Results Revealed

*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

On September 28th, 2016 I was giddy with anticipation for my phone consult with Dr. Jack.  I stood outside on a crisp, fall Minnesota morning.  “Good morning, Kelly.  I hope you are doing well?” Dr. J inquired.

“Hello!  I am doing REALLY well!” I chuckled.

“GOOD!  Tell me about how well you are doing.” Dr. Jack said lightly.

“Well…” I drawled out, “I haven’t done any enemas since I last talked to you!  I’ve had bowel movements completely on my own.  I’ve had virtually NO symptoms besides a few headaches which stem from smells like: exposure to chemicals, perfumes and toxins flying around in the air.  Also, I’ve had a little gas and bloating.  Those aren’t daily occurrences though.  That’s it as far as symptoms go though!  Oh!” I stated before he had a chance to speak, “Another HUGE positive change started three days ago.  I can now fall asleep faster and easier at night.  Before it most often took one-two hours to fall asleep. Now, taking only 10 to 30 minutes.  With that, I’ve found that I sleep deeper and am less restless.  I don’t feel the need to sleep as many hours as I used to, and still have plenty of energy,” I shared excitedly!

“Kelly, this is all wonderful news!  I’m SO glad to hear this!” Dr. Jack’s joy flowed through in his voice.  “Did you received a copy of your test results via email?”

“Yes, I did.  I have them in front of me.” I stated.  My heart, my mind, and my whole being were ready to hear what he had to say.  I had anticipated this moment of time and now it was FINALLY here!

“You have a couple strains of bacteria that still aren’t quite balanced.  One of them I’m wondering if your taking in supplement form?” Dr. Jack named the bacteria and I listened to what information he had to share about it.

“No, I’m not taking any supplement that has that particular bacteria strain.  The only other probiotic foods and beverages I’m taking include: Sauerkraut, Coconut water Kefir and Kombucha.” I shared.

“Okay.  The Kombucha can get bacteria imbalances in it at times.  Have you gotten a new Mother Scobi recently?” he asked.

“Interesting you mention that because as of recently we’ve been having issues with our Kombucha.  It has a distinct taste to it that isn’t quite right…” My voiced trailed off.

“That’s a sign you should start the process over.  There’s probably the bacteria imbalance.” he stated, then explained about what precautions should be used in order to maintain a stable bacterial environment.  I listened intently and smiled at Mom, whom was listening to our conversation as I had Dr. Jack on speaker phone.  Mom and I’d both had the thought that maybe the Kombucha was aiding in my “bacteria imbalance”, however, we hadn’t voiced it to one another until after the phone consult.

Dr. J moved forward with the test results saying, “The other bacteria imbalance we’ll be able to eradicate through supplementation.  Kelly, this month will be a purging month. We need to get rid of these remaining bad bacteria’s.  Also, we’ll need to get a few new bacteria’s in your body that you don’t have.  These are important to have.” He stated knowingly.

“Okay.” I replied.

“Overall, your Pancreas and other organs are working well!  The only other aspect we are looking at right now is your Immune system.  The test shows your Immune System is currently VERY hyperactive.  This is due to the bacteria imbalances.  Once we correct these imbalances, your Immune System should calm down.” Dr. Jack informed me.

“So in other words,” I said, “my Immune System is both attacking and re-acting to anything and everything, due to the fact it’s trying to decipher what is good and bad? And that is why I’m still having some symptoms?”

“Exactly.” He confirmed.  My face broke out in a huge grin.

The brisk fall air was chilly and I was starting to get cold.  “Kelly, one more month of purging and you will be able to start maintaining good health.” Dr. J said.  “It will take another year of working together to get your GI track back to healthy and well.  That being said, you’re WELL on your way, and this month will be the last ‘hard core’ month. After that, you won’t have to take all the supplements you’ve been taking.  Instead, you will be using only food as medicine and practice preventative maintenance!” Dr. J chuckled deep down from his innermost being.  “You’ll just continue to feel better and better from this point on.”

His chuckle of joy caused me to break into a bigger, wider grin.

One more year.  I remember thinking.  This feels surreal.  Is this REALLY happening Papa God!?!  My grin only seized to grow bigger.

I was about to finish a VERY long and drawn out step in the healing process!  I was at the threshold of embarking on the homestretch.  One more month of “hard core” supplementation and then it would be time to take the supplementation to a subtler degree for the next year with food only as my medicine, and to allow my body to start to fight bacteria’s on its own again!  HUGE deal!


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