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*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

Fall of 2016.  Each day the healing process continued, and having bowel movements on my own continued too!  I’d spoken from the inner depths of my soul, tears spilling down my face, untouched, “Thank you, Papa.  I’m eternally grateful for the continued healing you are doing in and through me.  I love you and trust you,” 

The Stool Analysis Test (CSAT) arrived by mail.  I completed it with offered specimen then sent it to the lab for testing.  I had no doubt in my mind that my Pancreas was functioning well and that the cancer was truly eradicated.  I had only a few symptoms. Overall, I was feeling the best that I had felt in years!  The smile on my face was back without it being forced, and it felt REALLY good!

JE September 8th, 2016

Day #8 of AMAZINGNESS!  To have virtually no symptoms, WOW!  What a blessing to live, laugh, and love!  Thank you Papa!

Being these wonderful changes were still so fresh, it almost felt surreal to have bowel movements on my own.  In addition, I had so much energy, at times, that I wanted to run around like young children do at school recess!  I’d go through an entire day feeling well! This made work days easier too!

I really loved the work I did and am glad I continued to work while battling my health condition.  A friend told me, “All of the healing that you do for yourself every single day, despite not feeling well… then with the work you do, you are forced (with the choice) to help people regardless of how you feel.”

I remember gently smiling, saying, “Some days my clients were one of the only things that kept me going.”  She and I had held our gaze, looking deep into each other’s eyes while happy tears formed.

When I had texted that same special friend, Laurie, telling her the good news that had happened in the last many days saying, “It’s over.  It’s truly over!” Her response was immediate!  “KELLY!  Words can’t express the happiness, joy, and RELIEF I feel for you! That’s so incredible!  You are incredible.  Thank you for sharing you, all of it, with me!” (Laurie is one of my tribe people who knew all of what I’d gone through.  Her love, concern, care, kindness, support, and encouragement never stopped.  THANK YOU, Laurie!)

As my health took this huge turn for the better, there were times when tears would spring forth out my eyes straight from my heart.  These were thankful tears of healing, and would pour out at any given time.  I didn’t fight the tears when they would come, but freely let them flow.


After Labor Day weekend, Mom shared with family and friends the huge progress my health had made within the last week and a half.  She didn’t go into great detail, but instead said, “Kelly is doing much better!  Her digestive system is working.  She is much improved!”

I shared the good news with my chiropractor (who knew the truth about my health situation and had played a role in directing me towards health professionals that aided in my healing during this health journey).  His response was “PRAISE THE LORD!  That is wonderful news and it reflects the strength and commitment you made to yourself!  You have an incredible story to share… and when you are ready it will have a kingdom impact here on earth.  Kelly, you should be very proud of yourself.  You’ve done what most would think is impossible and plain refuse to do.  Wow!  Praise God and fantastic job, Kelly!”

Humbled.  Blessed.  Overwhelmed.  Joyfully.  Thankful.  All of these were emotions that I felt.  But mostly, I felt humbled and thankful with my heart blown wide open.

JE September 11th, 2016

It seems like I’m living a dream as I’m learning to live life and function ‘normally’ again. What a pure blessing!  I feel truly WELL overall, needing less sleep, and having no abdominal or back pain.  Thank you, Papa!  It’s been a long and hard journey, but oh so rewarding!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  Thank you for this whole journey so far!  I want you to ALWAYS be the center of my life Papa, help me to stay focused on you.  I love and trust you!

On September 14th, 2016.  I’d sent a text message to Mom saying, “I’ve been thinking and seeing lately just how much this healing journey has God’s hand ALL over it.  The point in my saying this is: Papa God makes beauty out of ashes, even the nastiest, most horrible, ugliest, hardships and trying circumstances.  This healing journey is a beautiful portrayal of Papa doing just that!  Papa God wants me to share my story with people.

Mom’s text reply, “Smiling BIG!”

To write and share my story for anyone to read, has me completely vulnerable and transparent, being REAL with nothing to hide.  Telling the truth about my health journey?  Was I ready?  I knew what Papa God wanted me to do, and I trusted that.  In due time, as shared in the blog (Relationships and Surprises), sharing my story would happen.  The reason I share this particular snippet of info is because I struggled back and forth with if I should REALLY share my story with people.  Yes, I knew in my heart of hearts Papa God was calling and telling me to, but yet I still struggled.

If you’ve followed my story thus far, you well know my story is very raw, honest, and I’m completely vulnerable with my sharing the fine details of my journey with you.  It has humbled me greatly to do this and allow people to judge me and my story if they so wish to, or, that they have embraced me for the REAL person that I am.  I again just want to thank you for having any interest at all in reading any of my blog posts.  I really and truly hope that you have been, and will continue to be, blessed as I continue to share and spend time with you.


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