When Dreams Become Reality

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

I realize that writing my health journey for anyone to read can be interesting, but also weird in my sharing, especially about bowel movements.  Bowel movement is important.  If it wasn’t, then it would not be necessary for people in hospital settings to not be allowed to go home if they cannot have a bowel movement.  During my journey of illness to health, bowel movements became non-existant.  Getting them back was a nightmare. That being said, more on my hopes and dream to have normal bowel movements.

The morning came on August 31st, 2016, and with it came my first NORMAL bowel movement all on my own!  I had a feeling that I shouldn’t do an enema that morning to see if I could go more on my own.  Mom confirmed my thoughts when I’d voiced them to her.  Having a formed “normal” bowel movement was UNREAL!  I couldn’t remember the last time it was “normal”.  I was SO excited!  I was to have a phone consult with Dr. J later that morning.  I was excited to tell him of the morning’s event!

Later, my phone rang.  Mom sat nearby as I put the phone on speaker.  She had wanted to ask Dr. J a couple questions.  “Hello Dr. Jack.”  I greeted him warmly.

“Hello, Kelly.  I hope things have been going well this month.” He inquired.

“My Mom, Amy, is sitting here with me today.  She wants to sit in on the consult, if you don’t mind,” I asked?

“Yes, that is perfectly fine.  Hello, Amy!”  Dr. Jack greeted Mom warmly.

I gave Dr. J an update about the progress I’d made over the past month.  “I still haven’t done any “coffee” enemas!  I’ve been doing only one “lemon juice” enema per day. However, it wasn’t until a week ago that I went down to one enema per day.  I was still unable to go on my own… until today!!  I had my first normal bowel movement this morning without enemas, all on my own!  I still feel like I need to go.”  I truthfully stated.

“Kelly!  This is GREAT news” Dr. Jack exclaimed with pure joy in his voice!

“Yes, it is!  Also, I need to tell you that when I went down to one enema per day, I discontinued taking all of my supplements.  I was beginning to feel like they weren’t helping me.  Instead, they made me feel worse in a “not so good” kind of way.  Upon discontinuing the supplements, my symptoms have improved and I feel better as a whole,” I shared.

“I see no problem that you discontinue the supplements if you feel that your body is not getting the needed help from them.  You can take a supplement here or there if you feel like your body needs it.”  He stated wisely.

I smiled knowingly at my Mom.  I’d already came to that conclusion before we’d started the phone consult!  You yourself are your own best doctor, went flying through my head.  I grinned at the thought.  “Sounds good, Dr. Jack.”  I replied smiling.

“Tell me the symptoms you currently have, Kelly.”  He requested.

“The symptoms only come when I have to need a bowel movement and am unable to actually have one.  I get bloated and have headaches.  In addition, I get low back pain.  Sometimes there’s a little left side pain in the abdomen too.  That left side pain is usually very minimal.  Other than that, that’s about it for symptoms.”  I shared.

As I finished speaking the weight of my words hit me.  Wow!  I thought.  That’s NOTHING if I had to compare them to the symptoms I was having a year ago, let alone a few months ago.  I looked out at the glistening water rippling on the lake, swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat.

“Dr. Jack, is it okay if I ask you a question,” Mom inquired?

“Why sure, go right ahead.”  He invited warmly.

Mom then gave him a very brief summary of when she and I doing the GTin5 program together last spring and how beneficial it was as part of my healing process.  She shared a few more thoughts and commented about the Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test(CSAT) I’d done last Fall, which had brought awareness to the Pancreatic cancer, Candida, gut bacteria imbalance and other important and valuable information.  After, she asked, “Do you think Kelly could do that same CSAT again, in order to see what is going on inside of her gut?  I think it would help to provide information regarding her current health and if there are improvements that need to be made yet,” Mom questioned, knowingly.

“Amy, you’ve brought up a very good point!  I agree.  I think a Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test is a VERY good idea.  You’re right, this test will give a lot of knowledge to what is going on.  I, too, think this would give a very helpful insight to see where her Pancreas health and is at.  I’ll send out the test.”  He stated.

“That would be great!”  Mom and I both commented at the same time.  We looked at each other smiling at our same choice of words.  The nut didn’t fall from the tree, I thought.


“Kelly, this month I’m not going to have you taking any new supplements.  Do as I told you earlier, take a supplement if you feel the need to.  I also want to encourage you to continue to ease off the enemas so that you are doing only a couple each week. Eventually, I want you to be able to have bowel movements daily, completely on your own without the help of an enema.  I recommend that you don’t do an enema today and wait it out, seeing if you can go on your own tonight or tomorrow.” Dr. Jack encouraged me.

“Okay, sounds good Dr. Jack.  Thank you,” I said with a smile on my face.  I looked out at the glistening lake again as the conversation continued.  We set up my next phone consult and said our good-byes.

Mom and I talked about some details of the phone consult afterwards.  “Kelly, I would like to reaffirm that you should really try to wait until tomorrow to do an enema.”  Mom shared.  “You might not go again today, but maybe tomorrow morning you’ll be able to.” She offered thoughtfully.

“Yes.  I agree.  I need to deal with symptoms today and find out if my body can continue with bowel movements on its own.  Thank you, Mom.  I love you!”  We embraced in a hug and I kissed her on her cheek saying, “I’m so glad you were a part of the phone consult today!”

Later that day I had a small bowel movement!  Two times in one day!  I was ecstatic!  As I went to bed that night I felt bloated… like I needed to have another BM.  I massaged my abdomen as I always did before falling asleep, then I turned out the light.  I slept pretty well.

Immediately upon awakening the next morning, I massaged my abdomen before getting out of bed.  I still felt bloated, just like when I’d went to bed.  Not long after the abdomen massage I felt the need to have a bowel movement.  I got out of bed, unsure of what would happen (just as I did most mornings without results).  I walked into the bathroom with an open mind, not thinking about making myself have a bowel movement.  I went, having a ‘normal’ healthy bowel movement!  “I did it,” I laughed happily!

Those subtle shifts that I’d been feeling lately had really been happening.  I was healing! And that dream that I’d had about waking up one day and feeling a shift and then shorty after having BM’s on my own?  Well, the dream was now a reality!

I had a couple other bowel movements that same day!  Needless to say, I didn’t do an enema that day!  The only symptoms I was getting were bloating, some gas, and headaches; all of which where when I needed to have a BM.

The next day, the Friday of Labor Day weekend, I had more bowel movements.  I actually lost track of how many bowel movements I had that day!  It’s REALLY happening, I thought to myself, feeling utterly thankful.  The dreams are truly becoming my reality!  THANK YOU, Papa!

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