Are My Goals Realistic

Kelly and I talk about health and aging, a lot!  My recent goal, playfully stated of “having 6-pack abs by the time I’m 80”, may seem unrealistic to the majority of people I know. And hey, that’s really okay!  Maybe I’ll have them by 60 and keep them till my 90’s, I don’t know!  But what I do know is that our aging process CAN be reversed to some degree.

Following, “Episode 1- THE TRUTH ABOUT AGING: Can it be slowed or even reversed?” is proof of the process of our aging and health being reversed.  We live in an age where a new kind of medicine in a functional way is offering humans now more than ever the ability to change their health dramatically.  I have reversed my age in the last 16 years.  At age 36, I was already feeling very old.  My energy had depleted quickly by age 38.  Once I made the decision to address my physical health in an all-natural way of helps, the road before me became more clear as to how I could change my life.  What happened was that I became a better version of me in the 4 aspects of life; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Physical health is something, I think many of us, we take for granted, until one day  our health changes for the worse.  Then where do we go for help?  Our system of medical doctors offering a wide variety of drugs to address our ailments has failed us, quite miserably.  New medicine, FUNCTIONAL medicine, is the answer to help us find answers to our chronic health situations.  Functional health doctors teach us, help us to know and understand the truth OF our health situation, and guide us towards what’s needed to change.  Once we know that our situation CAN change, are we going to take the truth and apply it to our lives?  There’s the real question, are we willing to fight for our health, to do the disciplined work needed, and learn a new way of living to attain an improved quality of life, perhaps the best life we’ve ever lived?  

Functional medicine is on the cutting edge of science to understanding our currant state of health as a nation here in America.  On the Episode 1, below, meet a wide group of health practitioners from around the country who are impacting my life, my family’s lives, and maybe your too!  Take notes, learn from the doctors (doctor means teacher, not healer) and share the video or our blog with others!

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