feel the healing effects of their work as muscles loosened and bones gently shifted back to where they were supposed to be.  As the two worked, my gut constantly made noise.  It hadn’t done that for a long time.  Hmmmmmm, I thought to myself, but didn’t dwell on it.  (Later, I reflected back realizing that as my sacrum was put back in alignment, my organs could have also been adjusting to the shift.)  Near the end of the session, Diane and Gina did some stretches with my body that were able to completely unlock my pelvis and right shoulder.  It was then that I’d gotten total relief.  Amen!

“The fascia ALL over your body was flaming hot, Kelly.  The fascia was heated due to the  trauma’s impacts causing the lock-up, tension, tightening of the muscles and shifting of the bones.” said Diane.

“I can understand how that would happen,”  I replied knowingly.  I got up from the table, slowly letting my feet dangle before they touched the floor.  Wow, that was exactly what I needed, I thought to myself while taking a few more moments before standing.  I then got up and walked out into the office foyer to pay my bill and then departed.

As I walked out of the building that day, I could stand straight and elongated again without feeling the need to lean on my right hip to stand comfortably (due to the left side pain I’d constantly be leaning).  I didn’t limp at all, nor did I have the desire to!  It’d been a long time since I could stand straight without any pain!  The low back pain was nearly gone, except for a very faint achiness.  The right shoulder and hip were both very sore from the massage, but it was a healing kind of soreness.  In a couple days my body would be feeling well (having gotten everything worked out) and I would feel amazing.  Little did I know there was a lot more amazings in store for me!


The day following my craniosacral massage appointment I had a bowel movement on my own!  What a pleasant surprise!

JE August 16th, 2016

While working on my first client at work today, as I worked I started to feel very ill.  I felt awful, to put it mildly.  I had hot and cold sweats, a head and  gut ache, feeling like my stomach was going to burst, as if I was going to have a BM, and overall feeling terrible. After I checked my client out, she left my office and I got myself to the bathroom.  Diarrhea came out.  YES!  I had IMMEDIATE relief and virtually ALL symptoms disappeared!  I was then feeling good until the late afternoon, when I felt the need to go again but was unable to.  I’d gone into the bathroom, tried pushing, when all of a sudden my abdomen hurt (like a cramp) but it was deep inside and took my breathe away.  I couldn’t breathe.  The cramp wouldn’t let go.  I grabbed my abdomen in an attempt to make it stop.  Switched my posture.  Neither worked.  The bathroom was getting a little darker in my vision and I still couldn’t breathe.  My vision started to fade so I tried standing up.  The thought had already raced through my mind, “where’s your phone, Kelly?”

My phone was on my office desk, in an entirely different room.  There was no way of getting help.  I grabbed the vanity counter, and leaning I crouched into it doubled over at this point. The room was very dark.  And then, when it seemed I was going to fade, the grabbing sensation in my gut slowly eased off.  Mom wasn’t in the office so literally no one was here if I would have passed out… uffta.

Since then my abdomen has been VERY tight.  “Lord, was this the nearly 3 foot long R. biofilm detaching itself?  Or, maybe it is the prelude to the big one detaching itself?  The enema I did tonight once I got home brought relief, but I feel something is happening.  A shift.  I feel it Papa.  We are so close.  We’re closing in Papa God.  Homestretch!”

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