Desiring to become more healthy and whole, but unsure of the way(s) to go about it?  You may want to consider having a Personal Health Coach!

Here at Helping Hands we have two Personal Health Coaches on our team: Amy & Kelly.

Please note: We offer Personal Health Coaching Online or In-Person via a Zoom meeting, FaceTime, or in-person here at our office in Ortonville, MN.

Meet Amy

Amy is a Certified Mind Body Eating Health Coach, graduating from The Institute For The Psychology Of Eating.  Amy has a long history in natural health, going through her IMG-7750-2own wellness journey starting in 2003.  This initial experience is ultimately what sparked her interest in natural health.

Through the years Amy has self tested, researched, and learned from some of the top Functional Medicine leaders and doctors in the nation to become more healthy and whole from the inside out.  Today, Amy teaches what she has learned through her eating psychology training and years of experience living more naturally, to encourage and help each client get to where they want to go and enhance their health, eating experience, and lifestyle in general.

Amy specializes in:

-Sustainable Weight Lose



-Weight and Food Challenges such as: Over Eating, Binge Eating & Chronic Dieting

-Mood & Emotions

-Body Image

-Digestion/Gut Issues

-Depression & Anxiety


Amy would be thrilled to help you meet your health and lifestyle aspirations!

Meet Kelly

IMG-7778 Kelly is a Certified Holistic Health Coach having graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Kelly became interested in natural health at age 18, when she started having digestion issues which was the start of her journey from illness to wellness.  Kelly overcame what started as gut issues all naturally while working with multiple holistic therapists, and ultimately eliminated pancreatic cancer while working with a brilliant clinician, having a clean bill of health in 2017.  Today, she not only has been sharing her story via word of mouth, because of her love for health, nutrition, wellness, and life, but you can purchase Kelly and Amy’s book, “Your Life Your Choice Let the Healing Begin A JOURNEY OF DIS-EASE TO EASE Healing Holistically of Pancreatic Cancer” at various distributors online.   Links follow below.  “I’m excited to be on this journey and work with you!”

Kelly specializes in:

-Digestion/Gut Issues


-Sustainable Weight Loss


-Depression & Anxiety


-Mood & Emotions



-Sports Performance

Kelly is excited to help you meet your health, wellness, and life goals on your health journey!

Together we are excited, blessed, and thankful of your consideration for us to walk alongside of you in your health journey!  We don’t take this matter lightly.  In fact, we want you to know our goal is for once our paths cross and we work together, taking individualized steps so that the time our work comes to an end you continue to be inspired, empowered, healthier, and well-balanced from the inside out!  We look forward for the opportunity to meet and work with you!

If you know of someone you think would be interested in working with us, please share our website and, or, contact information with them.  We are thankful for every person you consider sending our way on there, and your, health journeys!

For more information please call 320-839-6190 or visit our contact page.

Book distributors include but at not limited to:



Barnes & Noble


Powell’s Books



Baker & Taylor


Christian Book Distributors


Diamond Comics,


Get your copy today!


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