Desiring to become more healthy and whole, but unsure of the way(s) to go about it?  You may want to consider having a Personal Health Coach!

Here at Helping Hands we have 2 Personal Health Coaches, Kelly, and Amy.   Each of them are currently finishing up their schooling and will start taking clients this Fall!

We are excited, blessed, and thankful that you have chosen us to walk alongside of you in your health journey!  We don’t take this matter lightly.  In fact, we want you to know that by the time you are done working with us, we want you to feel inspired, empowered, healthier, and feeling healthy and well from the inside out.

Soon we’ll be adding more information about our Health Coaching Program to the website.  We hope this inspires you and please, keep us in mind for your Personal Health Coaching needs.  We are honored to work with you and looking forward to it!

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