*Continuance of “My Story” starting with Blog #1: When your life flashes before your eyes in a flood gate of memories…

And so it was, one more month of “hard core” supplements and then I was taking very few supplements in the next months to come.  We focused more on using food as medicine.  I continued to learn SO many things from Dr. Jack in his explaining the WHYs and intrinsic aspects that were to help me to be able to better help myself.  Pretty neat, as it was a team effort, but he was teaching me so that in a year’s time I could be my own best doctor at a deeper level.

Truthfully, it was humbling to me that Dr. Jack would take the time to really hear and answer my questions.  He wasn’t prideful or arrogant in his answers or the knowledge he shared.  He always just laid what he knew out in the open, sharing it and letting me absorb the information if I choose to.  He reminded me a lot of Dr. R (Fire Confirmed)  because she also took the time to talk with and educate her patients too.  It’s refreshing to see more health professionals taking the time to educate patients.

Throughout the next year’s time the few symptoms that lingered at times disappeared (mostly bloating and gas, especially when introducing new foods).  It was a slow process to implement new foods back into my diet, always starting in small quantities and working my way up to larger amounts as my body received the vital nutrients.  I was learning to become even more in tune with my body, something that should never stop.

In that year’s time I had so many times of noticeable shifts in my health.  My energy was better than ever, which became problematic when having to do physical work with others (which also was a good thing because it’s taught me to make sure to relax and take time for myself, not “go until I drop” so to speak.)  My entire demeanor, state of mind, and overall health was the best it’d ever been.  I was more humble, vulnerable and more real with people than I’d ever been thus far in life.  There wasn’t a day that I wasn’t thankful to feel good, have BMs on my own, and be symptom free.  Dr. Jack had said in that year to come this would happen, and it WAS happening.  I was in total awe that I continued to feel better and better.  It was surreal to me, honestly.

Just shy of the year mark that Dr. Jack had told me that I would be well, my body felt WELL.  There was a knowing deep inside of me that just knew the timing was right, and it was time to take care of my own health.  Shortly after sensing this knowing, Dr. Jack and I had our last phone consult.

“It’s time for you to implement all that you’ve learned into your lifestyle, Kelly.”  We were both silent for a few moments.  We’d both been awaiting this time and it had finally come.  “Kelly, there were times in this journey…”  his genuine voice trailed off, “that I really didn’t know if you were going to make it.  But you did.  You’re my miracle story!” Tears sprang out from my eyes, down my cheeks.  “You’ve reversed your health completely.  I’m so proud of you and all your hard work.”

For a few seconds I couldn’t even say anything as the lump in my throat prevented me from even speaking.  And when I did, my voice was thick and trembling, “Thank you, Dr. Jack, thank you.  You helped make it possible.  I couldn’t have done it without you.”

We absorbed the short silence before we both knew that is was time to say our finally “bye-bye” until we would again consult in 1 year’s time.  As we did so, I can’t even begin to describe all the feelings and emotions that were present in that split second, but here’s a few that were the biggest: Gratitude.  Awestruck wonder.  Pure thankfulness. Humbleness.  Peace.  And, a heart and mind that were both blown wide open.


Throughout my journey it had been a desire of my heart to be able to meet and personally thank Dr. Jack for all his help.  During my chronic state of health journey it wasn’t going to happen, but in my heart I fully believed one day I would be able to meet Dr.  in person.

I’d voiced to Mom a few times telling her, “I want to meet Dr. Jack and thank him personally for all his help.  The timing isn’t right, but at some point it will be.”

Mom had smiled, nodding her head in agreement.

Fast-forward to August, 2018.  In recent years my Mom and I have done a “girls weekend” on her birthday weekend (mid October, annual MEA weekend for Public Schools).  It was something that we needed to plan ahead if others were going to be apart of it.  This year of 2018 I had an idea in mind that I thought she might enjoy, so I presented it to her.

“Mom, what do you want to do for your birthday this year?”  Yes, I DID ask her this before I even told her about my idea.  She thought for a little while and then her eyes lit-up like a child’s when they get a gift.

“Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to go to Texas to meet Dr. Jack in person!”

My jaw literally dropped, giving her the “deer in the head light” look.  Does she SERIOUSLY live in my head, or what?  I shook my head in utter dismay and choked out while chuckling, “How in the world did you know?  That’s EXACTLY what I was going to suggest to you!”

We both erupted into a series of giggling laughter.  When we got a hold of ourselves, I elaborated further. “I was thinking that since your birthday is on a Friday, MAYBE we could fly to Austin (where Dr. Jack lives in Texas), and IF he’s available (he travels the world for speaking engagements, teaching, etc.), we could see if he’d be willing to meet us in person for my yearly consult.”

Long short, it was settled.  I was to inquire of Dr. Jack  if he had time in his busy schedule to me us in person and have my yearly consult with him.

Jumping forward, again, to October 19th, 2018; Mom’s birthday.  As Mom, I, and my auntie Lori drove through the hills of Austin, TX, we were minutes away from meeting Dr. Jack in person.

“Kelly, what are you thinking and feeling right now?” auntie Lori asked me from the back seat.

I had to think for a little while before responding.  “Truthfully, if I pick one word to sum it up, it would be ‘surreal’.”  And it was exactly that as we pulled into his driveway.  Mom was able to video record Dr. Jack and my meeting for the first time.  We also took a picture together, shown below.

Our time together with Dr. J was nothing shy of memorable.  Hugs were shared as we walked through the door.  Dr. Jack, his wife, and his receptionist all were present.  It was so nice to put names and faces together, as I’d communicated to each of them over the span of many monthly consults both in lining up appointments via phone and completing follow-ups vie emails.

Dr. Jack’s wife made a wonderful meal for all of us.  It was a really nice time, chatting and enjoying one another’s company.  Truthfully, I mostly sat back and absorbed the conversations during the special time together.  Light chatter interwove throughout the meal.  Afterwards, Dr. Jack took Mom and I back to his office to go over my yearly CSAT (Comprehensive Stool Analysis Test) results.  I’d asked Dr. Jack if I could do an annual CSAT prior to our meeting, so today we had plans to go over the results with him (it was for routine maintenance).  He’d agreed that was a good idea.  Together, we all talked, going over the test results which were good!  No issues.  (Since that time, I’ve continued to do monthly consults with him and together we’ve been able to tweak little things that come up.  Furthermore, improve some things so that there hopefully won’t be opportunity for issues at a later time in the future.)

Mom thought this was the best birthday present she could ever receive, meeting Dr. J with me and thanking him in a interpersonal way.

As we left his house that day, he walked us out to our vehicle.  On the way, I couldn’t help but smile as he showed us his beautiful garden of fresh herbs, picking us some to taste. At the vehicle, he carefully tucked us into the vehicle saying his final “bye-bye” as he shut my car door.  Inevitably, my eyes got a bit misty.


Picture above is Dr. Jack Tips, the Wellness Wiz, and myself, on October 19th, 2018 when we met in person for the first time.  Dr. Jack and I had worked on my chronic health condition together for a couple years via phone consults, so we’d never actually met in person before.  It was very special time, for all of us.

On another note, Dr. Jack and my meeting in person happened shortly after I’d just started sharing my story via blogging.  To bring my health journey full circle by meeting him was something that I felt the need to do since he was the doctor that played an intricate role in reversing my health.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Jack’s wisdom in detoxification, gut health, and so much more in the all natural aspect of healing, I wouldn’t be here today- nor would I be sharing my story with you.

Today as you and I meet here together on my blog, everything has all come full circle.  Well, almost!  There was only one thing left, after meeting Dr. Jack, that I knew in my heart of hearts that I knew my Papa God called me to do.  And what was that?  To share my personal health journey story with you.  And so the story has come to fruition in the telling.  It has truly come FULL CIRCLE!





3 thoughts on “FULL CIRCLE!

  1. Beth Burmeister June 14, 2019 — 3:57 pm

    Thank you for sharing your story, Kelly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kellyshelpinghands June 14, 2019 — 11:42 pm

      You’re welcome!


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